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  1. Rewards:
     All that sucessfully help the Elf's will win:
       1 spellstone (locate,mirror or silvertongue ) from my stock (or in alternative a 4M heated creature)
       1 silver sponsored by TK


    Seriously TKs? They should be sponsoring the spellstones not you dark... I know this is not the topic to discuss this but, for God's sake tks that's ridiculous... ONE SILVER

  2. i got a virus warning on avg, "exploit javascript obfuscation type 156 -in hupenicardcolumn.2massocies.com:801/commit-privileged_these.php

    fixed something, can someone check if its still shouting ?


    the hex thing disappeared from iframes, yet we still have the issue.

  3. I understand, you mean a way to trade (resources, items, whatever). As I remember, the only thing against this was "the need" for human interaction to trade stuff.

    I don't agree with this interaction as now all trade is moved on forum instead of being in-game.


    +1 for the market ;)


    Yup and even interaction will happen. Because lets say I want X item or spell available on shop and I need X resource or cualdron type generated item to "purchase" it. I will certainly will speak to someone and try to exchange my resources for his. Moreover, we will have people working together to generate those cualdron type items.


    I dont see many negative things, but it is up to community if they like idea or not.

  4. So this morning my avast yelled and targeted against MD. This can be only my case or can be the case of everybody using avast solutions and its cloud tech, hence it is why I decided to post here so that Chew can give it a check and those using avast post if they have problems.


    Infection Details


    http://magicduel.com/bar/box.php|{gzip} Infection: JS:Iframe-AHV [Trj]


    I still can't properly play MD due to iframes blocked. Will get myself unlocked when I get awake properly.

  5. This sounds like a silver-generator which would greatly increase rate of inflation and lower the inventive for people to buy coins in the shop, which would cut the finances even more. It'd also make the resource game less cooperative. I don't think that's a good solution, really.

    Doesn't have necessary to be gold, silver, perhaps certain spell stones, items, etc. Something that incentive people to use cualdron items and gathering tools?It would be the solution and balance to the harvesting, because not only a few will be interested in getting resources, but many will. Maybe someone have suggestions or better ways to make this happen?

  6. I waited long to reply but here we go! :)


    My suggestion:


    Rename Memorystones to Stones, increase the amounts and  create random stone resources upon harvesting like the herbs (coal, granite, shale, sandstone, flint, memorystone, etc.). This could allow future expandability without adding a new resource later.


    I have not collected stones so this suggestion should be taken with  a grain of salt and input should be sought from those who do gather them.


    Stones idea is great! Memory stones could come randomly from a list of other "rock" materials. That's the exact functionality of herbs and hence it should be simple to implement.


    How about you get a different byproduct when you collect from certain areas.

    For example: you collect memory stones from GG, you get something (mountain related). You collect from Necro you got something else (something that you'd get by collecting in a plain's mine).


    That's the current situation. SOME of the items gives byproducts while others not. I think a list can be made by community with which gives what and we can work to suggest improvements.

    However I still think Laphers idea is good.


    i know its not so much about balance, in the sense that you wanted, but, whats the reason for the resources being the way they are? with max regen at 2/3, is it possible that it could be changed to the value of ideal regen and provide max regen from 0 resources? 


    ie. a place with 20 resources is harvested to 14 for max regen with a total of 6 gathered, change the location to 6 resources available but provide max regen per day, 




    The system is set up, as such, so that people can deplete and then harm the regeneration rate if they want. That isnt going to change because thats one of the "community" aspects. While it would remove much/all controversy around the gathering below the "good" maximum its not how it was meant/suggested to be.


    Indeed. System as it is with regeneration stuff helps community to work together. Forces some sort of communication. if communication doesn't happen then the balance should be broken and it is why regen gets slower.


    What in my opinion is important to scatter some resources more across several lands. Like the bones they are only availeble to get in NC. And it would be great if some kind of team walms along some scenes to add extra resources to them. As the pump in the tribunal, you would expect that there will be water, but there is none. One could say its a dry pump, but its more fun when it has some logical function. There must be also other examples, but I do not know them.

    Well why you dont suggest a detailed list with which resources should be moved (where they are currently, where they should be moved, and why). If the admins, coders, etc don't see concrete suggestions with community backup I dont think things are going to happen.


    this leaves room for a mining group or guild

    preferable based in the underground (rocky environment) as GG allready has a guild (fusioneers) and 2 private tools (fenths & memory stones)

    MD shouldn't get more guilds. We are a very small community and I dont think dividing even more the players into groups will help.


    I think all shared tools should work in the same way. Currently, buckets and saws need mb/lr loyalty to be grabbed and used, necro and gg tools need loyalty to be grabbed, but can be used by anybody, and herb baskets and tea sets can be grabbed and used by anybody.
    I think it would promote tool trade and cooperation if all tools were set to be grabbed with a value of land loyalty, and used by anybody. On the other hand, if all tools are set to be used with their land's loyalty, it would promote the trade of resources. Both concepts have their pros and cons, i guess it's a matter of taste which one you like more.
    I'm against the scattered system, though, where some lands have a monopoly for the use of some tools, and others not. I think that it'd be a sensible system to trade a bucket for a saw for a week, for example, and both parties can see how well they can use their time. Currently, the bucket guys are running around to get water week after week, and the saw guys run for wood week after week, and everybody gets bored on their routines.

