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    exploring MD again,now that i advanced to mp4, its a whole new world......
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  1. Still open for offers, another 2 or 3 days, get your bids i..
  2. i'll run sale for one week minimum to make it fair on everyone to be able to make a bid.
  3. Sellout sale ..... all creatures untokened. The best price if i think its fair enough , when sale ends wins the ctc .otherwise ill give them away to whomever i want to. Bid now or lose out. 1 angien 1 320 days 2 angien 2 408 days 3 angien 3 206 days 4 dark archer 1 150 days 5 dark a5cher 2 150 days 6 dark archer 3 150 days 7 bp archer 107 days 8 unholy priest 155 days 9 air scout 1 159 days 10 air scout 2 162 days 11 air scout 3 162 days 12 air scout 4 163 days 13 grassan 1 154 days 14 grassan 2 154 days 15 grassan 3 154 days 16 elem 1 159 days 17 elem 2 162 days 18 elem 3 162 days 19 remains 150 days
  4. [quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1290987966' post='73629'] I saw that now, it seems what you want was not on the picked list, so everything should be happy. I will announce it here after we finish talk on email. LE: don't worry, i am evil just when i punish, when i reward i am more than understanding [/quote] I wasn't aware of when the winners were picked.Any chance of letting us in other timezones know ahead of time so we can get online when the draw is done. thanks.0800 hrs my time is midnight MD time.. and yes. i contributed $100 to shop to help support MD. its a good case..
  5. well. i have talked to Mur about it.just want some feedback on medallions idea.
  6. I am thinking of making a limited edition set of medallions, if enough people are interested in them, or would people rather buy a ring, or something else.please fill out poll.thanks.
  7. here is where your hiding..found you.. *high fives the legendary armpit of sweat*

  8. wanted. an aged elemental, pref tokened, but untokened will do, willing to pay several sc..

    1. Asterdai


      hey goldfinger, are you still looking for the creature, wanted to know if you were still here...

    2. Jubaris


      emerald messaged you with a gift, btw

    3. Blackwoodforest
  9. wanted, an aged elemental, pref tokened, but can be tokened or untokened. will pay up to several sc for the right one..
  10. in game name and forum name the same..goldfinger earthicus citizen of MB.
  11. [quote name='Kyphis the Bard' timestamp='1287479365' post='70634'] In credits, about 75 when it is in the shop at christmas. But it could be more, or less, at Mur's discretion. [/quote] thanks guys..
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