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  1. The forums are not that what they used to be...

    1. Chewett


      Yeah, get off my forums newbies :P

  2. She just goes to show you never know What's in your heart, what's in your soul

    1. Atrumist


      Because she's cool

  3. She just goes to show you never know What's in your heart, what's in your soul

  4. too dozed to read the forum

  5. I thing that this illusion is missing the point of the originial idea. Making an illusion has nothing with starting again from scratch, it is some kind of 'safe' forgetting about our exterior. Making an alt is also wortheless, only the change of the original character can do any change on its development. I don't support this useless illusion, but if a group decides to dive into an MD ascetism I maybe will consider such an action. For inner good.
  6. Atrumist


    Look there are pyramids at the end of horizon.
  7. So 10 days since I'm back, I see no king left here :)

  8. Happy to be back around here!

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    2. Atrumist


      Thank you, actually is not my RL Christmas now, its MD Christmas now, and its better :)

    3. Maebius
    4. Atrumist
  9. I was maniacally drunk!

  10. I have sent you a PM in game, please read it so that you can send in your story. : D

  11. hey lol we both are gunners :D *shoots*

  12. Slow down, take a look at your life, in the end you know, you are the prime...

  13. You want some stories or poems? Read them if you can...http://ataraxija.blog.mk :)))

    1. Curiose


      I haven't read any yet, but you should probably think about reciting one at story night. Just remember to send them to Kyphis, or The Great Wander, or even myself if those two are not available.

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