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  1. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1259948740' post='49105'] 1/365 should be enough. More will definitely lead to abuses. And no alts. [/quote] as much as it pains me to do so.... I agree for what its worth that is
  2. For there is nothing either good or bad, thinking makes it so

  3. [quote name='Burns' date='09 June 2010 - 01:33 PM' timestamp='1276090422' post='61456'] Not exactly new anymore, but i just got my (german) copy yesterday: Stephen King, Under the Dome [/quote] burns, that is a great book, i just finished it, literally, last week.
  4. i am currently reading Caleb Carr's The Alienist. He is a great author. Writes about 19th century murder investigations in NYC.
  5. [quote name='Lady Renata' post='30870' date='May 12 2009, 06:57 AM']Books I also enjoyed The Wardstone Chronicles by Joseph Delaney and “The Wheel of time” by James Oliver Rigney Jr. a.k.a Robert Jordan [/quote] I hear that Jordans wife has selected another author to finish The Wheel Of Time since Jordan passed. Has anyone heard this as well and do you know who it is?
  6. Book wise! What are you reading now? Whats it about? What have you read in the past that you consider a MUST READ!! Im ALWAYS looking for new books to pick up and am interested in what you all read. Thanks MRHO
  7. for what its worth, i will give my opinion: I have only been active for 195 days as of this post. BUT that number does NOT represent how much actual time that i have put into this game. Though i was reluctant to start playing it at first i, and thanks solely to MRD, i am completely hooked now. Like a junky on SMACK. I would be completely discouraged if there was a reset. As a side note, i am the manager of an online text based game that has suffered a reset. Some of the dedicated (junkies) stayed on to continue playing. Many did not. For some that did stay on, i sometimes believe that they
  8. yes welcome and please dont forget to read all the announcements :lol:
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