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    down under
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    exploring MD again,now that i advanced to mp4, its a whole new world......
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  1. here is where your hiding..found you.. *high fives the legendary armpit of sweat*

  2. wanted. an aged elemental, pref tokened, but untokened will do, willing to pay several sc..

    1. Asterdai


      hey goldfinger, are you still looking for the creature, wanted to know if you were still here...

    2. Jubaris


      emerald messaged you with a gift, btw

    3. Blackwoodforest
  3. today is a sad day. goldy left MD. Why you ask? Ask the meatgrinders.. will be selling or giving creatures away...

    1. nadrolski


      hope that's only temporary..

    2. ERO


      hope you'll change your mind..

  4. well, its officially midnight, md has been down for 12 hrs now at least..(feels like a week at least *grins*,and still no sign of life in md today, time for bed methinks..*winks*

  5. silly question, how do i find my IP address, have been trying to log in at different times for 4 hours now.. aest, australia 10.28 pm

  6. is it just me, or is the non connection issue rearing its ugly head again.. have been trying to log on for 30 minuutes now..sighs

  7. contact me when ready we'l trade then ok..

  8. When it is all said and , at the end of the day, it will be Mur who decides what is best for md, not myself or yourself..we can talk as much as we like, but it's Murs game after all. Regarding wish points, i entered several quests, and either didn't know what had happened in the past, or could not access a certain part of md because i had not found the way to get there,or the clickables stopped working, or when the astral plane was stopped for abuse use...... to me a wp is like the moon, something unattainable.now i dont worry about them. In regards to vets complaining about abu
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