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  1. whoaaa so many books...and i know some of them as well :ph34r:
    I think i'll read some of them :D
    Btw someone said something about [b][/b]Garth Nix and his books...I have 2 of them [b][/b]Sabriel and [b][/b]Lirael...i still wait for Abhorsen...

    but, other books that i red are about magic, adventures and fantasy :D I L.O.V.E those kind of books :D

    One of them i still like very much is "The Alchemist" by Michael Scott and also "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho :D

    read it, they're great books :D

  2. There once was a boy named Aranna,
    Who was eating a greenish banana.
    While to peel it was easy,
    He became rather queasy,
    When he was beaten by a Tachibana. (japanese- means wild orange)

    I must say that i laughed and laughed and laughed, i still laugh...this is funny :D

  3. Hello Sage...I saw this topic few minutes ago..and i dind't understand first...but now i do understand...

    But...there is a but all the time...you must be strong and take care of you (which i know you do have care of you)

    I know that you'll be fine, usually what i want to become true, become true...and now i wish that you be fine and healthy :D

    take care !!

  4. Hey congratulations !!!!

    Usually I check my emails, and I saw that one of them was with this BIG news

    and I wanna say that this pretty little baby is soooooooooo cute :> :)

    Take care of him and when he will grow, you better tell him about MD :D, i think will be the next Cutler :D)


  5. [quote name='Yoshi' date='10 July 2010 - 03:52 PM' timestamp='1278777178' post='63752']
    Personally, the old sparring grounds was perfectly fine... I miss it >.>

    [quote name='apophys' date='11 July 2010 - 06:50 AM' timestamp='1278831029' post='63785']
    If several forumgoers (me included) have a hard time grasping the concept, how can you expect more of noobs?

    The old SG boiled down to this: Don't attack without consent. Attack idlers freely.

    Unless you can simplify your concept to something this brief, the project is at a large risk of failure.

    I'm agree with them, i mean I support Princ, but i think it'll be better if the rules remain as they were. i'm not very glad that everyone can attack me now whenever they want...

  6. wow, what a fight for muffins or cupcakes...

    well, i eat candies, sweets, all kind of chocolat often..so for me isn't important if i ate a muffin or a cupcake..i can eat both :D
    I <love> candies !

    but, i chose cupcake cause i know there where few votes for them :D (hihihi)

  7. Hey, I saw this topic and i thought that here i can ask something....cause i have a little problem and i don't know where or who can i ask...

    well, my problem is that every time when i want to make an album appears an error and i don't know what should i do? so, what should i do? :))

    thank you ! :P

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