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  1. Bumpity Bump! Because this was a really interesting thread and I would like to see the conclusion to this "name guessing game".
  2. Hungry

    1. Mallos


      what do you like to eat?

    2. JadenDew


      Sushi, Steak, Ramen, Udon, Mutton, Cheeseburgers, Coffee, Venison, Sheperd's Pie, Masala Dosai, Pineapple Fried Rice...... (the list goes on).

  3. The Spiral of Origin (If I am not mistaken, the aramors sailed in from the west, perhaps from this island?) Wind Island (The spiral reminds me of other spirals or spiral references in MD, namely the one in the old tutorial and the windmill in NML) The Empty Island (A reference to the empty aramors and the lack of people and vegetation (at least it seems so from the picture) on the island.)
  4. Hrm.. this new forum needs time getting used to, I'm still playing around with its features I made a default activity feed to show only unread topics, yet it isn't the first thing the page goes to when I click activity, Slightly annoying to take multiple clicks to get to my feed.. On the other hand, all activity shows everything from likes to follows.. so hrm..
  5. Well, I'm not good at giving an impartial suggestion at the moment considering I'm part of the "wounded party" but here is the most I can manage: I would prefer it if the decision would be something that would spur action in the realm. Be it (and not necessarily anyone of these) rebuilding the ally / reopening the land / restoring 'land-balance' because one is missing / (Trying to think of something that's not pro-Necro and totally failing at it >_< Urh, help?) / etc. I think it would make a more interesting history to have a "what happens next" instead of ending it at implementing a large handicap / end-result (e.g. completely close/open the land) and just end it right there. Something that continues the story, sort of like the events in AL. As to the "why" I would prefer it so. I would like to see the most made out of the situation, and what I think that could be is spurring more activity in the realm. The realm is really quiet of the late. On the other hand, I'm not certain if this is possible without implementations that would be "expensive" on the coding side or the organization side or both. And you could argue that it might be too much to have a "higher-power" trigger a reaction/activity from players rather than let players take initiative themselves to pick up from the after-effect of having all alliances of a land down. After writing this, I wonder if I'm even making sense... also being impartial is hard, dangit. Not even sure if this is..
  6. I do like the idea of a Wizardry Level. More magic in MagicDuel? Yes, please! Regarding advancing to MP7 automatically yet involving community, I have a suggestion if you don't already have your own ideas. We could have it similar to citizenship votes with some changes: 1) Player applying for MP7 put up a land-wide vote 2) Vote lasts till the next spell reset (I chose spell reset for this idea because it seems more relevant) 3) At spell reset, if vote goes through (calculations similar to citizenship votes maybe? so people with higher land loyalty have more "deciding power"), player becomes MP7 until the next spell reset. This makes MP7 temporary/transient for 2 weeks unless they succeed in the next vote. However, if you do not want MP7 to be maintainable if the whole land keeps backing the same person, you could put a restriction to prevent MP7s from being able to run for MP7 again for the next spell reset. In any case, I look forward to see how MP7 turns out :D
  7. Will join this "field trip" if I'm available on that day!
  8. Still want the job. Spell or no spell.
  9. Applying for concierge! JadenDew ID:186134 I promise to: 1) Keep the room clean 2) Keep my sensors out of your business 3) Have some light snacks prepared for your sekret sekret meetings 4) Give TK their money
  10. Have a good trip and break from MD :D
  11. Erm.. does the participation heat requirement apply? Meaning if the above players have heat amounts below their MindPower Heat limit, do they still get points? (editted for really bad typos)
  12. Jubby Jub-Jub! Is the quest closed (it's 26/12 ST now) or extending?
  13. Alt! I has found it! :)) Reporting that samon has been incorrectly identified as my alt ...
  14. So 1st, 2nd and 3rd placing is dependent on a "lucky draw" at the end of the quest?
  15. None of my real alts are on it.. Do I check these people one by one? ._. because I'm having no luck so far..
  16. If by ISP you mean internet service provider, I'm using singtel for both mobile and home internet. Singapore has like around 3 service providers more or less.. won't be surprising that I've the same provider as another Singaporean player... Would using public/school wifi get you alt-marked? Because I use those frequently :(
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