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  1. [quote name='Burns' date='18 February 2010 - 09:59 AM' timestamp='1266479945' post='54664'] how would that be permanent? It's a magical thingie that recharges 8 of your creatures, which you can't choose, immidiately, then it's gone until you reset the whole shop [/quote] what means "until you reset the whole shop" ? So if i buy this item i can recharge my creature only 1 time after that I need to buy again this item, it is right ? THX, Sorin
  2. 1.Hello, Can somebody tell me if this item from the shop is permanant or just 1 time ritual. [size="2"][i][powerup] Regeneration Ritual Available:8 A powerfull regeneration ritual. When you activate this ritual, 8 of your creatures will recover full health. Creatures are selected automaticaly. Effect is imediate. Beeing in a sanctuary while activating this ritual is recomanded. Requirements Days:7 , Honor:100 , XP:20000 [/i][/size] If it is permanent what is the time to recharge? If I don'k know any magic / spell it will still work ?
  3. thank you. so the ideea is not to link every circle but to have circuits ... and to respect the numbers on circles ...many ths,
  4. one question about this quest: for spike quest: I've done the quest but nothing happens: => I've done something wrong, but I don't know what. can I send to somebody the print screen ... can somebody tell me what I.ve done wong .... [attachment=1468:Spike.jpg] thx
  5. [quote name='Udgard' date='05 February 2010 - 02:47 PM' timestamp='1265374032' post='53860'] Go to the magicduel archive lands and look for [b]g[/b]olden [b]g[/b]lobe [b]g[/b]azeebo behind the main building =) [/quote] Re-hello, how to go to archive land ? from the fontain or what is the name of the place (before the golden gate to the left) by clicking on the columns, once I enter to librey / archives land / but I can not enter any more... There are visiting hours ? THX, Sorin
  6. Hello, Please help me by telling me where is the GGG / how can I enter to the GGG... regards, Sorin
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