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  1. [quote name='Burns' date='18 February 2010 - 09:59 AM' timestamp='1266479945' post='54664']
    how would that be permanent?

    It's a magical thingie that recharges 8 of your creatures, which you can't choose, immidiately, then it's gone until you reset the whole shop

    what means "until you reset the whole shop" ?
    So if i buy this item i can recharge my creature only 1 time after that I need to buy again this item, it is right ?


  2. 1.Hello,
    Can somebody tell me if this item from the shop is permanant or just 1 time ritual.
    [size="2"][i][powerup] Regeneration Ritual Available:8
    A powerfull regeneration ritual. When you activate this ritual, 8 of your creatures will recover full health. Creatures are selected automaticaly. Effect is imediate. Beeing in a sanctuary while activating this ritual is recomanded.
    Requirements Days:7 , Honor:100 , XP:20000 [/i][/size]

    If it is permanent what is the time to recharge?
    If I don'k know any magic / spell it will still work ?

  3. [quote name='Udgard' date='05 February 2010 - 02:47 PM' timestamp='1265374032' post='53860']
    Go to the magicduel archive lands and look for [b]g[/b]olden [b]g[/b]lobe [b]g[/b]azeebo behind the main building =)

    how to go to archive land ? from the fontain or what is the name of the place (before the golden gate to the left) by clicking on the columns, once I enter to librey / archives land / but I can not enter any more...
    There are visiting hours ?


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