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  1. yes, i am still here :) where are you?!? i miss u... especially in game

  2. i can only agree in Tipus opinion. You were a good king and i dont understand why you think you have failed. i really regret that you resign. You were a King who incorporates military force and philosophy for the best. You really typify Marind Bell. I do hope to see you as a character in game. All the best wishes Nylah
  3. hi Asterdai, I lost "Ailiths other avi", the second one in the list, while buying another one, stupid accident... If you remember i had it for a long time, I would be very glad if i can sell it back. please contact me. Nylah
  4. Nylah Raynen, mp5, MB citizen, 216 active days Signing up for: Day 1,2,3 and 4
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