    Well problem with loyalty is that Main Lands get mostly everything while "Neutral" lands not. The idea of resource ballancing should cover this aspect. So we as community can balance where gathering items are located and if more of x gathering items should be created and where to assign them.




    As a random idea:


    What if we get to sell our resources to the game? I mean someking of trade place where we get gold, silver, etc in exchange of the resources or certain items we possess. That involves a good balancing of items and a very well designed system. But i think it would give a major purpose to resources and will make people work harder to get them. Just an idea.





  7. This is the thread for those applying to be a member of the public council.


    [log='Announcement']Ann. 2703 - [2013-08-09 22:23:47 - Stage 12]
    Public Council
    There is going to be a new experiment lead by myself, Chewett. I will be forming a public council that will act like the MD council, making decisions and directing coding work as they see fit. There will be a number of stipulations on their work, and some of the items they are informed of will be asked to be kept private. I will give a slice of my coding time entirely to them to perform any code or administrative changes to the game. They will have the power to ask any questions or work of me, however some questions will not get full answers. As with the MD council, coders will have a veto power in any situation where the requested work is technically unfeasible or will cause unwanted consequences.

    The idea to trial a public council was discussed by Mur, the council and I. This is an experiment to see how the public reacts with having a public council and how the council members work. Provided that you keep secret everything told to you, labelled as secret, then you are a possible member as this is the only requirement. This council will be formed of 4 members. One below 1 year active days, one below two years, and two of any age. The forum voting system will be used to vote. If you wish to participate make a forum post on this topic stating your playername, ID, Active Days and Reasons why people should vote for you. Do not write pages of information, keep it brief and to the point. Once a week has passed voting shall commence.

    There will be various criteria for changing the council, i shall see how it progresses in its first months of inception and decide how it goes on from there.

    This is a chance to have a public council, doing what you, the public, wants. Lets see if it can work.



    I like the idea of having some public Council. Just a doubt: What happens to current secret council?

  8. An example of such would be how items work. In particular the ones you can pick up from certain locations. I have little to no understanding of how they work and it would not be appropriate for me to ask someone to tell me the mechanics of them. This is something that should be written down and easily found. There is no benifit to having to work out something like this.

    How is it that if say I picked up an item to find out what it does, can I put said item back? The descriptions of the items are unclear and although they have stats there is nothing to explain what the stats are.


    I will ask admins if we can work this out, maybe as new help pages.


    Other game mechanics are also either poorly explained or not at all. The times in which it would be apropriate to have to inestgate/ask/search for the answer to something would be; how do I get to this area? where can I find this item? I'm loosing fights, how do I improve? etc rather than whats the game mechanics on holding/trading/using/gathering/regen/fighting.

    Some game mechanics should be withheld yes, ones such as how to obtain such spell, but not how to use such spell. In regards to the combat what determins a victory should be explained, but how to obtain a victory should be withheld. I still am only guessing what defines a victory and what defines a loss when fighting in MP3. In what kind of fight do you win and not know why?


    I agree that there are many help pages to add. I believe we should certainly work on more FAQS. Chew are there plans from council to do so??



    In addition I made this forum account only yesturday. If anything is going to be offputting to a new player it's the significance of the forums. Most of the game should be in game, not on the forums. Without using the forums most of MD is empty lost and uneventful. A notice board and/or quest board should be easily availible in game and well displayed.


    Certainly quest area is one of the things we should look to improve because player made quests are an essential part of MD. Chew any plans for this as well??



    isnt this something the lhos are supposed to do? Not to insult them, but I would love to see them more actively helping newbies. Also there is a live help button, but make it more obvious for a beginner that there are lho for them to get information from. I dont know how this is arranged by the various lhos, but I would love to see something to happen. :)

    In happen I mean setting up various events for beginning players. I saw once a teaparty in which cauldrons where explained something like that is great.


    LHO's are just players, even if they are required to go escort newbies, help them or whatever, many wouldn't simply reach the player before they leave because of our game mechanics. I've proposed many times a live chat area for LHO's to provide help. That way we reach players faster, help them in real time, and we keep many players that would leave because of the waiting times to get a response. Yet as I explained my ideas that try to cover commercial part of md, went rejected because we have to save "MD style". Kind of stupid, yes but well what can I do...


    I will keep replying to other posts as soon as I get some time

  9. We need a (new) extended tutorial. Before that i see no point advertising unless the current players ease up on the "learn it yourself"  attitude. 


    I know it part of the md way but it's getting to far. How about no secrets from mp3? I mean what huge things they really can ask for?


    Our Wookie and Murry have plans for that. I heard something about Omega...


    But why not going beyond them and share with us how you think tutorial should be done? We all know tutorial is wrong and not contributing atm of keeping players. Maybe your ideas and the community ones can supplement the ideas they have. That's why I ask people to share the ideas and how to accomplish them.

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