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  1. Any news on the schedule? Cause if it remains Day 204 -- 0:00 Server Time I really cannot make it. Not during the week.


    The main part of the day. Aka the main unique quest will take part at 0:00. Probably will take some hours to be fully finished. The rest of the day will vary according to what participants do with the items they are provided.


    [I just received news for the secretary of my doctor that they moved my medical appointment to tomorrow so I will be MIA on part of the event, (not that bad, would love to see what you guys will do with what I will give to you =))

  2. When: Day 204 -- 0:00 Server Time

    Where: Secret - Gather at GoE

    Rewards: Unknown. Probably a Silver Coin... or not :P

    Host: Me and THEM


    Signup Here and Provide:



    Player id



    Note: By signing up to this event you agree that if you fail one of the tasks given, any sort of things, ranging from jail, extreme curses, missing creatures, dead, and many other types of things could happen to your account. Moreover, I wont fix any of the consequences you get for failing, so dont expect for them to dissappear at the end of the day.


    You could win, you could lose, you could risk all for great rewards or you could risk all for nothing. It is up to you to take the chance. Do you dare to participate?



  3. :) did anyone noticed that "http://browsermmorpg.com/vote.php?id=217" also fails on votes ?


    Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to magicduel.com:80 (Connection timed out) in /home/bmmocom/public_html/lib/core.php on line 498
    Warning: fputs() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home/bmmocom/public_html/lib/core.php on line 501
    Warning: fputs() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home/bmmocom/public_html/lib/core.php on line 502



    Too bad, no votes for MD today.




    Yes I noticed in the morning ... 



    I would certainly appreciate such issues get reported asap to those websites when they happen.




    Right now there's no need to report them as the links are working... But for a future time please do so :)

  4. Apparently MD does not want to start..hosting has not replied yet, i restarted the server but i see no difference on md (other sites on same server work, just md seems not to)


    It all looks quite scary to be honest, i have no ideea why just md is down.


    Chew,...tell me pls you have a backup........



    Platform was down and just revived.. BTW


    (Probably after your restarted :P)

  5. Clear +/- reputation has been put onto the forum.


    All members should be able to see who has given them reputation, if you havent your permissions are broken for that subset of groups, and please PM me to tell me you cant.


    I would like to thank you Chew in name of many people. Once again you and MD admins have shown that MD is a player based community and hence the actions of the community make things evolve.


    Yes people, I keep telling this, but I really want to point out that it is you as a community member who have the power to change all the things you dislike. Yes, speak up! Have better ideas than the ones council, chew or Murry or any admin implemented, post them in forum! Share them with all of us. You have the power of making MD evolve, You have the power to change all the things, so what you are waiting for? Shoot your ideas away! :)


    Once again thanks Chew and forum Mods for the great work with forum, even if I annoy you guys a lot some times I still love you all :)

  6. Nuts, I would have applied for this, but it was announced and chosen during the time I was asleep :(
    EDIT: I have compiled and sent the data for MDA anyway. Since you didn't leave long enough in volunteering for me to do so I obviously wasn't at your planning meeting to learn exactly what data you want, but eh. I included whether it was internal/external, natural light, ambient light, and artificial light.
    I have the data for the vast, vast majority of MD as well. As an archivist I have lots of data like that. Resource maps, clickie maps, black letter maps, weather maps, water maps, parchment maps, etc. We have compiled a very large library of data.

    Now im wishing to get my hands on those amounts of data!!
  7. Why on earth people would not tell their real opinion because of reputation...


    I see no real problem. People should have the guts to tell what they think. You guys think I like everything Mur, council, coders, do with the game? Or how stuff are managed? No. Sometimes I strongly dislike them... Fortunately I dont stay silent and if I dislike something i discuss it properly and directly to that person. I expect people to do the same on MD. This is why it is "PLAYER BASED" and why it evolves with "YOUR ACTIONS". Dont expect anything to evolve if you are afraid of telling what you think, because maybe what you suggest is what admins were looking for a long time, or what would lead to major changes.

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