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    We had a reviewer here once, it didn't turn out so well.




    This is a real review that proves many of the commercial points I keep telling chew, mur, and admins about. We look like crap because we try to keep our style. I'm honest, they were honest. The cover doesn;t make the book, but certainly affects who buy it.


    At first I fell deeply in love with the game's guts. The developer (developers?) chose to keep the game as a text-based, semi-graphical world. I have always been a fan of MUDs but literally cannot play many of those that only concentrate on text. If I had to play a text-based game all day, my eyes would melt in a migraine breakdown. When I saw that MagicDuel featured a decent font on a light background and nice, hand-drawn artwork, I thought it would be the greatest game ever.

    Essentially you start in the "Paper Cabin," a strange little shack that is supposed to act as a newbie tutorial. While it does provide you with a pretty basic walkthrough and takes you through a story that is, well, amateur but fun, the problems come in immediately after you are asked to go out into the real world.


    Lots of text, empty cabin, horrid tutorial. We have great features, that aren't commercial and by consequence people see us as crap. I'm honest and with my feet on earth. That's why we need good ideas.

    I suggested a while back to use a MD Youtube Channel with many different things in it. Introduction of the game - some gameplay and of course the awesome art MD has to offer. Plus we could connect through this channel all possible important positions of the MD network (game/forum/FB other sozial media). One nice video series could be how our art is drawn by our artists. Make a video how you draw a new scene/item/Avatar - this alone is so interesting and would draw attention.


    We also could have an official "Talk" about the game and its development & why people play since years? Were is MD so different? and so on. We could make interviews with new and old players and put all this in a constant flow on the channel maybe once in a month.


    Youtube channel exist. Any good editors of video here? Chew can we incentivize them if they do videos?


    Chew is the money guy!! =))

  2. I guess the learningcurve. Or we as MD community write articles on sites. But nobody is gping to raed that. Or make posts about MD on similar games like MD about MD. Like dwarf fortress, I think some players of that game could appeal to MD.

    Articles on sites, good ones, help seo and by consequence helps md get more traffic and hence we get players. Articles are not a bad Idea. Chew can we pay (with md stuff) people for making good descriptive articles about us and for posting them on good websites?

  3. My idea was some time when I was thinking of this. Is to write things on social networks like reddit for example. Also try to contact reviewers so they are going to review MD or write an article about MD. Those two things will help MD, in my opinion.

    Social Networks, yes I agree, but we need people to do that. Maybe we can pay them? Chew can we pay them with MD stuff (creats, coins etc?)? Anybody interested?


    We had a reviewer here once, it didn't turn out so well.

    reviewers are bad atm! Because MD aint commercial and they wont understand 99% of MD in a few hours :P We can still use player reviews for the homepage, we have OOOOLLD reveiews there. Chew can we do that?

  4. Do you have a great idea to make MD grow? Share it with us!


    Many of my ideas are revolutionary and disliked by admins and even Mur. I see MD from the commercial side of view while admins see it from the "treasure" unique styled side of view. While I  understand admins, certainly MD wont survive like that, neither those points pay server :P I'm searching for ideas that balances both areas, commercial part of MD while keeping MD style and awesomeness.


    I will reward stuff, probably coins from my inventory to those who post the best ideas. Everybody is open to suggest stuff and community is allowed to comment and discuss everything on this topic.


  5. All the consequences except dead has been cleared.


    The fact that I did it today and not before is due to lack of internet connection.


    (A tornado destroyed half of the town and basic services including internet are slowly being restored.)


    I dont know when my home connection will be fully restored. So I decided to restore MD DoF things ahead of time instead of being late.


    For dead people you still have to wait for Molquert to appear, if he haven't already.


    Rewards were distributed by Tks. Thnks Pipz.


    Hope you all enjoyed! :D



    First Place:

    AmberRune - JadenDew

    Wishpoint + Soulweaver


    Second Place:

    Eon - Miq
    Blood Pact  + 1 Gold Coin


    --Contact BFH for your rewards.


    ~Sponsored by Mur.

    ~Once again thanks to all who made this quest possible.

    ~~If anybody have any questions or issues with the use of any tools duriing this event complain to me.

    ~~Jailed people, Cursed people, or those under contestcurse spell should contact me next Wednesday to get their accounts restored to normal.

  7. i killed No one without me checking and (honestly) thinking whether or not he was on the DoF list of participants.


    i do not claim to be ignorant of that particular important detail, and any consequences i shall accept for this inappropriate behavior of mine.


    Once again I appreciate honesty and I shall not take any actions aside from reviving No One, which I already did. Whatever No One thinks of do is up to himself. I shall not interfere with things outside my event.



  8. BFH - Why being able to ban?


    All the things I got on MD certainly haven't been for my own use.


    Ban certainly was on a time were LHO's were extremely vulnerable and spammers invaded MD... I was given the spell to HELP the community. It was restricted as well, I never used it on an old player (except yesterday with DoF, which is also FOR the community), just on newbs who were spammers.


    The other spells given by council or Mur. Have been given to use on open community events, which I organized without expecting anything in return. I earned the trust of both admins and community. And the tools I have come as consequence of that.


