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  1. ehehe, thanks all for playing with me!

    @ Cur - D’oh! I completely forgot to attach the word doc. Here’s the file:
    [attachment=2743:The Void Described.txt]

    You mods don’t appreciate stupidity? I bet you don’t even watch nut shots on youtube! Wait… that’s preposterous. With all the nonsense posted in the last couple days I wanted to throw my own brand of stoopid on the pile, not elevate the discourse

    And don’t piss on magick, not while whistling anyway. Who’s to say someone won’t look at this silliness and understand the potential of the blank page? This idea is everywhere in MD, and I was hoping I could get into a mock argument with someone about how this is a reasonable example of void. Similar to how staring out across the horizon, up at the stars or anywhere one may grasp a touch of infinity. All of which may stretch the mind. There. Happy?

    Besides, who said this was inane and bulldada? I just did

  2. Ahahaha! Oh, well said
    That put a smile on my face

    Ok, ok. Before we start dueling with carefully crafted quilts of woven words, I will walk away. Must resist the urge to hijack this thread. I’d certainly wear my a$$ as a hat, but it’d be fun

    Tarquinus knows this but, if someone is curious, my previous post was not a call for peace. I, and Pazur, want circuses. It is simply an observation, a handful of questions and a statement or two. Completely innocent, I assure you ^_^

  3. I am surprised

    Not a single call for a peaceful solution? No one wants a trial? Why? Because there were arbitrary, predefined rules laid down?

    As we stand outside, and within, the gates of Troy who wonders why we are gathered here?

    Isn’t this a conflict between Menelaus, Paris and Helen? Or are they even the main characters, or forces, in this tale?

    As we sit beside our campfires tonight, let us cling to the reasons why we are here. Loyalty, duty, land, honor, friendship, chaos, greed, glory, justice, love, revenge, joy, ..., ...

    Let us cling to these reasons that turn the fall of one blade into many

    How one murder multiplies

    To Mya, Darigan and the rest of us I mention two things:
    Revenge is like a forest, it’s easy to lose your way
    A mirror turned upon a mirror reflects to no end

    Pazur will be there. Sure, for land and country and all the blah blahs. But the real reason, what he really wants to see… is how one elegantly planted seed can sow a field of flowers

    To Mr. Celine, I tip my hat
    To those who do and do not see, I say
    Kill Bob or kill me!
    All hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!

  4. I am happy to help any and all who need a proxy

    Your work will be performed exactly to your specifications. If I am to proxy more than one piece, each will be delivered without bias. I will not be presenting a self-authored poem

    Please send a forum PM if you choose to give me the honor of presenting your poem, or if you'd like more information. We will work out how you'd like your piece performed, and can do a rehearsal together to make sure everything is ready for the event

    Edit: diction cleanup on aisle 7!

  5. 1 - Keep it. I enjoy your games, so more is good

    2 - Agreed that it was frustrating with the basic equipment. Even with the 60p lure and fly rod I wasn't catching many fish. Seemed to become easier with the 1c lure, as I actually caught fish for mostly successful puzzles. Looking forward to playing with different combinations

    3 - Same as Yoshi and Burns. Implement something allowing the player to chose how quickly (or not at all) it refills

    4 - Nothing, if the tackle box is a way to organize your inventory. No need to add more fish or lures

    5 - I enjoyed it, or I wouldn't have played it so much. Definitely a grind. My fault for wanting to finish where I did. The refilling water was sinisterly delicious. Really original. And fu&$ing frustrating when I decide it's a great idea to play drunk at 2 in the morning. Nice to be able to pop into MD for 15 mins at a time and fish for a bit to reset my mind. I imagine most felt like Yoshi and gave up long before the 1c lure. A gentler beginning might have gotten many more *caugh* hooked. Yuck. Choked on my awful pun

  6. Thank you Grido. That was my first rare critter ^^

    I don't have any special critters (that I didn't just get 5 mins ago) or items, so I'll give the first person that stops by me 1 code for the GoE. If you already have the one I give you, then I'll give you a different one.

    I won't be in the maze or a story activated location. Just an ordinary place.

    If I don't immediately respond just poke me

    Update: I was at Fortune's Well. Amoran K Kol was the first to walk by and received a code

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