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  1. wow Princ i didn't know that you listen Massive Attack,,,they're great :D

    but, if this is a topic about music....where(if it's a place) can i find the music from Magic Duel? i love those songs... :X

  2. Hey guys, first of all i didn't know where to write this so i made a new topic..so here's my little problem :)

    I want to win a camera and i need some points, about 1330 points, till 30th of September...so i count on you to click this link and help me. here's the link, click it !

    just a click and you already helped me with a point...no money or anything from you, just a click

    thanks to those who clicked ! :P


  3. oh, i understand...but i don't know who has that avy....

    and anyway my draws are made by me, by my hand..i red a topic where someone (i don't remember who was) just changed it a little bit in photoshop or something else..

    i don't think they are identical, mine with his on deviant...

    but sorry for this mistake...i have some avys...they are draw in the same way...sorry for that...

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