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  1. I cant find Lone Wolf as he is whom I was an adept to, it looks like he hasn't played since 2015? I was wanting to discuss a a new mentor? (if this should be posted elsewhere please just tell me)
  2. haha forgot how much this game intertwines puzzles and role play. time to buckle down.

  3. I use to play back in 2012-2013, but my group of friends was small. Nice to meet you hope to meet you in game!
  4. ahh! I am like shivering from happiness and excitement! I promise to help improve MagicDuel. I just have this feeling I should do my part and help this time around!
  5. hey everybody! i have been thinking about magicduel a lot and I thought i would try and play this again! I know i was part of the great Exodus in the first place but maybe i can help get people back on here heehee!
  6. whoot! imma be on more now! kays?

  7. oh duh!!! I can favourite the archives page!!

    1. Maebius


      are the bookshelves "empty" again? I'll be there soon.

    2. Maebius


      bookshelves show the archives again. :D

    3. FloopFloops


      lol idk i was just saying i should do that to read them more

  8. yay!! I put up an avatar!!

    1. Mallos
    2. FloopFloops


      lol yup been a fan since it was on kidswb! i was like seven!

  9. .....I need to get on here more

    1. Maebius


      yes, yes you do.

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