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  1. the auction is over. the last bid of 35 was taken in at the last second by pm. Thanks to both of the anonymous bidders.
  2. the second bidder placed a bid of 30 will both bidders contact me and tell me if it is ok to bring in a third party, NON bidder, just to confirm that there is actually 2 bidders and i am not making this all up?
  3. this sale will be over on day 286 at 22:00 (game time)
  4. i now have a second anonymous bid for 20 credits
  5. Age: 525 Heat: 202,272 One token: Stardust
  6. Auction has ended. An anonymous bidder was the winner at 45 credits. Thanks everyone. MRHO
  7. An Anonymous bid of 45 was just entered.
  8. yes Junior the highest bid atm, is the anonymous at 35 credits. Thanks
  9. Bidding will end tomorrow at 23:59 MD time.
  10. The bidding will end in 5 days. The highest bid thus far is by an anonymous bidder at 35 Credits.
  11. Hes 13 days old and has NO tokens or heat. I will only take credits for it. Thanks for bidding and good luck i'll set the opening bid at 10 credits MRHO
  12. Does anyone keep reptiles as pets? Is so, what do you have?
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