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  1. SW normal cost 4 gc if someone give it for lees is his/her will
  2. sw 2 gc 5 silvers rusty 3 gc 5 silvers
  3. well the creats to sell are creature Age Minimun Bid [s]Santa fresh [/s] Sold [s]Unholy priest 168 age 2 silver coins [/s]sold [s]Blood pact 439 age 8 silver coins [/s]Sold Tormented soul 196 age 1 silver coins SW fresh 3 Gold coins Blood Pact fresh 5 silver coins all with no tokens
  4. well mods can close now this topic the festival end well and some recibe big and small prices
  5. Alone and overwhelmed his life was taken. On my way to locate an Molquert, my armor was stolen, exhausted my strength, my patience tested in the end I could not even move and I fainted ... When I woke someone dropped then disappeared, i was stuck for a few days, with no sign of anyone, lost when depronto sound caught my attention and I get a message .... The heads are rolling and everything is upside down many eyes, whisper in the night owls abound other visitors consume all ¿what things are and how they are? ... the answer was easy and when was correct appeared with a gloomy
  6. For the BHC i suggest no influence from the stats of the players and in different time of the year use spells and things on the whole contest like nomulti (just 1 ceature of each kind) Freeze (random freeze 1-6 ) Total Freeze (you need to figure out how unfreeze your creatures) Baby ( Just creatures level 1) Burning (No freezze at all) Rainbow (just coloredcreatures) Plain (Plain creatures) combinations like nomulti + baby or babyrainbow., etc Field Magic where you battles have other army, mirror., etc
  7. [quote name='Menhir' timestamp='1348993401' post='122592'] 5 Credits 1 GC? How do you do this? Try to get a GC in the shop by spending 5 credits and if one succeeds please let me know how - thank you. I remember a rate which was 15 credits for 1 GC. Menhir [/quote] Ahem when you void one MD shop section you can get 1 GC with just 1 credit if you have reset shop
  8. I wan tto buy or trade a swor shade i have manny tokened creatures and some rare too i can add coins some resources if you want Pm ME in game or forum with your offer
  9. [quote name='ChildOfTheSoul' timestamp='1327455087' post='102194'] [b][color=#003366][url="http://storenow.net/my/?f=3752"]http://storenow.net/my/?f=3752[/url][/color][/b] *cries tears of blood* [/quote] OMG Baiano what the /#E"$R you did..............
  10. Great B but sometimes is hard to vote o too much = voting still.......
  11. 112) Eon: Eternal Online Nefandous is a dedicated group of people employed by he, she, it, to keep getting wins stats and active days creepy
  12. End of the party nnnnnnnaaaa in MD is party all the time HF to all *Massive Hug*

    1. Curiose


      You have such a nice chest! Omg. -Drool.-

  13. Yay Orochimaru Manda now kabuto Manda 2 Bigger and stronger and soon with Rinnegan plus sharingan

  14. Manda


  15. Manda


    I want to prove that mmmm cooking (me antoje)
  16. mm i dont have pm and my storage its at 50 % wonder why

  17. Manda

    Ghosty Curry

    ?????? realy cute
  18. Manda

    Ghosty Curry

    OMG u r cute mmmm like the (dont remember space) pics
  19. woa i never had - VE maybe - VP but mmm stararnge
  20. T_T who can beat that ougggghhhh poor ice
  21. hey that´s one of bob´s friends??? and is burning woa
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