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  1. Wolper

    WTS ...

    4 sc for the BP
  2. Selling some stuff: stored heat: none tokens:none Bird / Air scout - age 448 [color=#999999]ID: 697840[/color] Remains - age 431 [color=#999999]ID:700970 [/color] [color=#999999]ID:700983 [/color] [color=#999999]ID:700984 [/color] [color=#999999]ID:700985[/color] -------------------- Want to buy some "imperal aramors", "pimps" and "Blood Pact Archers"
  3. 1 gold coin for all 7 creatures
  4. just 2 silver for 4 of them
  5. 2 sc for 4 pimps
  6. The auction will end tomorrow - Tuesday. There still some remains left over
  7. If there is no minimum price, i bid 1sc for the joker 1sc for a sharptear
  8. I have found some old crits in my bestiary, and want to sell: 6 Remains with age 394 - [max Bid so far - "Tarquinus" 4SC for two Remains]] 2 unholy Priest with age 394 - [max Bid so far - "Kamisha" 10 sc for two Priest]] 2 Bird eggs with age 412 - [max Bid so far - "Tal" 4SC for two birds]] all without tokens sell for sc or trade. [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/index.php?&app=forums&module=extras&section=legends#"] [/url] time: 1 week waiting for offers, forum or pm
  9. highest bid: 4 silver for the 3 pimps (Dark Paladin) and the last angien goes to Chewett.
  10. Seven are gone, and five are still needing a new home. If someone need one, please pm me. I have also three pimped grasans. If anyone has an silver for me, he can have them. If not, they will be also for free after the 22 December.
  11. It seems that nobody want to pay for my angiens. So they are for free. If anyone want an angien, please let me know.
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