    And I dont think anyone has something to tell against the use of my tools. I dont think someone can even tell I abused my tools or tell something against my integrity. And if someone dare to tell there's favoritism with me I would simply tell them to earn the trust by proving he/she can be trusted.


    AND on a sidenote, if any player wants to receive tools like I received them, they can. Get involved, be part of the community. Break with the impossibles. Ask around people will support your first moves as they did with me. Once you earned trust you wont even have to tell it two times.



    And I keep telling this kind of topics are stupid. This is a small community there will be always the idea that someone is 'preferred' or 'a favorite' against other.

  9. Hi,


    As not being part of this event, I'd like you to revive me (No one, id 29704).

    I am pretty sure it was an event item, but as the even was very interesting I will disregard my inconvenience.

    These few hours made it till the afternoon as it happen at about 16:30 I think.


    Not only you, but all players outside the event, who got killed with the ITEMS i provided, will get revived.


    Tal was revived yesterday because he wasn't part of the event.


    No One and GX are on the list currently and I will revive both as soon as kill items expire.


    I was unable to be as active as I hoped to be, but I still had fun running around. The low viscosity everywhere was great. :) I had a good time.


    Side note: I did not properly read your chat posts regarding the use of the items on participants only, I killed someone outside of the event. I take full responsiblity, it was my fault and I accept any punishment deemed necessary.


    I love honesty and I wont punish you.


    I would like to point out that with the consequences as they are, it's not exactly a true day of fear.


    Granted, I did not actually expect permanent losses to be incurred, but still, this was a tame day, not a fierce one.


    Nevertheless I regret being unable to muster any interest (and desire to participate even if I had interest)- congratulations to the winners.


    Well idea was to make them fear... And for the reviews I read they did feared. Yes it would be optimal if the punishments would be permanent. BUT reality is I'm not like that.. I a nice guy, what can I say. I believe in the efforts the people do to get their things and I couldn't live with the fact that I destroyed parts of the achievements of the people... Yet I can live very happy with the fact that for a day I made them believe they would lose everything.


    I took a very demoralized DoF. Even a player suggested me to change the name because the 'brand' was destroyed. Reality is that with the success of this event I open the door for any other organizer and people will know that the DoF can be a great challenge.


    In addition whoever comes after me to organize this know there are many possibilities to what can be done. They could decide to be evil and cause permanent damage. So I do think my goals were fulfilled and I feel happy with that.


    Something I would really like is to make a PHP based quest so that everyone at every hour can take part. Reality is that my time schedule is extremely limited and I do what I can when I can. So probably this year that wont happen.



    I forgot to clarify:


    Eon and Miq completed ALL the quest. They finished in second place.


    And since I was asked.


    Dan Planewalker and Eara also completed it all and came third.

  10. The Main Quest finished successfully.


    21 players signed up and all received:


    1. Kill Item: 1 use - Expire 24 hours

    2. Movelock Stone (6 casts) - Expire 24 hours

    3. Oddrock 5 uses- Expire 24 hours


    Revive Orders:

    At a precised stage of the event I asked those who completed it for a number from 1-10. Those who told the lucky numbers got a revive order from me.

    Note: The order was to be used on someone killed by my quest or the daggers that were made for my quest.


    Quest Key: http://storenow.net/my/?f=402cdee4a63d1d0140dfbb62e61a0c66




    First Place:

    AmberRune + JadenDew

    Both accounts were cleanup of any consequences they got due to DoF. They earned that when winning.


    Special Mention (Got very close to Amber and Jaden)

    Eon + Miq




    Unknown Yet. Awaiting for Mur reply


    Goal for this quest:


    To improve my event using previous problems and reviews on my favor. Basically I targeted to make the quest fair, fun, evil (so that I could abuse the 'never used spells' :D and less abuse-able.




    Curse: Some are still under the effect, according to the level it will be its duration.

    Jail: PM me in seven days to get yourself unbanned.

    Dead: Contact the Revival Specialist, aka Molquert. I heard he is the Revival Specialist.

    Creatures Disappear: Contact me in seven days to have them back.

    Tags: Message me in seven days and I shall restore any damaged tags and descriptions due to DoF.

    Alliances: If you were jailed and were kicked out of your alli ask a member of your alliance to re-invite you.



    All hail the Mighty Wookie Magic.


    Things like chat magic to avoid people cleaning up instructions were simply impossible without chew. For that and all the other help thanks Chew! :D



    PLEASE if you took part of this event RATE it using the Quest Voting tab located on the tool toolbar and please post here any recommendations.






    *BFH Lightning*: Congratulations to AmberRune - JadenDew Team for getting the 1st place on DoF event. A special mention goes to Eon and Miq Team who came in very close.
    *BFH Lightning*: DoF tools will expire in some hours. Those who still have them may use them as they like. Only on those who signed up for the event. Have Fun :D
  11. Summary:


    Players were asked to make teams of two.

    Each player received tools.


    Instructions: "14 letters has been typed in chat. They form the key to this Quest. Make the key and enter it at the gazebo of equilibrium to begin. Dont delete the letter or i will personally kill you. Have Fun."


    You may use the items provided in your favor. At least a member of the team should keep one Dagger (which is required on a certain step (but is optional) :) Have fun. May the War begins!


    Items expire. YES they last 24 hours. So I would use them :P

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