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  1. I couldn't resist to point out the 'SOON' :D
  2. REWARDS:   First Place: AmberRune - JadenDew Wishpoint + Soulweaver   Second Place: Eon - Miq Blood Pact  + 1 Gold Coin   --Contact BFH for your rewards.     ~Sponsored by Mur. ~Once again thanks to all who made this quest possible. ~~If anybody have any questions or issues with the use of any tools duriing this event complain to me. ~~Jailed people, Cursed people, or those under contestcurse spell should contact me next Wednesday to get their accounts restored to normal.
  3. md official accounts got removed from there.   I believe guest account should be removed as well... I support this
  4. Mods I kindly request you to close this topic.   I will post updates on the results topics when rewards get to be known.   B
  5. As the topic says... I'm curious to see which principles people get identifiied with and why...   I get Identifyed with Entropy. For me it is simply the tendency to disorder.   I'm try to organize myself but always finish full of entropy. My life is entropy.   So which is your favorite principle and why?
  6.   Once again I appreciate honesty and I shall not take any actions aside from reviving No One, which I already did. Whatever No One thinks of do is up to himself. I shall not interfere with things outside my event.   B
  7. Thank you. I can confirm I was able to transfer an item successfully.
  8.   All the things I got on MD certainly haven't been for my own use.   Ban certainly was on a time were LHO's were extremely vulnerable and spammers invaded MD... I was given the spell to HELP the community. It was restricted as well, I never used it on an old player (except yesterday with DoF, which is also FOR the community), just on newbs who were spammers.   The other spells given by council or Mur. Have been given to use on open community events, which I organized without expecting anything in return. I earned the trust of both admins and community. And the tools I have
  9.   Not only you, but all players outside the event, who got killed with the ITEMS i provided, will get revived.   Tal was revived yesterday because he wasn't part of the event.   No One and GX are on the list currently and I will revive both as soon as kill items expire.     I love honesty and I wont punish you.     Well idea was to make them fear... And for the reviews I read they did feared. Yes it would be optimal if the punishments would be permanent. BUT reality is I'm not like that.. I a nice guy, what can I say. I believe in the efforts t
  10. The Main Quest finished successfully.   21 players signed up and all received:   1. Kill Item: 1 use - Expire 24 hours 2. Movelock Stone (6 casts) - Expire 24 hours 3. Oddrock 5 uses- Expire 24 hours   Revive Orders: At a precised stage of the event I asked those who completed it for a number from 1-10. Those who told the lucky numbers got a revive order from me. Note: The order was to be used on someone killed by my quest or the daggers that were made for my quest.   Quest Key: http://storenow.net/my/?f=402cdee4a63d1d0140dfbb62e61a0c66   Winners:  
  11.   You have enough action points correct?
  12. Please post the players that are part of your team. Thanks
  13. 181413243837 You do not own this item anymore   That error appeared when I tried to transfer an item to Max Mortlock   I believe it is related to the work with items, hence I reported it.    
  14. (use the letters to make the FOUR words that make up the KEY)
  15. Summary:   Players were asked to make teams of two. Each player received tools.   Instructions: "14 letters has been typed in chat. They form the key to this Quest. Make the key and enter it at the gazebo of equilibrium to begin. Dont delete the letter or i will personally kill you. Have Fun."   You may use the items provided in your favor. At least a member of the team should keep one Dagger (which is required on a certain step (but is optional) :) Have fun. May the War begins!   Items expire. YES they last 24 hours. So I would use them :P
  16.   UPPPS!! :D Sorry I meant today aka day 203   Thanks for the correction
  17. Signup will close one hour before the event!   Aka Day 203-- 23:00 ST
  18.   The main part of the day. Aka the main unique quest will take part at 0:00. Probably will take some hours to be fully finished. The rest of the day will vary according to what participants do with the items they are provided.   [I just received news for the secretary of my doctor that they moved my medical appointment to tomorrow so I will be MIA on part of the event, (not that bad, would love to see what you guys will do with what I will give to you =))
  19. When: Day 204 -- 0:00 Server Time Where: Secret - Gather at GoE Rewards: Unknown. Probably a Silver Coin... or not :P Host: Me and THEM   Signup Here and Provide:   Playername Player id AD   Note: By signing up to this event you agree that if you fail one of the tasks given, any sort of things, ranging from jail, extreme curses, missing creatures, dead, and many other types of things could happen to your account. Moreover, I wont fix any of the consequences you get for failing, so dont expect for them to dissappear at the end of the day.   You could win, you co
  20. I need their sponsorship as well and haven't been able to find LS...
  21. BFH's Day of Fear probably July 25. Molquert prepare it is going to be a bloody edition! =D sign up will open soon [probably 22] :P

  22. BFH

    MD is down

            I would certainly appreciate such issues get reported asap to those websites when they happen.   http://browsermmorpg.com/contact.php   Right now there's no need to report them as the links are working... But for a future time please do so :)
  23. Good Morning and Welcome to Dooms Day... Part II

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