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  1. hehe no dots, that'd be an interesting level indeed, I've always wanted to try illusions. i say if you get the chance go for it!
  2. Mur....Try as I have over the last couple years to understand you, understand your way of thinking, of why you do the things you do, it always leaves me more confused then when i started. I'm not sure why now that you've decided to be a glutton for punishment, yes you have your reasons stated clearly, but all things considered I'd wonder if there wasn't some deeper reasoning, but I will stay away from that and focus on MD and my issues with you as you've asked. Most of my complaints would be only echos of what you've heard here, you're lack of discipline when ruling over this game has lead to the favorites and the not so favorite, I thought when you left as active ruler and the counsel stepped up things might change, and yet nothing has changed. I don't know how the counsel is selected. I don't know who they are. but the game of favorites is still being played. People have come into this game loving it, loving every aspect of it. and yet there will come along someone or some group that will ruin it for them. whether it be fighting, lack of rp, or what not, there are always people who for whatever reasons will always be favored and showered with abilities, gifts, and pardons from any bending, or stretching of the rules they might make. I don't expect this to change, because its just how things have been for as long as I've been here. This leads to my second complaint. I understand the need to keep md vibrant, and worthwhile, with new ideas, new items to tinker with and what not, but at the same time a lot of the old glory of MD that you treasure so much has been left in the dust. the story lines aren't all finished, some people have spent their entire time in md staring at a construction sign every time they check on story mode. The parts of the realm that can be accessed and still hold some mystery if only because they were never completed or done with (champions challenge is the one that comes to mind) and then there's the one biggest annoyance for me. the one true thing that drew me back into the realm and i even bothered to spend a wish point on was the research and development areas, so many new and interesting facts I didn't know about the scenes and yet even then I reached a point where I couldn't go any further because I couldn't find anymore clues (albeit I have an idea of where some might be that i can not get to) and then you just killed the whole thing and put it under maintenance and that seems to have been the end of that. I implore of you, get back to basics. finish what you've started, use all the nifty tools you've found to work with the old stuff you left behind. Next would be this. Stop trying to kill characters. Ever since those damned items came around. First it was the dagger, then I dunno what else can do it. but now you've brought Eon back for the sole purpose of being able to kill characters. It wasn't enough that he can cripple people with stat damage now he can kill them too.... I know its all part of the fight system and there's was to undo it. But this fascination with killing characters is getting rather old. When it was Torch and people had a way of getting back to life somewhat easily it was one thing but now.....The idea of being able to kill characters, to me lost its charm a long time ago, its no fun being dead, having to sit at GoE until some bright idea is thought up for how to revive you. My last complaint. You need to be more active as a face in the realm, you always said when you retired you'd be able to play as a player and have some fun with the rest of us players, but you're still little more then an omnipresent being who only shows up to roll out new toys
  3. Thanks all, had a good birthday and lots of CAKE!
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  6. why not take this time, to go out into the outside world, smell a few flowers listen to nature.
  7. After much deliberation, discussion, debate, and some whip cracking . Loreroot is proud to announce we have established a new government. Based around the 3 branches of governing system The [u]Assembly [/u]consists of any lorerootian citizen over 100 days old. The[u] Counsel of Judges[/u] is made up by 3 elected members. Darigan Laphers [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Tarquinus[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]The [u]Consuls[/u] are two elected members of the land.[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Mya Celestia[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Shemhazaj[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]edited for simplification [/font][/color]
  8. Thank you Yrth, it worked! and thank you Tom for the advice!
  9. Here's my problem, I currently use two laptops, one connects through my home wifi network, the other through a LAN ethernet cable. The other day the computer, that runs through the Ethernet cable, decided it wanted to run a disc check when I restarted it. Note before I restarted it, everything was fine. After running the disc check and booting up I didn't have internet. Heres what I can tell you. Opening up the local area connection window shows no packets being sent or received. Under the support tab there's nothing listed on the connection statues and when I click the repair button I get this message: Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action cannot be completed. Failed to query TCP/IP settings of the connection. Cannot proceed. Someone suggested a new driver. Tried that and still have the same problems. Tried plugging in a wifi card and it doesn't even recognize the home wifi network. I run windows XP on an IBM ThinkPad. Any questions, advice, or solutions are most welcome.
  10. If I understand you correctly you're suggesting that the guards (as well as other NPCs since the counsel seems to want an all or nothing fix) shouldn't be able to even be attacked if the person is still MP3?
  11. The point of the suggestions is to keep them from being beatable by spells and means other then fighting, if your able to get into a place without understanding the lesson of how you got there it becomes a lackluster victory and ticks the others of us who worked for where we got. I'm in agreement with you No one, MP3s shouldn't have access to places guarded by npcs unless they can get through them using crits they have available, and at this point yes I can see how even getting passed the shop guards could be difficult. I'm asking for suggestions to protect the npc's from spells and other things that would render them useless.
  12. Fang, I'd be all for your little cause, problem is those people you're so irate at are using tools that are readily available to everyone, sometimes they do have requirements but still they are accessible to everyone....however even then I'd still back you up because it annoys me as well, even though you could just try talking to them and come to some agreement. BUT! When you come here and wine and complain about something that anyone can do, when you yourself are doing something that not everyone can or would do. YOU use a spell to allow mp3s to get passed the guards. Something that they otherwise wouldn't be capable in and then what happens when they come into MY LAND and start depleting the herbs. You allow the unworthy access to something they shouldn't have access to by means other then what is required. The tools are available to everyone who can get to them, The Spell is you use is available to anyone who can get it, so before you start whining about injustice take a good long look in the mirror and ask yourself if you really care about this realm as a whole or just yourself. I would stand with you, but I will not stand with a hypocrite.
  13. Around a year ago or so, changes were made to rituals and upgrading crits, since then, it was impossible for mp3's to get passed both of the Loreroot Guards without help from spells which completely negates the whole point of the guards riddle over the year Mya was playing email relay with the Counsel to try and find a solution but one was never found. Their suggestion was to come up with a solution that could be applied to all NPCs but offered no ideas of their own. So I ask the community as a whole, for the good of what the guards stand for, for all of us who had to use our brains to gain entry into the forest. I ask for advice, suggestions, solutions, to fix and alter the NPCs (Loreroot Guards, Shop Guards, and Shades) so that those who are unworthy can't skate by with cheap tricks. Edit:While not strictly against the rules, I would very much like to know the person or persons who have been assisting mp3s in getting passed the guards.
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