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  1. Ohh Matlab ohh Matlab you are lovely but at the same time a very ugly nightmare!! [2 mins to process 4 billion numbers! :D]

    1. dst


      >_< No! Don't do it! python will brainwash you! Chew will be your master!

    2. BFH
    3. Maebius


      Oh no, it's too late! the wookie got him.

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  2. A year later this person appeared and claimed her reward via email. I never quote any emails I receive to my official md adress, but this time I did as an exception. I verified the email address and she is indeed the missing winner. I will proceed with the reward of a Wish Point to zyrxae. The fact that I'm announcing this here is because I want things to be very clear to avoid confusions. I value the time spent on any of the quests, events or festivals I organize, and if I promise a reward I will give it. If anyone needs any further evidence feel free to contact me. B
  3. Wow I can only tell you that MD will miss you. You played an excelllent role and for me that deserves the credit of the world.   I wish you the best of lucks and remember to visit us from time to time :)   Take care!
  4. This is a global issue with new resources icons. See image
  5. While I hate council ways many times and I burn them in fire a lot.... I believe this time we should let them explain their own announcement as it seems it caused confusion?   As per all guilds in general, if it were for me,  all would have been disbanded and set back with a more formal or established purpose. I think the min number of members requirement on a guild is stupid. Why they dont simply require the guild to fit a role and judge it based on that... Pitty system
  6. I agree! Always has been my dream to have a more dynamic and useful option that doesn't restrict people or require them to abandon a conversation to perfom other actions and that put all essential things at glance without the necessity of scrolling that much down. Moreover also an option that provides real dynamic live help, keeping newbs, etc. I attach an image of what would be the layout of my dreams... Finally there would be lots of vertical space to do whatever coders want! So....Yes... I keep dreaming
  7.   First link should lead to a gateway page where vote can be submitted.   As per second I'm working to get it removed.   Thanks for reporting
  8. I confirm it is fixed. Thanks.
  9. Small bug on layout see prt screen Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/magicdue/public_html/dlg/dlg.mdadoclist.php on line 72
  10. BFH

    New ideas

    NEW IDEA!   Closing, summarizing this topic and adding summary or list of mentioned ideas to new one. this came so and so big that is hard to follow...
  11. Nahh better remove the peace day and make the no tokens day or no stats day.. can be fun :P
  12. Love this feature. Thanks Chew :)
  13. BFH

    BMMO Gifts

    I try to restock things randomly or on important MD days (like anniversary, xmas, etc)   Currently I have no codes available to restock anything on the Gift Shop, neither I have requested council the codes. As Burns pointed out keeping a balance is totally essential. We are trying to provide items that wont damage the balance but will help players like the silver, bronze gifts.   I'm open to any kind of suggestions of items that could be added to the Gift Shop, but have in mind they must keep a balance.
  14. MD is doommed cause of GREEDO it is GREEDOS fault!!!

    1. dst


      He stole the server and run away!

    2. Rophs


      This would have all been prevented if Han shot first!

  15.   Seigh haven't even requested his travel fear pass back..   Neither shown any intentions of running anything 
  16. Official... Laptop Died. Motherboard dead. Hard Drive fried. I lost all =(( Now I do want to cry...

  17.   I see no issues with the page. Neither with the available vote link on MD.   http://www.top100arena.com/in.asp?id=33890
  18. Laptop telling BYE BYE =(( [like a person in crash mode aka slowly dying]

    1. Shemhazaj


      Perhaps your laptop will meet mine in Laptop heaven? Tho no... my laptop is evil... he'll go straight down

  19. If a person can be enought civilized to accept that people are different and that everyone isn't a 100$ bill to be liked by everyone then he should obviously never post, speak or even communicate...   Hence I would love to see who voted against me and in favor of me (would be cool to have old system back with that "mod" feauture added to everybody...   While I personally think like that... Not everybody is that open hence poor Chew is like between many walls. Go Wookie go, keep up experimenting :P
  20. BFH


    [quote name='Jester' timestamp='1367632096' post='135668'] The following is an important Public Announcement! [u][b]Worshipers will henceforth be known as "[i]Heat Sacks[/i]".[/b][/u] Thank you. You may now return to your regularly scheduled activities. (Disclaimer: this is obviously not an official topic and has nothing to do with Mur.) [/quote] I vote in favor of a change for the name/concept "Workshipper". It is simply not commercial. Whoever wants to discuss my argument contact me and you wont probably find a way to reject it. It doesn't mean mur, chew, council, vets, or
  21. congratz WOOKIE DUST!
  22. BFH


    This was the second stage of my challenge. It was already completed by those who participated. I decided to post it here so that you all have fun solving it. Instructions: Find the 6 players who stole the six items.[list=1] [*]Kake [*]Ballons [*]Gifts [*]Celebration Lollipops [*]Celebration Cone Hats [*]Cofetti [/list] [size=4][color=#FF0000][b]PLEASE DON'T POST ANSWERS. PM ME IF YOU WANT TO KNOW THAT THEY ARE CORRECT[/b][/color][/size] While everybody was preparing to celebrate MagicDuel's 8th Anniversary, something terrible occurred. Someone stole the Birthday celebra
  23. PoE I might sound crazy, silly whatever, but it is very hard for me to understand the reasons behind this sort of acts. So I would like if you can explain me that. Like is there a real reason behind this? Or all is part of revenge? or anything else? All I see looks like revenge, but why? B
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