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    [quote name='Roland' timestamp='1287263164' post='70460'] You are young, and have not embrassed what this world is truly about. I would suggest spending more time in the realm, find a mentor and begin the journey of what might possibly be a reward in terms of self discovery. [/quote] maybe am young as you saied but i need to tell you one thing if am young then am young coz of one things that i give these topic more than it deserve and keep replaying around ... thats if you talking in real life lollll and if you talking that am still young in these game will i agree with you even i dont think that you mean these choice .. one more thing my real age is 34 and am still young for sure have agreat day and these will be the last replay from me in these topic
  2. alazzah


    will as i see from you guys u make these as problem even its not .. first ofcorse no one force me to play these game and i choose it by my self not even i got invite from people ... 2nd that was an idea and its freely to get ur oppnion in . but when you start saying bad things on the person whos type the idea these is no one can accept it (lets see why we are playing games offcorse to have funn and meet new friend and knowing many caltural around the world and more and more) now if you dont like that idea you can type that you dont without heart anyone... 3rd Do you think these game is free will lets see when game offer wish point for some real money is that freee .... and even with that i keep playing it and even with that i try to buy some point for my account without anyluck coz game not covering my area and i keep playing and i never complain for anyone . i already play more than 21 online game some of them was asking money to get my account strong and i waste more than 2k $ in games like these on another hand i playied many free games and when i saied free means you have to choose to buy credit and keep playing it .. and i am not ganna name these game even i like it verry match... one more thing and these is just to let you know .. am one of the week player in these game coz am not that good in english and my account is so bad .. but i keep playing it coz i have fun and i have alote of friend around and dont need to miss them .. the only one thing make me sad in these topic is that i start hear bad ward {fool} and am trying to find an excuse for you without any luck .. my friend all am saying that : Please injoy the game and have fun and try to find afriend in game not making ppl hate you around and for me am so sorry if i say or made anything wrong even i didnt but am so sorry .... have agreat day for all and good luck . ***BEST REGARDS***
  3. am calling Chewett to check my replay on what heshe type in my post dawn have agood day dude

    1. Fyrd Argentus

      Fyrd Argentus

      His point is you have clicked some box that does not allow replies.

  4. alazzah


    As I See Game Was Down For More Than 12H Until Now And Maybe Coz Of Game Need Some Maintenance Or Update ... Alote Of Games Has These Things Up And Reward After Maintenance Is Done System Add Some Gift To The Main Account ... First Do You Like These Idea ? And If Yes Please Put YOUR Suggestion Here About The Gift .. Have Agood Day and btw about what you typing mr.CHewett it was very kind from you calling me fool... i dont even know who put you as an administrators while your talking bad ward like these .. i bleaves that people is give things like haw the live in these world and as i see after you call me with afool its ok for me and am not ganna somthing bad in returne .. i can say have agreat life
  5. i also cant login game somthing wrong .. why fourm or support didnt tell us anything at least

  6. Thanks alote For All Am Ganna Fix These Problem As Soon As Icane
  7. i made many avators on alote of other games using the same way the only game asking for hand drawing is these game ..... now i need to buy scanner grrrrrrr i dont think i will make it and if i did i will upload more than 3 avators in aweek i will see what will happend with me and i will keep updated
  8. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1286805941' post='70115'] From what I know, Mur writes the reason(s) why an avatar is denied. Haven't you received any? [/quote] i received many comments one of them is (Doesn\'t look like a hand drawn avatar. Send the hi resolution scan to contact@magicduel.com.) and have many more dont know .. usally i use photoshop to draw anything .. and if its about hand drawing then i will never got it coz i dont have scanner on my home ....
  9. Hello ... Latelly I Was Trying To Draw Some Avators And I try To Upload It Ingame But No Chance And I have No Idea Why i Keep Got Reject Could You Help Me Out To Get Approval For These Avator And Tell Me What Was The Problem And Thanks Alote .. Here Is Some Of Them And Have Many :
  10. 6sc for 3 of them each = 2sc
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