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  1. spell words are "Send a firefly after" player is "Esmaralda" This did used to work, and it does trigger the little side box for a report, so it knows it's supposed to do a locate spell. I've rebooted my computer but not purged cookies -- I figured if it gets this far, it's not a problem with my cookies.
  2. Fyrd Argentus continues to be unable to cast the locate spell. Someone seems to have reset my spell words since I first posted on the forum about this issue. Reciting the words got chat, of course. [Oh - they also gave me 48 casts to bug test, I guess. Thanks!] I set up the words again, checked who was around not idle, and tried again like 5 minutes ago..... I got: [font=Times New Roman]Locating [b]send a firefly after Esmaralda[/b] ... [b]Unable to trace send a firefly after Esmaralda, your skill in this spell might be insufficient or the target is nowhere to be found.[/b] [/font]
  3. Okay, I was first searching for blitzmole, a new MP3, who it turned out was trapped in GG and eventually teleported out. I understand teleportation can mess things up. Uncertain. To test the spell, I then tried it on magistra, then Magistra, who was sitting right there orange in Wind's Sanctuary - and doesn't move around a lot. So I burned 3 casts. Is it WORKING for anybody else, before I test more?
  4. I'm looking at the person, spelling it right, the result is it says finding this person is beyond my skill to find. I tried person A with unknown place, person B I could see using all lower case, person B again with the right capitalizations. I've recently rebooted, and not been on through the top of an hour yet. Something's broken.
  5. Acksan, not sure what you're looking for. Lots of people would willing to step forward and help if you give more detail what you need. I created several quests before I could do clickies - can easily be done. I even have some alts just to act as sign posts if needed. Award 3 wp's and you can get a quest page from the Librarian. I'm not sure who can give you wp codes to assign these days -- no kings -- all I can offer is wp's off codes already put in my assignment allocation. Get 3 wp's yourself and can you can buy that clickie edit ability.
  6. So, to confirm the plan.... Our goal is to raise enough credibilty to cause Mur and Company to hardcode a handful of items for use with the dead. I'd count it successful if those items became shared resources, reset each Tuesday, provided this group has some control over who can pick them up. Step 1 is decide on the number and function of those items. Step 2 is to give physical form to those items Step 3 is raising our voice in petition to Mur and Company. I'd be thrilled if these items followed the pattern set out in my backstory, but that's just one option.
  7. Evidently the revive function exists in MDscript - if that's what is used to code items. (I can only code clickies, and there is no revive function told to us there...) I have a sense that there is going to have to be some high-level intervention on behalf of the group for even that much to be realized. The rest may well fall into the catagory of "new ideas" that would have to be implemented on deeper coding level. But heck, we have to ask or none of this will happen.
  8. [quote name='Grido' timestamp='1350243357' post='123991'] As has been said several times before; Forum modifications, in this case a new section, need to be messaged to sys-chewett. They will not be done otherwise. [/quote] Was already done, Grido. But if/when we get the response we hope for, we'll need to move this thread. Thanks.
  9. [Mods - if we could get our own subforum under factions, please move this thread. Thanks.] This thread is intended to be the forum for discussion how the newly formed VISION Group is going to bring balance back to the death situation in the realm. We have a fair number of members [17 adepts, 9 supporters, plus me] in this group, I think we need to start doing something. I will lay out my plan first, but this must be a group effort and everything I lay out is just a proposal. Of course I have blinders on and am focussed on what I have and can do. We must think more gloabally. My plan
  10. Vision Group is the working name then. See next thread for working on "the plan". Continue to use this thread for declarations of support etc. [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/13100-the-vision-group-plan/"]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/13100-the-vision-group-plan/[/url]
  11. 1. I really like the idea of progression in the color of your head trophy. Black, Silver, Gold, allowing you to compete and win 3x instead of 1x. 2. Heads is unfair - so why call spell use by power figures "abuse"? Why not say, anything goes....? It's all in how your write the rules. Seems a shame to turn off such an important function for any fight contest in "Magic" Duel. As always I vote for more magic in the realm.
