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  1. Looks like all that candy passed out at the 7th Anniversary celebration has taken its toll. Everyone is lining up at the dental office in the hut north of Wind's Sanctuary again. And once again, Fyrd's "help" has scrambled the filing system...... Rules are exactly as before: [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/11144-too-many-holiday-sweets/"]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/11144-too-many-holiday-sweets/[/url] The phrases are changed and the list reset as of right now. If first place has already received a wp from me, they will get a consolation prize, and the wp pass
  2. Idea: The spirit starts drifting around randomly (or in some logical relation to heat veins). The spirit can use all ap to move one scene back towards the corpse like in TC. If the spirit manages to stay with the corpse for long enough (credit it like a heat jar) then the player comes back to life. Material beings can help (think seances and what we are doing now with heat jars). On the other hand, a spirit poorly attended will get "lost" from it's body and really have troubles. Teleport etc would work on the corpse, not the spirit, so mischief-makers could try to hide the body from t
  3. Lib, it's pretty clear to me. You can't transfer creatures between accounts. What starts on one account stays on that account.
  4. Since I understand there are something like 9 such items out there, I suppose there is some competition. For a holder of an item to score 4 fees, it might take an average of 36 deaths (and subsequent ambulance chases) to break even. Have there been 36 deaths in the realm yet? I havn't counted that many. And competition may bring the price down in future.... Then too, some folks may not want to chase ambulances, or find raising the dead not to be their thing. And finally, the possibility of creating yet one more such item changes the picture too. So, I will continuing seeking, despite
  5. No nibbles? Here are some things on the table.... A set of 3 Angiens with Claw 1 and more A set of 4 Imps with Claw 2 and more A set of 2 BP's and 2 Heretics with Claw 2 and more A set of Santa, Nutcracker, and Snowman. A 6th and 7th anniversary aramour And I have candy, and spicy pickles..... And I have credits, and coins..... And services like writing and enchanting clickies..... And did I say I have pickles....?
  6. I'm sure nobody with such an item will sell for mere coins, but I'm entertaining crazy ideas here. I have some pretty neat critters. And there are other forms of payment. Let's talk. This spirit-talker needs it....
  7. I would be happy to help Spart how I can, but how is a pile of coins going to bring him back? The heat/prayer thing has precidence - an appeal to higher authority. Is there somebody out there with a revive item that is selling services?
  8. 159) Mur never did exist - he is an RPC. And now the council can't remember his password.
  9. I value them at 5 credits per gold coin. Not that I'm buying or selling.... but that's the rate published on my pickle redemption table. So... if people start using spicy pickles as a currency, I seem to fixing an exchange rate... sort of.
  10. I'm buying, not selling. Make me a proposal if you have such a creature to sell. I really don't have much market data - these are rare creatures.
  11. At least 5gc. Tell me more - there are different varieties, age etc. What do you think it's worth? PM discussion would be better perhaps.
  12. Looking for soulweavers, shades of all types, tainted angiens, and anything in that vein. Probably need just one each, and I have tormented souls & barren souls. Could pay 5-15 gc, depending. Can swap TS, pimps, imps as well. Please forum PM me with inquiries or offers.
  13. One issue is copyright law. MD could be sued if we violate some artist's rights. One issue is uniqueness, we want MD to be unique but following certain defining stylistic themes. Drawings of known things like horses, or dragons, or historic soldiers (Spartans) are fine, as long as you're not copying somebody else's artwork. Drawings of specific fictional characters, like pokeman (pokemen?) or Mickey Mouse are NOT, regardless of pose. Please note, I believe that Mur has a particular aversion to anime drawings - clash with the MD theme/imagery.
  14. Sold to Shadowseeker for 10gc. Mods please close.
  15. I have had private inquiries from two other players, so I won't close this immediately. Perhaps 24 hour notice needs to be given..... Going twice.....
  16. 1. It think some form of indemnification should be in place for bad advice from LHO's. The LHO should say IDK if they don't. If the LHO says it's okay but it turns out not to be (assuming the player did not trick the LHO somehow), then a. The player is cautioned but not punished, b. the LHO is evaluated as to whether they are fit to remain an LHO, but not punished unless malicious intent is found. 2. In this community, we must define the standard for "offensive". I like to reference a PG movie rating -- if that is correct. I have not thought through all the international website - cultur
  17. Okay, Pip is only bid in the last 48 hours. If Ero and Shadow indicate a pass, this is done. Anybody who wants more time best say so soon. Otherwise we wait just a bit longer before closing it. So, .... going once.....
  18. I seem to have an extra! 7th Anniversary Aramor will go to the best offer in coins -- after the bidding falls silent AND all the prize-giving from the celebration has finished (so you know what you got...) I will give at least 24 hours notice when I think this has happened. Notes are honored at face value but don't count on me being able to change them. 15sc = 1 gold. If you wish to offer something else, PM me and I will tell you what coin value equivalent I would consider it to be worth in bidding. You can then offer it or not as you choose. Of course just because I consider someth
  19. Great idea. Personally, my experience is/was that with very short time to be in-game, the odds of meeting an awake guardian were very slim. It was almost a non-event for me. And everybody I talked with generally agreed that you had ruled out pickle use - taking "jump over" to mean "bypass".... so we didn't.
  20. How about the ambience sounds are optional AND only occur if there is a weather spell in effect AND occur only if a scene-specific music has not been selected? Q: Is scene music selection tightly controlled, or would you open that up for a wp?
  21. Well, it may or may not be worth noting, but I never ever managed to even find a target! In the end, I stood out in the open so somebody would have something to hit. I think darkraptor got me while I slept. So I might have been "nicest".
  22. MDA gate is the least of the examples of how changes have damaged my quests. In-game I blame the interference of Queen Esmaralda, trying to hinder my efforts to deal with the spirits, but since these quests were written, I've had to deal with implementation of viscosity, new gate penalties, closed lands, and removed clickies. Not to mention running into memory caps. I moved the starting point from the LP fountain to the hut, because nobody could get there anymore. All I can say is, be happy the quests still actually work (my road rallies don't anymore). It's all I can do to keep up. I w
  23. Thanks. All's cool now. Mods please close.
  24. I seem to have been frogged - and have no access to my creatures. Can anybody confirm that the two are linked, and/or how long this normally lasts? I got frogged YESTERDAY if my guesses are correct. Seems like this ought to be a not-allowed spell during TC? More worrisome, I cashed in the CTC of a prize creature while in this state, and it does not show either. I sure hope it will appear when this spell passes. Very worried and annoyed.... Fyrd Ribbit
  25. Game down? I can't log on...

    1. Mallos


      You might have been turned into a frog. Try using your ID to log in.

    2. Mallos


      Actually yeah, here is your name: Fyrd Ribbit

    3. Fyrd Argentus
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