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  1. SW normal cost 4 gc if someone give it for lees is his/her will
  2. sw 2 gc 5 silvers rusty 3 gc 5 silvers
  3. well the creats to sell are creature Age Minimun Bid [s]Santa fresh [/s] Sold [s]Unholy priest 168 age 2 silver coins [/s]sold [s]Blood pact 439 age 8 silver coins [/s]Sold Tormented soul 196 age 1 silver coins SW fresh 3 Gold coins Blood Pact fresh 5 silver coins all with no tokens
  4. well mods can close now this topic the festival end well and some recibe big and small prices
  5. Alone and overwhelmed his life was taken. On my way to locate an Molquert, my armor was stolen, exhausted my strength, my patience tested in the end I could not even move and I fainted ... When I woke someone dropped then disappeared, i was stuck for a few days, with no sign of anyone, lost when depronto sound caught my attention and I get a message .... The heads are rolling and everything is upside down many eyes, whisper in the night owls abound other visitors consume all ¿what things are and how they are? ... the answer was easy and when was correct appeared with a gloomy
  6. For the BHC i suggest no influence from the stats of the players and in different time of the year use spells and things on the whole contest like nomulti (just 1 ceature of each kind) Freeze (random freeze 1-6 ) Total Freeze (you need to figure out how unfreeze your creatures) Baby ( Just creatures level 1) Burning (No freezze at all) Rainbow (just coloredcreatures) Plain (Plain creatures) combinations like nomulti + baby or babyrainbow., etc Field Magic where you battles have other army, mirror., etc
  7. [quote name='Menhir' timestamp='1348993401' post='122592'] 5 Credits 1 GC? How do you do this? Try to get a GC in the shop by spending 5 credits and if one succeeds please let me know how - thank you. I remember a rate which was 15 credits for 1 GC. Menhir [/quote] Ahem when you void one MD shop section you can get 1 GC with just 1 credit if you have reset shop
  8. I wan tto buy or trade a swor shade i have manny tokened creatures and some rare too i can add coins some resources if you want Pm ME in game or forum with your offer
  9. [size=5][font=Arial, sans-serif]Well rest it’s ok, it’s a fair way to others to try the BHC and those that get 3 BHC won, will be the champions between they can discuss who is the best [/font] [font=Arial, sans-serif]Fair way to Mp3 now with the upgrading rules (I’m agree with those) will be a problem at least one contest with just lv 1-2 creatures [/font] [font=Arial, sans-serif]But BHC about stats it will be a good idea to implement no stats for BHC also different ways to stop abilities like, Burning (heat) BHC edition no freeze its (summer: D), BHC Lonely edition just 1 creature of ea
  10. [quote name='Liberty4life' timestamp='1338835716' post='113379'] i would personally like to see "everybody can beat anybody" again, cuz atm combat is all about stats so combat system redesign is wut i say [/quote] really sorry but there are lots of creats and a easy way to get it SW frezz new free spells are really great i have 80k in attack and lose against shooting sands with his coolll team manny times also other players
  11. Well im really agree with the ego of he she it Ahem let's see the BHC really can be much more nicer, with the opinion of the players I heard about great minds on MD like *Burns* with the fight club and i guess he was help with that, if you can do this take away the whole stats of every single participant in BHC what things you can do, null armor, keep all in just one land and much more I’m sure So by this ways the BHC can be clearly more fun Eon need to work more on his/her/its ideas, I know, we have RL and need to attend it, if you are busy, but some players can help you. I’m no
  12. [b][color=#FF0000]Reindrach[/color][/b][color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif] ****** Age 502 Heat 1452799 Tokens (22)[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif][antifreeze][kellethafire][emeraldglare][enlightning][jewelshards][purpurfog][osirisbelt][firedrop][darkshield][darksky][onyxfangs][claw3][sunshine][goldbelt][claw1][claw2][blooddrop1][blooddrop2][blooddrop3][stardust][purpurmoon][blacktear][/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]13gc[/font][/color]
  13. Manda


    Hey im back and i want to sell [s]4 pimped gassys min bid each 1 sc [/s]Sold SW 3gc 10 sc all have 0 age 0 heat [color=#333333]Add[/color] fresh Rustgold drachom min bid 4 gc 5 silvers Tormented Soul fresh 1 sc
  14. well dont know how Eon back in just 1 min to the Temple and the other min was on MDP and again, have two leaders or was draged?¿
  15. [quote name='phantasm' timestamp='1337601133' post='112500'] I think if Eon didn't enter himself in the next few BHC you might see more of a rising trend in the BHC. Just my opinion [/quote] Does Not participate and more players enter the bad or sad part, was when Eon come and with all his power, just kick all the participants, i had active my high defence when he come and destroy it and i left with just a piece of VE and - arround 300k VP so otehr players just took my heads with not much effort and not much that i can do because Eon no hit just one time its constantly The BHC Sta
  16. [quote name='Eon' timestamp='1337003380' post='111808'] It's time for another BHC again. In this BHC fighters will battle all throughout the realm, excluding locations like path keeper, Fields of Fear, Inside the GG mountain, and any other area that isn't normally accessible. I'll allow WP locations. [/quote] Mrs, Mr, or its Eon you warned me to get out from the place that i was resting i was idle so no fast answer, you WARNED ME AND WAIT AT LEAST 3 Hours, so in no place says you will automatically exclude from the contest
  17. Manda

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    Sold Please close
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