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  1. For the record, I'm just as much in the dark as Tom. I'm too busy to care much about being dead just now. In the grand scheme of things, I'm sure I'll get revived eventually. Blink of the eye and all that.... BUT I think this is a really crappy way to run a festival. Who is ever going to sign up to be on a festival team again, let alone agree to lead one, if the expected result is that they will be singled out to be made "dead"? It's a secondary effect that said person is then unable to participate in the remaining 2/3 of the festival in a meaningful way. Quite a reward for trying to
  2. [quote name='Maebius' timestamp='1342598881' post='117701'] Ahh, so just to clarify in my mind: If I use creature id 778877 & 778878 in battle, and you use creature 778870 & 778874 we would have a "score" of 11 right? (obviously, there would be 6 creatures on each side, but you are comparing the id per slot, yes?) ..77-..70 = 7 and ..78 - ..74 = 4 (7+ 4 = 11) maths are hard So ideally, you'd want to use low id creatures against high ID ones, for the largest 'spread'? [/quote] Nope. This would not be a winning battle. You have differentials of 7 and 4 there. A
  3. Dead - but posted the Day 2 Quest....

  4. Welcome, Puppets, to the second day's challenge from The Puppeteers! This is called "Combat by the Numbers" Each team is tasked with creating a battle report of a 6 vs. 6 combat wherein the ID numbers of the creatures involved has a special relationship. Compare opposing creatures as physically arranged in the screen shot (upper left vs. upper left, etc.). Consider the absolute value of the difference between their ID numbers. If all six values are the same, the screenshot is a winner with that ID differential as a measure of the value. You will need to have one screenshot of the battl
  5. Make it more gray, then black pockets will pop out more?
  6. Sign me up. Let me know if any of my resources would be helpful to the project.
  7. So, in such an individual-result-type quest, the team should help their one representative to achieve that goal FIRST, and if others on the team get it too, that's just for fun. Right?
  8. We need clarification. It is possible to design a quest where the team works together for one group result. It is also possible to design a quest where individual members of the team each achieve the result, or not. We are presuming both sorts are acceptable, yes? In either case, we are responsible for generating a team score at the end, possibly using checkpoints to measure progress, that assigns performance of each team on a scale from 0 to 100%. We get a bonus as designers if one team gets 100%. If we design a quest of the sort where you can count how many of the team members reach
  9. ooc: Now hear this - if you solve the Eastern branch of the Lost Path Adventure, you gain the ability to edit the contents of this maze.... there are two players who already have this ability, besides me. There is not an xyz limit, but there are Memory Capacity issues.....
  10. Right on Rumi! Let's show a big effort now and ask for something easier to use in future.... I'm sure we'll get something harder to use than we ask for.... On the other hand, making the price of a golden revive apple a certain % of your permanent max VE would make people think twice about getting one. 10% as a ballpark straw man suggestion?
  11. My lost critters. Give them good homes....
  12. Spirit Underworld, you mean.....
  13. Congrats to tankfans, ignnus, and guillak. These three did the bulk of the rescuing!
  14. [quote name='Grido' timestamp='1340486135' post='115884'] considering there's idk how many various threads already about the dead and various ways to revive them, how about you all decide on a single idea, and all back that? If you have 20 ideas and support is spread it'll be weaker than if you all back the same idea. [/quote] Well, I would be happy to see 20 ideas implemented. NOT a problem!
  15. Wow! I am so grateful at the outrush of assistance, bringing these creatures back from the land of the dead. If we can do this, we can bring anything and anybody back! Thanks to this wonderful community effort, only TWO of those creatures remain trapped in the spirit underworld - both IMPS. I am very impressed. Oddly, nobody has claimed any silver, gold, or credits....
  16. Ok, 9 months have passed and 41 of my spirit friends are still trapped in the labyrinth. All I want is for you to save them. Go to the labyrinth, LOOK at the sign, follow the corridors into the spirit underworld and find them. Rescue them from this hell, where they were put by Queen Esmeralda and the Evil Princess, and they are yours. Currently hidden are: 7 tormented souls and 7 unholy priests 5 jokers and 10 fat pimps 4 angiens and 8 noble Imperials Also, silver, gold, and credits. Why is nobody looking? Save them!
  17. My efforts to create a revival item (wielded by me since I do trust myself) have morphed and merged with the general outcry from the community for a path to revival open to everyone, not just the rich. I had thought I was making just one more of something that already existed 8x over, but if such importance is to be placed on my bodhran that ITC back-up is insufficient, then I will gladly allow my drum (or whatever key item we make) to become a "boomerang" item that keeps on returning -- but only if this can be set up to put the item into the hands of people we trust to use it, and not just
  18. Okay, life gets more complicated. tankfans and J-D have sent submissions, but there have been developments in-game. To make a true community effort without requiring game hard-coding (a rare thing these days), it may require multiple cauldron items, held by different people. Two schemes present themselves - a special resource gathering tool followed by a cauldron item, or a cauldron item that takes as input the output of a first cauldron item. Given that we have the drum (caller of the dead) resonating with the community garden apple tree branch (bringer of life), the concepts are being
  19. Proper attendance -vs- price equation..... marketing 101 The total price is not just coins, so at for low coinage, the attendance is independant of coinage, and raising the price won't matter. As the price goes up, it will become significant and attendance will start to trend down more and more rapidly, until it takes a nose dive at the point where nobody has the coinage to join no matter what the draw. Multiply attendance curve times fee charged (straight line trending up) and you'll see profits peak when the coinage is just high enough to start making attendance drop noticably, but no
  20. Vote this up or down with the opinion arrows. Add commentary as you see fit. Should I grant Rumi a wp for his efforts on the garden specifically so he can give the scene a "Community Garden" type subtext? Notes: It might actually be necessary to grant it to somebody else with access to that wish shop function, not sure how deep it is buried, but it would be a reward for Rumi's efforts. I do not wish to be accused of trying to help my own spirit-revive efforts via wp granting, so I'm throwing this out. Perhaps some other wp-granting agency would see fit to do this in my place if my own
  21. Here is my response to tankfan's entry - should be made public.... "Thank you, very nice idea. There are elements of the community getting involved who want input, and if you wish to tap into that, another, later submission would be accepted. Awiyya thinks there should be wiyya involved. Someone mentioned fenths. The community garden group wants to be involved, and there is discussion of activating a certain apple branch tool, using the drum, to create special growth/seeds. Stay tuned" Response to Paracelsus -- Unfortunately, the dead aren't going anywhere fast. That's the whole
  22. The march to the community garden is complete. See log above. Those interested in finding a way to raise the dead can meet with us in the garden to discuss Life.
  23. I don't know. I am somewhat ignorant of how the cauldrons and the cake work. "viable" is important if we want to get this implemented, but I don't (yet) know what that means.
  24. Okay, let's assume that the powers that be allow Fyrd Argentus's Bodhran (irish drum) to be converted to a cauldron-type item. Assume that it's function is to take some sort of vegetable matter from the community garden, some fenths, some wiyaa, whatever else is required, and create a pickled something-or-other that can revive the dead. We'll need a recipe. Now, I don't want to be accused of buying stuff with wp codes..... so IF AND ONLY IF there are at least 3 viable entries, and there must be some sort of judging based on artistic merit, then a wp will be offered as prize. If there ar
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