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  1. Also noticed that both Honor and Honour are used all over MD. Might be good to have some consistency in whether or not we use proper spelling or American 😛
  2. TLDR: My strategy was build on being as unpredictable as possible, and only striking when I need to to get just enough of an edge to win the match. The base of my strategy reveals itself in the results. It is the only strategy that isn't hard countered, but also does not hard counter any other strategies. My strategy isn't build to come out on top all the time, but aims to come out on top more often than the others, at which it succeeded even better than I expected (With the exception being when up against Pip, which I'll get to). Random wins 50% of the time against any strate
  3. Valuable Orb in the Shop mentions Value Points: Same for Altered Perception of Time: And many items have a heat requirement, which should by Heat Scars (for example):
  4. Wish 37 uses both Winertia and Value points (While 27 mentions only Winertia): Wish 2 mentions XP instead of Heat scars:
  5. The "What is the regeneration interval?" page in the HELP section also use Value Points:
  6. The "Profile and skills, principles, weapon sets" section on the HELP page uses VP/Value Points for the description of trade sense.
  7. The armor shop and creature recruitment page say VP and Value Points respectively:
  8. Go to the Wishpoint (WP) shop by clicking one of the WP symbols in the bottom left corner or selecting it from the menu. At the top of the WP shop page there is a link that says "[Current and past points]", which brings you to an overview of all WPs you earned and what you spend them on.
  9. In order to complete an achievement you need to find it in the achievements page and click the achievement. This will either give you the achievement, or tell you what you still need to do. To go to the achievements page click the book in the bottom left corner.
  10. Creature shards are obtained by sacrificing creatures. The amount of shards you get for a creature depends on its age, level, tokens, rarity, transfer count (lower is better), and the amount of shards currently invested in it. Creature shards can be used to add special abilities to creatures of the same type.
  11. There are 3 main ways to obtain colored creatures. You can buy them in the shop. You can obtain them by trading with other players. You can get them as quest rewards.
  12. There are 2 main ways of increasing your max Vital Energy (VE). You gain a little bit of extra max VE every day by logging in. Several creatures increase your max VE when sacrificed after reaching a certain level. There are also some items in the shop and some wishes in the WP shop that increase your max VE.
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