  12. Social action opportunity - on the theory that Protectors help new visitors to the realm. *Peace* says she's about to drop. I just adepted her. We could as a project make sure she doesn't drop. What is the group's opinion on her protectorship? You can still support/befriend this group without adepting me. Right now we're at 16 adepts, 9 supporters, plus me, so the difference between an adept vs. supporter today is nil....
  13. I do NOT want to steal adepts from other MP6's - like Peace. Protectors do a great service for the realm, and should be supported. You can add your voice to this group by declaring your support and friendship, and maintain loyalty to your existing Protector. That's absolutely just as good for raising our voices up to the powers that be. {Conversely, don't waste your adept vote on somebody who is not a candidate - support somebody who really benefits from your adept status! We need more MP6's, and with the active day limit reduced, we should be able to support more of them again -- 30 pl
  14. Group Name Suggestion: VISION = Voices In Support of Innocents, Outsiders, and Neophytes This from Junior and I kicking it around. Can we improve on that?
  15. Not sure who stopped you, or with what justification. I'm guessing it has to do with trying to keep our PG rating, so that this website is not blacklisted by concerned parent organizations or countries who take it upon themselves to police moral standards. Mur wants to be sure we are available to everybody.
  16. Quests are good. I hear the creature children's choir in the back room of my hut is having a hard time getting organized..... I may step in on that while making no headway on the death thing. I firmly believe this is the best part of MD. BUT you got to have players, and they got to stick around long enough to find the quests, and not be driven off by -- well, you know ....
  17. Ivorak, I applaud your effort. The problem with death in the realm is that it has seemed so capricious and arbitrary. The victims have no recourse, no idea what happened, why, or what to do about it. Even paying 20 GC seems a temporary solution and a waste of coin, as it will just happen again, and again. Your effort should instill a bit more sense of justice and stability. Perhaps it will keep people from leaving the realm. You should publicize this more. (And thanks everybody for the outpouring of support. All I can take credit for is putting my finger on the issue. We will only
  18. Fyrd Argentus (speaking ooc) has been grappling with Death in the realm since the beginning of the Lost Path Adventure. Concerns have increased as players have been killed, and others been demoralized by having no apparent way to recover from this, and left the realm. Always there is the seeming arbitrary power the older characters have over the newcomers. Fyrd has attempted several activities personally to rectify this situation, but it has become clear that a group voice must be raised to address concerns of such magnitude. This thread announces the formation of a GROUP with a common de
  19. How many credits are you offering per gold?
  20. Well, the bad news is - I kind of felt the entries were not worthy of a wish point but didn't want to say that. The judges independently came back to me with that feedback, and were unanimous in their opinion, so no WP will be awarded. Surprisingly, the four judges had such mirror-image opinions of the outliers, with the same entry always in the middle, that the judging is a perfect 3-way tie. I will award choice of 1 gold or 5 credits to each of tankfans, joshdragon, and Paracelsus. Please get in touch. But remember, it ain't over until it's over. Anyone who can help see this thing t
  21. Yes, any point to be made or lesson to be learned has gone very stale. Seig being dead on special occasions is one thing, but being dead indefinitly is bad. Raise the dead.
  22. I don't think any player should be subjected to this humiliation, and leaving Seig dead is damaging to everybody's morale and view of the game. We continue to bleed players who come to believe this is not a nice place to spend time. Enough is enough.
  23. Okay, the judges will be Rumi, Tom Pouce, Innocence, and Chewett. The later two have volunteered in narrow slices of the matter. I will forward the three entries and look for a ranking from the judges. If they agree, we will need not get too complicated.
  24. Judging is based on "artistic merit" per above. Whatever that means to a judge. Warning - the entries are in ugly MD cauldron script code, so a judge will have to be able to interpret that and think about how it would function. We've tentatively got Rumi, Innocence, and Tom Pouce. If we have other qualified volunteers, it could be more than 3 judges. I'll wait a day or so and then send out the submissions.
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