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  1. [quote name='(Zl-eye-f)-nea' timestamp='1283158382' post='67354'] The reason people are in this situation is because many don't want to go to MP5, so maybe what actually needs to be fixed is MP5 mode to make it more balanced and accessible both in terms of mechanics and the general attitude around it rather than scape goating the others based on one situation. Its all very well the MP5s saying there is nothing wrong with MP5, but clearly there are enough people not wanting to move there to show otherwise. Burns - I think to give just one example; Blackwood has shown it isn't that surprisingly easy to beat MP5s. From my perspective we have a situation where you go MP5, get absolutely pummeled by vets who all give you loses (wouldnt matter so much if they didnt) which means unless you play a major game of hide and seek you end up in stat loss and nobody wants that. I thought stat loss was supposed to stop major gains from unbalance not penalise new MP5s? Then in addition to that a highly visible proportion of said Mp5s opinion seems to be that because they can attack they will and that is that unless you come out and ask them. Now I don't think we should be in a situation where you have to ask players not to attack you, I'm sure it feels pretty demeaning to the new Mp5s to know they either have to hide or beg. I'm just giving a different perpective as on the whole people commenting about Mp3 and MP4 are Mp5s themselves - and just as you say some can't comment because they don't live MP5, the same can be said of you in terms of the lower levels. Z [/quote] Ty for realizing what is happening, and i totally agree that something need to be done to make the game more balance. There are alot of people affected by this, and I have already stated my reasons on post #36 on page 2. Although i still think stat penalty is the way to go, I do not know how hard it is for mp5 to find people to attack. If stat penalty really is going to reduce that amount even further, then we could apply stat penalty only to those attacking people who are almost at or actually at skill damage, but we will need a way to tell who is at skill damage. Maybe we could also restrict the number of times in a day you could attack some1 that is much much weaker than you. I know that would not solve the capping problem, but it would make the game more balanced.
  2. [quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1282959666' post='67199'] - stats penalty calculated dynamically based on how weak the opponent is. this means attacking very weak enemies will cost you dearly, but its hard to do/balance [/quote] I like that idea, mainly because I think the fact that being able to attack people who are 100X or 1000X weaker than you is wrong, and stats damage to the attacker would only make it fair. Second, I have seen quite a few people who have to avoid populated area, since they are near skill damage from all the lossing fights. With skill penalty, they can stop being everybody's target, and don't have to stay out of plain sights anymore more. I have seen some who had to turn to role-play fights, not just because its fun for them, but to avoid skill damage from losing in real fights. Third, players who do not have enough stats to compete with the super mp5s, and have to ask around for help with training, or have to ask others for mercy to let them win, can get to better enjoy, and play the game. Since this idea would attracts more people to advance, which would generate higher amount of new mp5 players that is needed. Some even had to make new alts just to have fun again after reaching mp5. Fourth, this would encourage and allow more Mp3 and Mp4 players to join guild and/or alliance, without having to worry about being univeral targets of powerful mp5s. These are but just a few points I could think of that shows why a stat penalty from attacking the relatively weak is very much needed. I really hope you would consider it. PS. Some of my personal haters (who i know wants to kick me over and over again) have to kill off their creatures to avoid fights can possibly benefit from this. I must be crazy to support this.
  3. Totenkopf : "why not post the first one he lost against my def as well? :P and let's see how many out of 10 he wins against either of us pictured above without getting a burst just before :P " dst: "Yeah, why don't you make a statistic? " maybe i forgot to quote..but some mp5s are botered by losing to mp3.. there is the facts

    1. Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Or..maybe some mp5's are LHO's and kings who are taking action to make sure people actually enjoy the game. Let's think about that, mm?

    2. Curiose


      Maybe instead of being a drama monger and not looking at things with an ignorant perception, people would be more kind to you. But instead, you prove nothing but being a foolish, boy, whose only words are blasphemy.

      Shame on you. May you find yourself a pit and rot in it.

    3. death ray

      death ray

      haha (arm)"pit" rot...

  4. Totenkopf : "why not post the first one he lost against my def as well? :P and let's see how many out of 10 he wins against either of us pictured above without getting a burst just before :P " dst: "Yeah, why don't you make a statistic? " maybe i forgot to quote..but some mp5s are afraid to lose to mp3.. there is the facts

  5. Totenkopf : "why not post the first one he lost against my def as well? :P and let's see how many out of 10 he wins against either of us pictured above without getting a burst just before :P " dst: "Yeah, why don't you make a statistic? "

