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  1. Syrian- at the bottom of first post, gathering and working with, so i'm not sure. here's a general outline of what i'm thinking: --gathering: branches, bark, ect role bones, skulls role memory stone role items from plants role water, rainwater role (dust items: no role) --cooking/creating food items: all items fall into 1 role --using: toxic items role body parts (skull, bone, fat, skin) role ?? not sure what else
  2. this actually seems pretty complex and i'm a bit confused about what we're trying to do. bones, for example, can fit into a lot of roles, but in terms of resources is only similar to skulls. also, gathering an item and working with it are different. digging bones makes you a gravedigger but praying with them makes you a voodoo priest or something.
  3. Awesome, thanks Rhaegar. My first rare item :)
  4. The quiet flower likes the color it has. The bees like it. The grass likes it. The wind likes it. The other flowers say, "you are too bland" The quiet flower looks to the bees the grass and the wind for comfort, but finds none, for they cannot speak to the flower.
  5. Here's my short analysis on rewards: If you have downvotes and people say you are ( immature, annoying, doing things wrong, ect. ): You get 1 reward, which is your chance to branch out and do something on your own. If you have upvotes and listen and speak well with others: You get incremental rewards which you can use with some teamwork to do something more mainstream. Not saying these are the only 2 options, but it seems like the general idea.
  6. Whenever I try to explain something to myself, I always start from the beginning, even if I already know where the ending leads. Even if I've already explained it, the same way, many times before. Like every time I open myself up it seems I haven't really gone anywhere since the last time. It's only the appearance of my 'cage' which changes. The beast inside, the real me, has little capacity for growth. All it does is growl and thrash its claws: day in, and day out.
  7. Mostly I just read the forums and log in for a bit. No current role.
  8. It seems like the general idea is that principles should be changeable only if they represent something that changes. If principles decide which tokens activate in rituals and which spells you can cast, people should be able to change them. But if principles don't decide anything, or maybe just some obscure alternation of inner magic, they they should not be changed because that's who you are, as Maebs pointed out, and you should just live with it.
  9. The only thing I would watch out for is collecting resources being too important. I'd much rather put the emphasis on player engagement rather than running around gathering stuff. In other words, a few high level resources are required than a bunch of low level ones. I want to be able to help even if i can't participate very often, and the only thing that determines gate strength should not be time committed. That being said, example: sand -> glass elu -> colored paper fighting -> fenths bushes -> bushies explosives: 10 glass + 20 fenths use explosives: 1000 heat, 3 combat bursts from 3 players defensive material: 5 colored paper + 10 bushies use def. material: no combat logs stored in battle log (not being attacked)
  10. I think another way to explain this would be transforming a theoretical vulnerability into an actual one in order to stimulate activity and whatnot. There is no 'exactly' because that's what, in a sense, we are trying to figure out here. Also, i'm assuming we are focusing on mainlands because they are the most clearly defined. If a non-mainland has an idea for a land-related item/spell/attribute/ect, I doubt it's going to be shot down just because it's not 'main'.
  11. I just rushed right into this one, didn't know what to expect. My default is usually poetry, but i went with no rhymes this time, which is a bit different. LR- Lore Manor --------------------- The wooden door slowly swings open.. The rusty hinges moan quietly Imprints of bare feet in the patches of moss, patches of dirt The first shelf extends down the wall, rows and rows of books, varying in sizes and colors Their bindings sorted by careful hands, old leather bound with fraying strings Dust falls off the cover, and upon opening, the yellowed pages flow in order like a river of gold Pausing a moment for a deep breath... A-Choo!, sneezing loudly Birds chirp from their nests in the trees outside The sun illuminates the room in a warm glow The book shuts with a satisfying thud It is returned to its spot, content with its place The dust slowly settles as you leave
  12. Bahhhh this sounds like so much fun but I won't be available until quite a bit later. If i can't make it, I'll sponsor up to 4 gold depending on team size.
  13. Yes, welcome indeed. If you like music, this used to play in MDP, it was/still is the most amazing magicduel song ever. See ya around!
  14. Don't hate on glass! It's time will come, one day.. Item: Glassblowing torch Description/use: Used to blow air into raw glass, forming it into a [vial / useable shape] Input: lots of heat(thousands, dunno) / heat stone 5 water for cooling it off 10 glass Output: One vial. Note: if there was a mold item, the torch could use that to make other glass things besides vials, but that would likely require much more thought in terms of fairness and applicability to other items (like recipes and whatnot).
  15. 4113151117101119101213151219101311? sorry for two guesses, but the reverse would be 1155570000000003322222000000000111
  16. I always thought inertia, the ability to stay in motion, would be a good name regarding viscosity. It doesn't really touch on the memory aspect, but it's still pretty relevant.
  17. No comments for keeping the location there... The vote was pretty close, though. I guess it's just up to council/mur now.
  18. As previously mentioned, I don't think the list of current players should show what land they are in (in terms of position). It makes it too easy to find other players when we already have the map, friends list, locate spell, and walking tracks. Some lands are small enough that it takes a very short time to walk around and deduce the player's specific scene. Thoughts?
  19. I think the locations shouldn't be there.. Waaay too good, too easy to find people, and makes locate spell a lot worse. Literally no one can hide, and that's kinda dumb. The list of players is fine, though.
  20. Example: http://magicduel.com/players/Soothing_Sands Alright, here is a very simple template that is super easy to use. Only 1 moving part and two places to add text. It doesn't display any papers, people will have to look in game or at the default template for that. -Also note, I will try at some point to put an in game avatar in the top left rather than the [equipment] marking. The model looks fine too, though. Hovering over "About" will reveal the list below it. Changing text can be done at the bottom of the code, settings changed in the middle. #wrap is the main box everything is in #mainText holds.. the main text #charImage holds the [equipment] #list holds the about list. Enjoy! <!-- Personal Page by Soothing Sands. Let me know if you have any questions or anything. You can delete this comment if you want. --> <html> <head> <title>Personal Page</title> <script> function expand(){ document.getElementById("list").style.maxHeight=200; } function retract() { document.getElementById("list").style.maxHeight=0; } </script> <style> #wrap{ background-color: #EBE2C7; border: solid 3px #755F14; width: 600px; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; height: 500px; } #mainText{ position: relative; top:0px; left:150px; font-size: 30px; color: #755F14; width:430px; height: 300px; overflow: visible; } #charImage{ position: relative; top:20px; left:20px; width:80px; height:100px; } #list{ font-family: "Georgia", serif; position: relative; max-height: 0px; width: 200px; top:-100px; left:50px; overflow: hidden; transition: max-height .5s; -webkit-transition: max-height .5s; /* Safari */ padding-bottom: 20px; } </style> </head> <body> <div id="wrap"> <div id="charImage"> [equipment] </div> <div id="mainText"> <!-- Main text. </br> makes a new line. If it goes too far down, change the #mainText font-size to be smaller or the top: to be negative, raising the text. --> Your name here </br> </br> Born: Day 0, Year 0 </br> Active: 00-24 ST </div> <div id="list" onmouseover=expand() onmouseout=retract()> <span style=color:#755F14;>About</span> <!-- About text. </br> makes a new line. change the href in the link if you want to make it go somewhere else --> </br> Citizen of place </br> Spellcaster </br> Quest Creator </br> Poet </br> On the forums <a target="_blank" href=http://google.com>here</a> </div> </div> </body> </html>
  21. Jaden's problem happens on the compact one as well. Everything acts fine but, you con't heal yourself. I mentioned this a long time ago and then forgot, so it's not caused by any recent changes I don't think.
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