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  1. [quote name='Mith' timestamp='1291787367' post='74822'] Buying- an Angien aged 220+, preferably with tokens. [/quote] just to help, crits keep 60% of age, so I think you need a 200 aged Angien (put it higher maybe will be harder to buy)
  2. [quote name='Miq' timestamp='1287742036' post='70743'] III Angien Age 190 [claw2] [kellethafire] [enlightning] [emeraldglare] IV Tormented Soul Age 201 [claw2] [emeraldglare] [blooddrop1] [/quote] well, will give my shot: III-Angien 4sc IV-TS 9sc
  3. [quote name='Ravenstrider' timestamp='1287571970' post='70666'] Joker.........[blooddropI] [blooddrop II] [stardust] [antifreeze] [blackdiamonds] [firedrop] Age 363 Pimped Grasan... [kelethafire] [emeraldglare] [firedrop] [goldbelt] [stardust] age: 125 [/quote] well because will be the 1st bid, i think will not hurt: joker>>[s] my joker with [blackdiamonds][/s] well the coins still count...6sc pimped grasan>> 5sc
  4. As there is no practical way to prevent violators, the own players must pull together if someone constantly attacks the other MP3 / 4 even being advised, all others must join forces to retaliate against the attacker.
  5. well for lack of bids, will offer 1sc>> #11 Air scout aged 100 days claw II token
  6. I think this is not a spoiler, because at market already say many times: [i][b]a creature will keep only 60% of his age, will drop to lvl 1 (not just lose 1 lvl), will lose all wins and xp, but will keep tokens.[/b][/i] [color="#FF0000"][b]ps: a transfer is a way to get crits you normally cant take at your own, or buy one with already some good amount of age/tokens...[/b][/color]
  7. 1 wp for every year will be great, but no alts
  8. ops, another rule change, so will not sell this UP, close topic pls
  9. Bump, check the 1st post to see the changes on auction
  10. [quote name='Kyphis the Bard' timestamp='1283868174' post='67955'] Creatures reset in level, experience, and wins when traded. So the Walking Tree is really just Remains. [/quote] you forget to say it also will keep only 60% of his age to not lose practice I will bid 2sc for IMP
  11. I'm Throm McLeod, of the clan McLeod. A Highlander. was named *knight* by Princ Rhaegar one day, and one week later was kicked by a second person for no reason... well I wish come back to the church, and try this way of the Paladin, that was my 1st target at all...
  12. [quote name='Jazira' timestamp='1283777430' post='67825'] 3 sc for the joker [/quote] [color="#FF0000"]I really like that bid but you are sure? I asked a starting bid 2sc(unless you are afraid someone bid 3sc after you and you dont whant spend 4....)[/color] other thing Im too lazy, and forgot this, because has get another better angien, will not need this anymore... [b]Angien 214 age at day 248 with Stardust[/b] so will add this to the 1st post
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