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  1. I can pay with credits, but can't take custody yet. Archived or drawn. Fyrd Alyzer is looking for candidate avatars. A lost little boy type. Non-combatant. If you've ideas, please discuss.
  2. We all, always, need friends. Fyrd Alyzer is just a bit fuzzy on references to this Argentus fellow....
  3. I see nothing wrong with setting up an alt for target practise by others -- as long as the character you are putting yourself into (aka your "main") is completely divorced from it. Fyrd Argentus's body was essentially sacced to that. It's not appropriate to say "this alt is the fighting spirit of my main, reaching out from the grave...." etc. You are then taking onto yourself magic powers via alt abuse. I will face similar issues with Fyrd Argentus/Alyzer -- but I am making a clean break between the two. Argentus will remain only to administer prizes from his old quests. Attempts to in
  4. [size=5][font=georgia,serif][color=#4B0082]Fyrd Argentus is now verily a broken down old man. After abusing too much pickle juice and standing out in the hail at GoE for too long, his stats are now 7 out of 9 negative and his nearly impressive vitality is exhausted three times over just walking across Marind Bell. His loss-win differential matches his active days - both over a thousand. His pursuit of lost spirits has made him become one. You may see the remains of his confused and dazed spirit (Fyrd Alyzer) running around compulsively haunting, or should I say Fyrd-alyzing, a whole new cro
  5. I loaned Fang my pickle jar because he is using (at least some of) them to help new visitors to the realm and I felt guilty that I was not keeping up with demand. He ought to be able to make about 6 a day the hours he logs, where I'm making 1. I'm at 47 pickles held (yes, prizes continue), but should have been up around 75. Zzzzzzz. I'm also behind on answering PM's. It is an act of faith, appreciation for his efforts, and hopefully in the best interest of the realm. When the day comes when I ask for it back, he will have the chance to show his appreciation for my trust. Signed, the
  6. Loaned the Pickle Jar to Fang - he'll get a lot more use out of it while I snooze.

  7. See my market post about my archer collection....? It's still available.
  8. The point, I believe, is that you're really supposed to take the role of ONE character and stick with it, baggage and history and all. If you do a reset, or do experiments, or take another role for any reason, etc. you must keep the roles absolutely isolated from one another. You're not supposed to use any sort of unintended aspects of the computer system, ie stepping outside the game, to influence the game. That said, there are a billion fuzzy grey situations that arise, and many people push the limits and find new ways to raise questions. If you find a new one, you'll become notorious,
  9. My back enterance access is working fine, yet it is offered to me again in the shop.
  10. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1358446216' post='130832'] I would like the ability to summon people to Angiens Shrine. It would have 4 casts (unable to be put onto a stone). Only able to cast on one person. The caster must be standing at angiens shrine for the spell to work. This is because we now have access yet we cannot yet easily bring players so that we can talk to members there. All adjustments to the spell are welcome, since it is a powerful summoning spell i have detailed the numerous limitations in an attempt to balance the item. I would ask players to vote for this idea s
  11. Sorry, not really interested in coins or credits. And this is not an auction, not a fire sale.
  12. Yeah, that's what they are called, Anniversary Aramors.
  13. These tired old bones are weary of the fight. So I'm entertaining offers on my tired old (read: experienced) army, to a good leader that will protect the realm, etc. etc. You know the mantra. On the block: A set of 4 imps, moderately tokened, all claw II. A 2011 Imp, no tokens A 2012 Imp, no tokens On the block to MB citizens only: A set of 3 Angiens, moderately tokened, all claw I A set of 2 heretics and 2 bloodpacts, moderately tokened, all claw II What do I want? I'll enter negotiations for weird and rare creatures (yes morphs, lord no on the drachs! You can't housebreak them
  14. Selfish wishes only? 1. A tablet of paper that lets me spawn very specific items - documents - which have written on them whatever I put. Why? I could have SOOOO much fun with it. Documents should also have a specified number of "uses" (reads) before they are destroyed. Ideal if the writer specifies that number. Possibly a title line freely read. (the "document" could also describe itself as being an oragami figure....) 2. The other 3 out of 4 of my magical musical instruments. Why? It resolves inconsistencies in my back story, by which I made these instruments in another dimension
  15. I would put more tools into the hands of players, ultimately delegating all powers including bug fix and coding and everything the secret council does, and new scene creating and everyting. Turn it loose. Kings and Queens with real power. Anarchy and thrills galore. And people feeling empowered instead of under the thumb of a bureacratic authority that is overwhelmed to the point of non-action except on trivial but emotional things.... Put in place mechanisms to make codable items, and code them. Spell creation. New clickie creation. No more rules except those set by the PLAYERS with p
  16. The effort seems to be flagging. Or maybe I'm just getting old and tired. Thanks for all the verbal support, but we need some energy behind actions. Shall we try to make the items? Find somebody who can code? Set up a formal petition? Or go on ignoring death as a force in the realm?
  17. I ran up and down the tunnel, and the viscosity stayed at +40. Looks like a bug to me. It is behaving as expected in MB. I am UG citizen, and have enough loyalty the viscosity doesn't affect me....
  18. You also get spells when you become a protector (MP6) or LHO. Oh, and one more thing - part of the game is figuring out the rules. And then they change - which is also part of the game. Take it as a (fun) challenge, and remember that the hardcoded documentation is very, very obsolete -- not to be trusted.
  19. Dark, something like that ought to get posted. I could suggest a number places. Then you just need to reply with a link when it comes up... Merlin, most of us are happy to answer questions -- when you can find us. Just remember half the game is exploring for yourself. Well, not half, but.....
  20. [quote name='Rasiel' timestamp='1352388294' post='125249'] I know it's hard but just because someone is mean to you doesn't mean you should act the same to them, I understand when someone is being rude to you you have a very strong impulse to be rude right back, but that only continues the viscous cycle and ends up making topics that started out with some sort of point into mindless attack threads. the recent example would be Fang's thread. I believe a lot of the people here are at least 18+ ,now i could be wrong but, i think we can all be a little more mature when it comes to this. If you
  21. [color="#cccccc"]Ann. 2419 - [2012-11-06 22:39:34 - Stage 11][/color] In light of recent, and not so recent, events we decided to make something clear - no current position, role based or otherwise, is above death and we shall not be making it otherwise unless this drastically changes. Odd.... I hope I am just being paranoid in regards my effort to balance the tactical "death" events that are occuring with increasingly greater frequency and annoyance to those involved. I presume this is a reference to the "death" of a game role - organization - such as the Kings, drachlair guardians, rp
  22. You should just try asking me for spicy pickles..... I hope you plan to use them, not horde them..... there is a limit to how many can exist.
  23. All fixed and working well. Thank you!
  24. Other spells are NOT case sensitive -- I just tested give vitality. Locate is not case sensitive to trigger it - but the changed case seems to mess up the string matches.
  25. Okay, more info. If you ask for somebody who doesn't exist you get: ---------------------------------- Locating [b]xyzplayer[/b] ... [b]Unable to trace xyzplayer, your skill in this spell might be insufficient or the target is nowhere to be found.[/b] -------------------------------------------- Notice that the spell words do not show up in the above note. The spell does work for me now -- but I find it is [u][i]case sensitive in the spell words [/i][/u]but NOT case sensitive to the player name, and when it chokes on case sensitivity of the spell words is when it repeats back the spel
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