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  1. Hello everybody, i just wanted to say hello and to see how are you doing all, kisses :)

  2. Not really* (sorry)

  3. No really a fanatic, just a simply fan, i'm watching only anime. And other anime of course..

    I love anime in general ^^

  4. weee.. another naruto fanatic.. haha I'm watching and reading the manga.. ((:

  5. hey manda :) nice name (orochimaru's manda?)


  6. well, almost...i hadn't all the votes to win that camera....but it's ok...i'll never play this kind of games cause are useless...

    thanks anyway to all :)

  7. did those votes help?

  8. hey how are ya ?

    (da si tu un click te rog mult, vreau sa castig, doar click nimic altceva, poti da linku mai departe poate mai primesc niste puncte, mersi ! http://www.gbx.ro/member_page.php?id=3678 )

  9. uhh.. thanks, i guess.. :D

  10. hey you watch naruto too :>

    me too :P

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