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  1.   What do you mean? Why that will happen? When it will happen?
  2.   Yup and even interaction will happen. Because lets say I want X item or spell available on shop and I need X resource or cualdron type generated item to "purchase" it. I will certainly will speak to someone and try to exchange my resources for his. Moreover, we will have people working together to generate those cualdron type items.   I dont see many negative things, but it is up to community if they like idea or not.
  3. I think Chew worked tonight. It is a matter of being patient and wait till he checks what is broken.
  5. All MD is locked by avast.   You will see following error This page requires AC_RunActiveContent.js.   and MD interface fully broken
  6. So this morning my avast yelled and targeted against MD. This can be only my case or can be the case of everybody using avast solutions and its cloud tech, hence it is why I decided to post here so that Chew can give it a check and those using avast post if they have problems.   Infection Details URL: http://magicduel.com/bar/box.php|{gzip} Infection: JS:Iframe-AHV [Trj]   I still can't properly play MD due to iframes blocked. Will get myself unlocked when I get awake properly.
  7. Doesn't have necessary to be gold, silver, perhaps certain spell stones, items, etc. Something that incentive people to use cualdron items and gathering tools?It would be the solution and balance to the harvesting, because not only a few will be interested in getting resources, but many will. Maybe someone have suggestions or better ways to make this happen?
  8. just transferred my sponsorship to rophs (1GC)
  9. I waited long to reply but here we go! :)     Stones idea is great! Memory stones could come randomly from a list of other "rock" materials. That's the exact functionality of herbs and hence it should be simple to implement.     That's the current situation. SOME of the items gives byproducts while others not. I think a list can be made by community with which gives what and we can work to suggest improvements. However I still think Laphers idea is good.     Indeed. System as it is with regeneration stuff helps community to work together. Forces
  10. HBD Phan and Manda

  11.     I like the idea of having some public Council. Just a doubt: What happens to current secret council?
  12.   I will ask admins if we can work this out, maybe as new help pages.     I agree that there are many help pages to add. I believe we should certainly work on more FAQS. Chew are there plans from council to do so??       Certainly quest area is one of the things we should look to improve because player made quests are an essential part of MD. Chew any plans for this as well??       LHO's are just players, even if they are required to go escort newbies, help them or whatever, many wouldn't simply reach the player before they leave b
  13.   Our Wookie and Murry have plans for that. I heard something about Omega...   But why not going beyond them and share with us how you think tutorial should be done? We all know tutorial is wrong and not contributing atm of keeping players. Maybe your ideas and the community ones can supplement the ideas they have. That's why I ask people to share the ideas and how to accomplish them.
  14. http://magicduel.com/userfiles/181413/468x60_magic.jpg
  15.   This is a real review that proves many of the commercial points I keep telling chew, mur, and admins about. We look like crap because we try to keep our style. I'm honest, they were honest. The cover doesn;t make the book, but certainly affects who buy it.     Lots of text, empty cabin, horrid tutorial. We have great features, that aren't commercial and by consequence people see us as crap. I'm honest and with my feet on earth. That's why we need good ideas.   Youtube channel exist. Any good editors of video here? Chew can we incentivize them if they do video
  16. Articles on sites, good ones, help seo and by consequence helps md get more traffic and hence we get players. Articles are not a bad Idea. Chew can we pay (with md stuff) people for making good descriptive articles about us and for posting them on good websites?
  17. Social Networks, yes I agree, but we need people to do that. Maybe we can pay them? Chew can we pay them with MD stuff (creats, coins etc?)? Anybody interested? reviewers are bad atm! Because MD aint commercial and they wont understand 99% of MD in a few hours :P We can still use player reviews for the homepage, we have OOOOLLD reveiews there. Chew can we do that?
  18. Do you have a great idea to make MD grow? Share it with us! Many of my ideas are revolutionary and disliked by admins and even Mur. I see MD from the commercial side of view while admins see it from the "treasure" unique styled side of view. While I understand admins, certainly MD wont survive like that, neither those points pay server :P I'm searching for ideas that balances both areas, commercial part of MD while keeping MD style and awesomeness. I will reward stuff, probably coins from my inventory to those who post the best ideas. Everybody is open to suggest stuff and community i
  19. All the consequences except dead has been cleared.   The fact that I did it today and not before is due to lack of internet connection.   (A tornado destroyed half of the town and basic services including internet are slowly being restored.)   I dont know when my home connection will be fully restored. So I decided to restore MD DoF things ahead of time instead of being late.   For dead people you still have to wait for Molquert to appear, if he haven't already.   Rewards were distributed by Tks. Thnks Pipz.   Hope you all enjoyed! :D
  20. I couldn't resist to point out the 'SOON' :D
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