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  1. Get well soon BFH, and continue the work! Long live the Change!

  2. Gah, meant 'the Change!"

    1. Ackshan Bemunah

      Ackshan Bemunah

      You can delete these you know...

  3. Get well soon BFH, and continue the work! Long live the Chance!

  4. I have an Angien by the name of [b]Virgil[/b], and it currently is available for changing the owner. It has been a loyal to me, and only me, for what is now more than 250 days. It was involved in certain cases of misbehavior as well as some interesting duels for which i am certain it will provide some insight. At this moment, [b]it is sporting 10 Million experience and some intelligence. [/b] Maximum public bid reached is 5 silver coins by Phear Wolf, followed by Ravenstrider's 4 silver coins. Maximum anonymous bid is interesting, they all usually are. Time is not of much importance in th
  5. vampir


  6. If you are a pesimist i can help you or point you at someone who can do a better job. Probably. If you are an optimist, i can almost certainly work with you to make the world a better place. Mainly the real world. In which you can contact me on dr.rashman@gmail.com if the text sparks any of the stronger emotions. This is an article of some 4500+ words that i wrote for MRD's Final Quest, for which i was awarded a WishPoint. I got last (5th) place, just below player "dst", and i seriously doubt there were more than 5 participants. I could have made the point in 45 words but the guy asked it to
  7. If payments would stop tomorrow and there would be no more creature fights nor tokens in the shop they would all still reside in my heart If i let everything be free and give the power to the masses my nature would accept the change but my tainted soul would burn the freedom If i was to move on, athough not sure where, what i have left does not satisfy me what will come is an adventure however i'm uncertain i'm ready for If the rest of you would leave tomorrow, simply i would be no more, will ever come The One, and be welcomed in My little World?
  8. [quote name='dragonrider7' date='02 August 2010 - 04:30 PM' timestamp='1280763000' post='64965'] This is where I am coming about. I already have abt 25 avys sold to the shop, but I recently unlocked my level 0 avatar and I want to find some of my avatars so that I can use it. I dont really get the idea that "all avatars to be purchased once", its the player's choice right? (may be this could be the reason that pulls back playerd from purchasing avys) . Anyways custom avatar creation had helped me in improving my drawing skills, will try and put more. and [b]I DO HAVE A SCANNER AND ALSO
  9. [quote name='BonesTheHeretic' date='28 July 2010 - 03:13 AM' timestamp='1280283191' post='64692'] OK this is my first try at any sort of magicduel contest, so I was wondering how we get the item? I've never traded anything in game (only been playing for 5ish days) so I was just wondering how it all works. But any, the important thing here is my limerick, so here ya go! There once was a boy named aranna, who was eating a greenish banana. While to peel it was easy, he became rather queasy, the fruit ended up coating Nana. That was fun. I haven't written a limmerick in years. Well,
  10. vampir

    Xp Bug

    [quote name='Burns' date='24 July 2010 - 02:57 PM' timestamp='1279979858' post='64523'] You think i'd disclose secret stuff just because you have no clue? I can do 1m in one go, this process can be repeated as often as i wish. And i'm not the worst thing to happen to somebody. I could do that while you are offline, in a sanctuary, on day of tranquility, or in another location than me. As long as my victim has at least a single stupid creature, i can. And i bet other people can, too. Of course, without any traces you could ever find. That's how evil MD is when you are on the wrong side o
  11. Hello, i am vampir, and i am an alt-abuser. I'm clean now for 39 days. Comes to me as a surprise that i'm the first to vote _positive_ on this idea. That said, HC is not the fight contest (as some of my lucid colleagues could so naively suggest). In all it does usually involve forms of 'giving head' that only from mechanical aspect could be considered a 'battle'. So-called 'alts' were, are and always will be there. It is a choice like any other, choice that cheaters, lazy and less intelligent people will make to further waste their time, blind themselves, and provide others with additio
  12. [quote name='Yoshi' date='09 March 2010 - 11:58 PM' timestamp='1268175483' post='56120'] Uh... I'd like to point you in the direction of RP items in the inventory... go wild... [/quote] Just imagine, though.. Having the large constrictor slithering up from beneath the root of your tail and channeling those 'wind lightnings' when you cast them.. Pretty nice, eh? I am familiar with the feature, just there ain't no talking parrots, cats, dogs, reptiles, crackpipes.. Idea was about the creature, but i guess it was a bit of a stretch.
  13. You were very rude to me, but i love you still.

  14. Sweet Home Alabama..

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