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  1. It does not work at all here..

  2. Product: 1 Thin Wood Sheets Where Thin Wood Sheets are created: Raven Hold Resources needed: 80 Tree bark Cooldown: 36sec How to obtain Tree Bark: Bark Cutting Knife Obtained from Capitol of Loreroot for free. Cool down rate of Bark Cutting Knife : 720sec Location where can be harvested : Loreroot: Raven Hold 40 Mistletoe Bridge 30 Madman’s Trial 8 Oak Fort 30 War Hold 10 Stag Crossing 20 No Man’s Land: Alche’s Alley 10 Sanctuary's View 10 Demand is average. Collectors are asked gather down to 2/3 of the maximum of resources .
  3. What if I want loyalty from any land and this day I collect resources or do any quest in another ? I do not understand why the current is not a good solution . When I dont do anything then I sit in land where I want loyalty. When I do anything then at reset time I do for loyalty. This is very fulfilling for me. .
  4. I am working on fillable item - Thin Wood Sheets
  5. zooliii


    Ehhh... anyone tried revive me..but my murdered character is zooliii (with 3x i) in game . Am I a difficult occurence...
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    I am here a month after my return . Today I clicked on Necrovion gate (It was strange, and I curious) and it was open... I committed very very huge crime and Lashtal killed me. I read in wiki that this "condition" last some weeks or months. I'll wait for months to get something ?
  7. I see this on top of page now : Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/magicdue/public_html/ui/marketitems/iteminterface/forkedcombiner.php on line 63
  8. Your adventure begins now, you are free to roam the lands.    To advance to next MindPower game stage you need more experience. Required Heat Tolerance:: 380000 Current Heat Tolerance:: 11417 About next MP Level In mindpower 4 your fighting is different than in MP3. At this level you ....... ......
  9. Hmmm. With new character after 2 steps in storyline ,storyline ended ....without rewards and choice of principies.....
  10. Hello everybody!   Do not  know someone why I dont have access for fight with loreroot guards? I am MP4. In MP 3 I am fighting with  ,but not defeated them . Berserkers puzzle I have completed...(If it's related to this)   Thanks Zoli  
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