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  1. I am not able to place any creatures into a slot I have clicked the creature and then the slot and I have tried dragging and dropping which also hasn't worked I use IE 6 Can we get the option to use the old combat interface? Edit: Never mind, I downloaded Firefox and I can use the new interface now.
  2. If an mp3 or 4 spends 51 creds to get that rusty in the shop they should be allowed to use it
  3. Atlas

    Start playing MD again

  4. Yes, you sold Keiths SW and gave Grido those coins along with your coins. Are you proud of that?
  5. I would like to help
  6. Hi Atlas. Falen Angel says hello. She doesn't have a profile on here.

  7. I voted No The HC is a fighting contest and I feel if heads can be givin then it would turn into a who is the most popular contest. I hate this idea.
  8. edit: withdrawn, request by user.
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