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  1. To avoid alt abuse, you must never farm your own alt - only those offered to the community by others. You would also have to set a big enough creature with enough regen that it never dies. A bird would not work. There is no reason to have a formal spot for this, I get the impression that there are already a few alts that just stand around different places.
  2. Your need inspired my post in this section "Tokening Service". http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/7497-tokening-service/
  3. I have several "peasant" characters whose role in life is to act as zombie sign posts in the Road Rallys (or other quests). They have no creatures of their own. They each need one credit to upgrade their mail system, but I don't want to waste the extra credits by buying a unit of 5. If up to 8 players want to buy a share of the tokens in the MD Shop, $15 in credits per creature will get you 14-15 tokens each (slightly random, you know how the system works) -- and the peasant keeps just one credit. Obviously this involves two transfers, so age will suffer unless these are new creatures.
  4. PM or post reasonable offers.
  5. Youngsters! "Galaxians" was high-tech cool graphics when I was in school. Asteroids Starhawks Pong Space Invaders Missle Command Or better yet - "Star Trek" on CRT terminal, line by line..... In those days, you could write better games in BASIC than you could buy, and I wrote dozens. Later, "Zombies ate my Neighbors" was the best on supernintendo -- umm, for my kids, of course.
  6. I see one exception I would like -- credits, bought with real money -- ought to be transferable between alt accounts down to single-credit amounts. Imagine you decide on a change of character and have $100 sitting on an account you no longer use..... discouraging.
  7. Please select all the acceptable times in the poll above to help guide selection of at least the next two rallys. HELP NEEDED: I need 7 low-grade avys for the (zombie signpost) Peasants, to turn in to the shop for credit (1 apiece) to get outgoing message control feature, if I'm going to run a Rally at a time when I (Fyrd) am not actually available. If you can donate single avys, or sell a bundle to me (the person, so I'm not accused of alt abuse), please let me know. If you want to actually OPERATE a rally, please contact me. It's a good way to get to award wishpoints, to gain your Qu
  8. Some of the "characters" are composites, so names would be awkward.... The point is the essense of the attitude shown....
  9. @Burns - I liked your argument better when you seemed more concerned with people learning to fight.... Personally, I learned combat at a faster RATE at MP4 where the field was more level and the chances of success made fighting more likely to be fun. MP5 is a different game -- learning tricks, learning players, hit & run, hide, recon, adapt to the ever-changing rules, trade up. And of course, the longer you stay the more you get sucked into and appreciate the non-combat parts of MD. We've finally touched on the root of the matter above - no influx of new MP5. I've said before that
  10. This story is true, if not totally consistent with the facts. The Lay of the GGG by Fyrd Argentus The Golden Globe Gazebo is, the subject of this song, And how the GGG did rise, and how it did go wrong, Why some found life there in a win, and others sought to end, What they saw as a mortal sin, so sought our wills to bend. When MD Realm was new and all, first sought to find their way, The elder players were on top, the younger they did slay. The agony was fresh and new, no end they saw in sight But some young men their plight did rue, they said this is not right. A Brotherhood o
  11. Is this targeted towards making an Avy? If so, avoid the "cartoon look" of outlines. Original pencil drawing should use thin lines and liberally use shading from light to dark -- then, when you shrink to 100x160, the outlines are not even visible, and they look nice and rounded. You'll find that face features need retouched on pixel level, however, and any other fine detail. I would also worry that this is so light/pale that by time you get to avy form, it will look ghostish and transparent. Look close at Fyrd's avy -- most of the body is pale and ghostish, but certain face features are
  12. If you really, really love the combat system, and think that's the best thing about MD, and your ego needs to be able to beat any player of your MP level at will, then find a way to stay MP4 forever. There are several people that feel that way, and are trying (bet you can't beat them now at MP4). If you want to develop a memorable character and experience the diversity of MD as a realm, not just a combat contest, then MP5 is where Mur and the rules are trying to push you -- for a reason. You just have to adopt the attitude that running around with low VE is not a bad thing, and that findi
  13. I have refused to particpate in TC for two reasons based on perceptions I've picked up. They may not be factually correct, but they are persistant rumors. 1) The TC bug will mess you up if you can't continue and drop the torch by logout. Slow march makes it highly likely that RL will intervene, and you must drop the torch, and be screwed up. 2) If you get to goal without fighting, you get no points, and thus the huge slow effort was wasted. And since when I scout the lands publically available during TC, I usually see NOBODY carrying a torch, except a bunch of noobies from MB setting th
  14. While I appreciate the nomination, and would perform the duty honorably, I am just one player and could dissappear like Elthan. Similarly, the Poll, while nice, is flawed in that it is going to pick one person. We need to find a durable system. Spin it off permanent institutions - either the LHO or the Kings need to be able to magically "fetch" the keys and give them to the (temporary) designated holder. I propose that the Kings vote to select an acceptable neutral administrator and that LHO be given the power to implement the will of the Kings. No tie breaker needed -- if they can't
  15. If you had participated, you would have known that there is a "debrief" in chat at the end of each Rally that explains where different people went wrong and how the rankings occurred. Everyone there has seemed satisfied. This too is something I am not about to try and post. In addition, I have given more personal detail to individuals who have requested it.
  16. DST, no - on several levels. 1) You did not participate - why do you want them? If you're thinking of running one, you'll need a whole lot more. I am open to that. Somebody who needs to award 3 wp to get their Q doc should consider apprenticing on this.... It would also allow more diversity in time of event. 2) They are hardcopy, and it would be a lot of wasted work scanning them etc. Better put the energy and time into another Rally. 3) Because the peasants do not have mail managment (and Chewie said it might be alt abuse if I gave them credits) there is a lot of messy calculations
  17. Moderators, please close. (It ain't gonna happen. Back to the drawingboard).
  18. Deal is done. I think we can close this thread.
  19. Okay, here is my thinking. BP are definitly worth more than 1 gold apiece, market. That would only get me to 4 gold where a nutcracker sells for 6-7 (I guess Santa is similar). Unless somebody can go 2gold apiece, or pay something for those UP's, I'm short. This is all I have to bargain with (plus one more avy worth a credit) so if it isn't enough, somehow, I need to keep saving. But people seem awfully hungry for BP's, and I keep getting asked about them. So I thought I'd lay it out for everybody. I'm looking for somebody with an inside track on a nutcracker or santa that is willin
  20. I'm trying to raise enough to buy or barter for a nutcracker or santa. I have 2 gold plus the following to trade or sell: BP age 37 with black diamonds and claw1 BP age 4 UP Age 62 with black diamonds UP age 13 with antifreeze. PM or post, but I'm only going for an offer that will help get me to my goal.
  21. #3 is starting in 2 hours -- at 0:00 ST. Watch the mood panel for starting place. First two began at GoE.
  22. MD Road Rally midnight ST June 8-9. Wishpoint!

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