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    I haven't got many interests....

    Reading books,computer games(I play almost all types,just love action,adventure,racing and strategy games more than the others)Surfing the net,partying with friends and having a blast of a time at all of the above.
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What to say about me?I'm 15 years old and studying in high school....well,studying is a light term seeing that I spend most of my time day dreaming with my books open in front of me(fools my parents and teachers,all the time)....love to have a blast of a time at whatever I do(mostly partying with my friends).

I love reading novels and playing computer games is my life.I play some outdoor games every now and then too.

Seriously I've got nothing more to say about myself,to find out what else remains in this creature named addy,search me out in the realm and ask yourself.happy.gif

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