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    Nava reacted to Sushi for a gallery image, New Wreath Binder   
    It looks like a big white vase sculpture, but it’s also a very important facility in the land of the east.
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    Nava reacted to Sushi for a gallery image, Wedding Tent   
    Commission for Ivorak, voila~
    Ivorak was cleaning out some nooks in the Archives the other day and happened upon this tent. He thinks it would be a perfect addition to your next celebration, be it a wedding or another event. Contact Ivorak or another member of the Archivists to make arrangements to rent the tent for a reasonable fee. Proceeds go to the Archivist treasury.
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    Nava reacted to Sushi for a gallery image, Seedwalk   
    Commission for Rophs, the saplings!
    Oak, Maple, Willow, Spruce.
    Follow the golden path~
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    Nava reacted to Sushi for a gallery image, Rashomon 2   
    ohoh~ another version of the Rashomon.
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    Nava reacted to Sushi for a gallery image, Rashomon   
    Commission for Ungod & Bash Chelik, maybe I can draw It more gross with my eyes closed! XD

    "You notice a strange, eye-like creature in the relative distance ahead of you. At first, you think it is an eye but coming closer you realise that it is the eye indeed... shaped from the forms of other, far smaller but whole eyes. And they all move in the same direction, you feel naked under its gaze. Somehow bare and alone... Liquid that oozed all around it made its aura so gross you actually feel in your stomach how wrong this creature was. It had all sorts of eye colors and blood red veins that seemed to bind them and squeeze them to the point where you thought it will burst in shower of gore. Pulsating... floating... this heart-like eye was morbidly gross, so much so that strange sensation of plucking your own eyes and speaking with it blind was natural solution."
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    Nava reacted to Sushi for a gallery image, The Child   
    Commission for Ungod & Bash Chelik, I really like the concept of the freckled balloons.

    "Legend has it that one lone child resisted the insidious call of the crooked old man. She looks like a ordinary girl. With cute little pigtails that falls over her shoulders and shiny orange dress. She had freckles over her face and tiny lips that looked like there is always a smile upon them. In her left hand, she held three balloons. Those balloons also had freckles and smiles painted on them. Sinister feeling overpowers you when you gaze upon them for too long as if they were holding a part of your dreams... dreams that crooked old man did not took yet! You must have them! You must protect her! But as you reach for her she giggles and runs away only to wait for you further up the road. She wants you to follow her... Will you... Can you... How far will you go for that part that holds such intimate piece of you? After all, legend has it that if you go too far you might end up as a face on a nice, freckled balloon..."
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    Nava reacted to Sushi for a gallery image, Shard Collector   
    Commission for Ungod & Bash Chelik, a little sneak peek of their new quest & story characters.

    "Nightmarish amalgam of broken dreams and fears took form of a crooked, old man. As broken as wishes, wants and passions that made him but with the will that drove those same things intact, this abomination wanders the Dream in search of redeemer or any trace of happiness. His disfigured form is shrouded in palpable darkness but some features are still visible. You feel when you look upon him as a child that stares into the dark and this figure is the lord of that darkness. He is hunched over his bone-like cane. He moves slowly, methodically, with singular purpose in his mind. His left leg is broken in ankle. He drags it over the dirt, mountains and shores with same conviction. Tap-tap-wsshh. Tap-tap-wsshh. His steps bring you fear, it is your leg that hurts now, it your leg that is broken! You crawl back into your hideout, have you been seen? No... Luckily. Afraid but curious, you dare yourself to look again and this time only peek with you head. Yes, he is still there. Rags over his back were made of sparky little faces that belonged to once happy children. They move, those faces, as if they want to smile... or scream. You can see the gleam of a shard-like object under them. But it is the face of a Shard collector that brings the horror, it the face that brings the curse! Far from being demonic or even ugly, that is the face of caring grandfather who looks after you when you fall asleep. Yes... There is nothing to fear here. You were silly to believe such fairy tales about crooked old man who steals your spirit. Relieved, you push yourself up to see him better... but he is not there anymore. Fear instantly floods your heart as you realized your mistake. Silence fall over the world except for strange sounds that were coming from inside the cave you were hiding. Tap-tap-wsshh...tap-tap-wsshh..."
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    Nava reacted to Sushi for a gallery image, Phoenix Reborn   
    Commission for Fang Archbane.
    A phoenix rising from its own ashes, surrounded by rising flames and earthly ashes with a full blood moon, Golemian mountains and Mt. Kelle'Thas floating pyramids in the back.
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    Nava reacted to Sushi for a gallery image, Nava Rising   
    Commission for Nava.
    "Far beneath the mainlands exists a boundless realm made of infinite spiders. This place's name is Nava. Through her avatar, Nava acts as the Queen of Spiders. However, she is just as much the Queen as she is the Spiders.

    There is this primordial chaos that exists within every person, and if one is able to tap into it, they can unlock limitless potentiality.

    You need only stare into darkness and imagine. Be it in MD, or the outer world. And it doesn't need to be a literal darkness, but it can be."
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    Nava reacted to Sushi for a gallery image, Cryptex   
    After I solved the cryptogram fr “Chasing Darkness” quest, I was thinking sth like a cryptex in Dan Brown’s novel...so maybe it can be a quest item too? : P
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    Nava reacted to Sushi for a gallery image, Worktable   
    My messy worktable. : )

    (That's enough, stop over posting things! You don’t need to fill up 100 slots in one day, it's just annoying...)
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    Nava reacted to Sushi for a gallery image, Dark Queen   
    A new avatar/creature drawing based on my impression & imagination of Necrovion.
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    Nava reacted to Mallos for a gallery image, october   
    a cat
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