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  1. Hey, I am serving at the pleasure of the realm. I deliberately kept open 28th as a "rain day" and the 29th assuming end-festival events would be then - will gladly yield a spot/delay an event by a day if needed or flex in any other fashion.
  2. I'm thinking of how much fun/havoc this could create in races, chases, and events of that sort. One-Way Travel Arrows. For example: You ought to be able to jump off the MDA balcony and land in the room below. Leading west from Marind's Marble Stair there is a road you cannot follow. Perhaps it should lead to a crumbly cliff that dumps you somewhere in Loreroot. You might jump off Mount Kelle'tha with a glider, or launch yourself with a catapult, and end up -- ANYWHERE -- in the realm at random. I don't know how the currents flow in all these bodies of water, but entering
  3. Logged in this morning, and I'm fine. Weird.
  4. I was idle (I think - I didn't have to give a robocheck), came back to the game (in gg fort), clicked on my own name, and it claimed I was idle. Besides the personality smear, I believed it to be wrong. I tried going idle and coming back, but it insisted I was still idle. I logged out, and it forced me to wait the cooldown period, as if I had logged in earlier. So after the cooldown period, logged on normally. It still says I'm idle. Reset the terminal and tried again. Still idle. Conducted a battle and won. Still says I'm idle. Chatted with others, who
  5. Addition to April 22nd, postevent - Taurion's proclaimation. AR April 22 Taurion.docx
  6. Acoustic Remains April 22 - Shaggy Dog Stories - Demonic God wins again! AR Event April 22 - Shaggy Dog Stories v2.docx
  7. So far I have seen no activity at all on this quest. I hope I've just been in the wrong places, and everybody hasn't just forgotten...
  8. Acoustic Remains April 21 - Humorous True Stories - Ungod wins again! AR April 21 Humorous True Stories.docx
  9. "Heat" (not to be confused with heat) is a kind of intangible with no physical form. How about paying to get rid of it with something else intangible. Vitality and AP have a strong role, Winertia ("value points") does not. It seems to have little value once you have a full stable of critters. However, it only accumulates slowly. How about a coupling - drop "Heat" for Winertia points? My current max Winertia is about 1/200 of my "Heat" so this is a small effect per shot. Need to verify quantitatively for typical capped MP3/4. You could do this by "buying" the reduction directly, or
  10. Happened on Gateway Island, too. Give an error message window, then say can't use again for a long time.
  11. You can't get a book published these days, no matter how good, unless you're already known on the national stage - corrupt politician, whistle blower, axe murderer, etc. The publishers want to see their money turn around in a ridiculously short time - like a week or two from when it hits the stands. I imagine selling a movie concept is similar - you have to pack the theatre on the opening night based on the buzz, and not risk anything on the quality of the movie ie. long term sustainability. Hence, offering a rehash of a known plot will get people in the seats, and their job is done.
  12. Oh, I see. Ever the optimist here... Sorry.
  13. Chewett, or anybody, I am happy to be a test debugger. I am pretty good at it, IMHO. Don't have the energy or background to even conceive of an overhaul, but don't mind being yanked over for some quick assistance, or to offer another perspective.
  14. Had 15 full devices, bounty said I got two more. They do not appear. Number seems capped at 15. Shouldn't say I can get them if I can't. Just sayin'.
  15. Acoustic Remains, April 20 Challenge Element Stories. Clair de lune won but deferred to klawdees, who is thus the official winner! AR April 20 Challenge Elements.docx
  16. Acoustic Remains, April 19 Yarn Spin-Doctoring -- Winner is Nepgear! AR April 19 Yarn Spin.docx
  17. Things that had me stuck, for what it's worth: No idea that mining gave many different things - especially the rare but vital crystal. No idea how the balloon worked, once I made it (still don't know). It didn't seem to let me get to the odd object either. When I found the rope, the message I got flashing on the screen made me think it was something else, until I checked my inventory. No idea why there was a place to heat memory stones up... perhaps to do with the balloon? 3 days? Come on! Bore-ing. In the end, I solved the puzzle based way out... Took awhile
  18. For festival duration, if you can't find me I'll either be at the other end of the MDA portal link, or camping at or around Wind's Sanctuary in Marind's Bell to grow some land loyalty - and more pickles! Always happy to help develop a role, for this or any other purpose. Or a quest, or event, or document, or... whatever.
  19. It doesn't seem to work. Did not actually reboot chrome, as I don't want to lose my jigsaw... did you mean that? NOW IT WORKS, THANKS!
  20. Acoustic remains, Riddle Night, April 17 Event - Ungod wins! AR Event April 17 2021.docx
  21. Okay, Mago is talking about extra info. Chewett is talking about streamlining the transfer of many, many common objects like piles of resources. My "ugh" refers to the stack being NOT optional, as I want to retain the ability to move just one of a common item. I don't like stacks in that they are all or nothing. I want control.
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