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  1. I believe none of the NPCs/MP2 give wins/losses, but I know for sure at least the unholy did give heat.
  2. There's a lot I can say about MD death, but here are some first thoughts. In many ways I think death is currently more balanced than it's ever been. For the longest time there was a large divide between the MD bourgeoisie who had access to (someone with) a revival item to whom death mend nothing and the common folks to whom death might as well be a perma ban. Luckily some have offered to share their revival methods with the public and we now have the bees, so people quitting because they're killed isn't as much of a risk any more. The biggest issue I currently see with killing is that people have no way to defend themselves. If someone uses a kill item, you're dead. Before making death any more severe I believe people need to have some way of defending themselves. The simplest way I can think of is requiring the killer to defeat their victim in combat before allowing the kill to go through. If the victim wins the tool goes on cooldown without anything happening. (I believe this is how Eon's kill contracts used to work.) If you have no defense you always lose. Furthermore you could give the victim an item that can be used to take revenge on the killer, at some significant cost. There are a few things I can think off that would make killing more severe without being as abusable. The main one being a severe, long lasting but temporary side effect after being resurrected. For example: For one week your stats are reduced by 100%, then for 1 week 95%, then 90% until after 20 weeks you're back to full strength. Your regen timer is significantly reduced. Maybe even make it so after being resurrected players lose stats when losing fights similar to someone being 1000 fights off balance. Revive items are also too powerful. Having instant revives makes those who have access to them pretty much immune to death. Making it so those who get revived by normal revive items only get resurrected after a day or 2 would mean anyone who gets killed gets at least a little taste of death. This might make the bees option too powerful in comparison, in which case that method might have to be slowed down a little bit. Finally a gold coin is to low a price. If you account for inflation one GC back when the price was introduced might be comparable to 5 GC now.
  3. PMs expire after some time, 1 month according to the announcement https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/2802
  4. Just to be sure, there are no heads involved in this right?
  5. I think the recovered shards might only be about the shards that are already embedded.
  6. Tools are an important part of your quest, especially on the island. To use them you first have to open your inventory by clicking the bar at the bottom of the screen containing the scene's name: And then clicking on the chest: Now your inventory will open on the right side of the screen (On mobile you can double tab the right bar to make it pop out.) Simply press the use button to use your tool. After using it the tool will go on cooldown for a while before you can use it again.
  7. I just picked up a mattock on the island, how do I use it?
  8. Results are in! The undisputed winner is @Poppi Chullo with his beautiful rendition of the Gates of Ages. Second to @Ungod for his welcoming coloring of the Marble Dale Park Third to @Demonic God for his colorful display of Wind's Sanctuary. I once again want to thank all 3 for participating. Rewards will be send their way soon!
  9. Not all scenes have music associated with them. In fact, most do not. If you don't hear music in a scene that does have it the music might be stopped. In the bottom left corner of the scene description you can find a button that can be used to turn the music on or off. You can also go to your settings from the bottom menu to turn auto play on or off for all scenes.
  10. You can gain your papers by talking to the man behind the desk in the Indexed Room of Memories Left of the Archives Main Lobby. Here you can get the following papers: Comments on Self (No requirements) Personal Hate List (No requirements) Military Ways and Believes (Requires 500 wins) Alliance Leader Statement (Must be in an Alliance) Protector Statement (Must be MP6) Quest Info (Must have rewarded at least 2 WPs) All these papers can be filled in however you want and once unlocked you will keep them, even if you no longer meet the requirements.
  11. Looks like you missed the Profile Rewards
  12. Also noticed that both Honor and Honour are used all over MD. Might be good to have some consistency in whether or not we use proper spelling or American 😛
  13. TLDR: My strategy was build on being as unpredictable as possible, and only striking when I need to to get just enough of an edge to win the match. The base of my strategy reveals itself in the results. It is the only strategy that isn't hard countered, but also does not hard counter any other strategies. My strategy isn't build to come out on top all the time, but aims to come out on top more often than the others, at which it succeeded even better than I expected (With the exception being when up against Pip, which I'll get to). Random wins 50% of the time against any strategy. I kind of abused this fact by making a strategy that uses a large list of moves and looping through them to pick my attacks as the base of my strategy. To prevent prying eyes I switched up the way I loop through them between fights. This alone, however, is not enough to win. When my Aramor was starting to feel a bit bruised, and I only had 4 lives left, I would enter what I at some point lovingly dubbed emergency mode (Although it's nowhere in the code). Once in emergency mode I would start to try and match a number of patterns, like repetitions of the same move, cycling through the moves and some attempts at countering. When I matched something I would act on it, otherwise I continue looping through the list. The moment I no longer match anything I also continue cycling through my list. As to why I lost to Pip... My move list was heavily biased against scissors, making my lose to Pip's papermancy. I did change the list at some point to be more balanced, but forgot to let DG know, so it didn't actually make its way into the final code ^^' Interestingly when I reduce the move list to just 7 elements (2 paper, 2 scissors and 3 rock) and run for 1000 rounds my strategy seems to improve:
  14. Player mini profile mentions both XP and VP:
  15. Free Credits mention Value points on both pages:
  16. Valuable Orb in the Shop mentions Value Points: Same for Altered Perception of Time: And many items have a heat requirement, which should by Heat Scars (for example):
  17. Wish 37 uses both Winertia and Value points (While 27 mentions only Winertia): Wish 2 mentions XP instead of Heat scars:
  18. The "What is the regeneration interval?" page in the HELP section also use Value Points:
  19. The "Profile and skills, principles, weapon sets" section on the HELP page uses VP/Value Points for the description of trade sense.
  20. The armor shop and creature recruitment page say VP and Value Points respectively:
  21. Go to the Wishpoint (WP) shop by clicking one of the WP symbols in the bottom left corner or selecting it from the menu. At the top of the WP shop page there is a link that says "[Current and past points]", which brings you to an overview of all WPs you earned and what you spend them on.
  22. In order to complete an achievement you need to find it in the achievements page and click the achievement. This will either give you the achievement, or tell you what you still need to do. To go to the achievements page click the book in the bottom left corner.
  23. Creature shards are obtained by sacrificing creatures. The amount of shards you get for a creature depends on its age, level, tokens, rarity, transfer count (lower is better), and the amount of shards currently invested in it. Creature shards can be used to add special abilities to creatures of the same type.
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