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  1. Wow your quite popular between the shroom and the lady

  2. It's almost valentines day, you should all learn to love your fellow man and women or something like that

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    2. Ravenstrider


      I actually haven't had anyone to spend Valentines with for five years now... So you'll live, Curiose...

    3. Kamisha


      what is Valentines but a way to commercialize love.

    4. Curiose


      Yes, I will live. :P

  3. Hey find me in game I've got something for you :)

  4. don't worry about pinky shes harmless, well nearly anyway. Figured I'd drop by and say hello. *waves*

  5. nope they are all off in lala land

  6. *quietly sneaks on to the page and scribbles on her comments* oh um Hello what do have in your pockets today?

  7. Theres an easy way to get around that

  8. *tosses bacon*


  10. I've already had a partial frontal lobotomy how much more can you possibly take?

  11. My brain is staying in my pocket thank you very much

  12. *must make mental note to remember Seph is female....* I'll get it right I promise

  13. I would like to join the Crafters :)

  14. Wolper has no profile comments yet. Why not say hello? hello?

  15. Happy Birthday

  16. Hey, Where can I find you in game?

  17. No problem with your words just curious HAHA you'd fit a suit of armor better then an eye patch and wooden leg

  18. It's ok :) I'm looking for someone to draw a picture of Mya and I

  19. Hello Prince, since when did you talk like a sailor/pirate?

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