  6. [quote name='Eon' timestamp='1282876588' post='67108'] We don't see any mp3's other than February beating mp5's because most players want to experience all the game has to offer and not stay at the lowest level for over an entire year. [/quote] Yes, i myself is an mp4, because I want to experience MP. And Feb doesnt want to advance because he wants to be the overpowered mp3. We all play this game the way we want to, can't you accept that?
  7. The reason I made my post is to try to make you people see the whole thing differently, but I see some of you still insisting on looking everything from your own perspective. If only you would allow yourself to see if from a different view point. Is it gloating? Or is it motivating? How often do you see mp3 defeat mp5 vets? Even with burst.. you don’t think its something? The amount of work needed to be able to do that is unspeakable. Feb made the seemingly impossible possible, and all of you decide to regard it negatively. Why do you have such a huge problem with it? Ok, grinding is discouraging. I myself don’t like it either, but it is possible. The game made it possible. If you really don’t like it, then you shouldn’t be mad at Feb, you should be mad at the game. I do not have the time to address every1 individually, but the above is the reason I made the post. And the fact that I disagree with you all is the real reason you gave me neg rep. Same reason you wont look at the whole thing differently. Try to be more open minded. edit: fixed some spelling problem
  8. I dont get it. Why is everybody, especially the vets, being so negative about this post? Is it so bad that you got your asses kicked by a mp3? Is it because you always have to be the over powered ones? Maybe it hurted your feelings when February defeated your creatures? You vets should know better than any1 that losing is a part of this game, a very important part too. So why are you all treating this post so negatively? You may say that feb is setting a bad example to the new mp3 players that grinding is the way to go, but I say that he is just introducing another way to play the game. We all choose to play this game, and we get play it the way we want it. It is not like grinding is against the rules. You think it is easy for February, a mp3 player to get that much stats and enough xp for those angiens? With the 380k xp cap, it takes extreme patience, time, and a deep understanding of the mechanism of this game to achieve that. I am not saying grinding is good, nor its fun, but come on.. how many mp3 do you know that can defeat those vets? Only February…. So that is something. He might not have done it the way you expect him to, and why should he if he does not like your way. Hell how many mp4s or even mp5s do you know that can defeat those players? Not much. It is amazing that an mp3 is able to achieve that level of skill. And to those who think the pictures that nad posted are considered spoilers... o come on. Are you kidding me? They are just pictures of some crits, I mean it does not even tell you what kind of creature is it, nor does it tell you what the creatures can do. They are just pictures for god’s sakes. To new players…they are no more than a glimpse of what is the future of this game has to offer. Those creatures can motivate new mp3s to keep playing. But if the pictures are really too much for you, then I honestly do not know what to say, except that it is ridiculous. Or is that too much of a spoiler for you ? And lastly to those who says they are not impressed, Nad and feb are not trying to impress anyone. I doubt they even care what you vets think. The real reason they made this post is to motivate the relatively new players. That the fighting system in this game is not just about losing and skill damage, if they work hard enough, they do not have to hide or kill off their creatures to avoid skill damage, because victories can be achieved. A mp3 defeating mp5 vets is the best example of that. So before you give me those negative reps, think deep down why you are doing it.
  9. [quote name='Muratus del Mur' date='02 August 2010 - 11:18 PM' timestamp='1280809098' post='64989'] Considering the fact there was no answer to be strikingly correct, and that i dont want to punish anyone...what would be an acceptable award for those in the list (excetp those i didnt got any replies from)? [/quote] Thank You for not punishing us and even offer us rewards. Umm since no one else seems to have any idea, i think maybe some coins.. silvers or golds? and im sure we would also accept a drachorn too lol i know... but its worth a shot, no? edit: This is April Rain
  10. Is there any way to participate in your quests without having to download any files? I dont like to download unknown executables off the net.
  11. I am a mp4 right now, have been for maybe a month. And I have been watching the amount of xp I would get from every fight, and try not to waste xp. But its getting a bit annoying and boring since I try not to use maxed crits or creatures that don’t need xp to fight and defend, or use them as little as possible. As you can probably guessed why I do this. Its because I don’t want to go to mp5, and stay as mp4 for as long as I can. I have heard that life as a mp5 is tough in the MD world, and I can see why cuz I have seen mp5s with more than 5000 in every stats…a few have 9k+. While the highest stat I have is maybe around 50. Plus I have heard that most use tokens to fight as well… and the only token I have does not help me at all. While I do ok as a mp4, and been learning how to deal with different rits. Im concerned that even with enough knowledge to know how to handle different rits, it would be months or even years before I have the stats to have a chance against other mp5s. I know some people with mp5 accounts making alts cuz they think mp5 is boring and they want to have fun as mp3 and mp4, but i dont want to make any alts. So I am wondering whats it like to be a mp5. Whats life like as a new mp5? And i guess as a side question...Can some1 with no tokens even compete against some1 who does with high principals?
  12. Although i dont know you, its sad to know anyone is leaving because of other peoples actions. There are always going to be people who can't live up to our expectations, but theres gotta be some1 whos worth it for you to stay. Stay for those that will miss you and stay because this game is unique and fun... if not, gl and gb
  13. [quote name='Burns' date='14 May 2010 - 11:25 AM' timestamp='1273854348' post='59817'] I haven't been speaking of 2 rituals, but two defences. Note the difference between rituals and fights, it's quite important and adressing your concern about my reading abilities. I don't 2nd guess you, i talk about something entirely different than you. And it seems that the guide is simply wrong there, small wonder, looking at the date of it. Don't trust mechanics posts older than 6 months. It's rather unlikely that they are still correct. [/quote] I appreciate it that you made it clear you have never 2nd guessed me, but you are implying i accused you of 2nd guessing me which is something i have not done, as I never directed it at any1 but "people". And oic, what you meant by defense is not defense ritual but defenses in fights. Since defense can be used for both, a little more specific would help clear the misunderstanding. Glad you cleared that up.
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