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  1.   Council and me left them with that possibility open. Instead of me telling go find something specific as an alternate item I told them to use their creativity. That leaves them with a huge range of possibilities :P  
  2. Thanks for your good work  and dedication to MD
  3. Adding this to triggers announcements
  4. nobody has objections :P   now i sent you the list of itcs and cts etc missed the fact that i had to send them. Crazy me. Thnx for the reminder :)
  5. The Grinch stole part of our MD Xmas...

  6. That's an old and very known issue :P
  7.   I already discussed this personally with Nim.   From now on I dont accept on this topic any other complains regarding cultural differences or dissadvantages or whatever. Speak to me in chat if you want to discuss things. Here it is pointless and we will have a bloodbath as I have many arguments and you will have many. If you feel capable of designing a list with 50 items that fit xmas for people of 90 active countries and the hundreds of cultures that play MD then do so and send them to me. They shall be considered for a future Xmas.   There are countries that do not cele
  8. Wow you start the chaos while I am offline.   Here we go     Nim, when I made the list, I strongly encouraged myself to remove any objects that I considered directly related to religion. You mention christian dominated state, yet you do not see there a figure of Jesus, neither the kings, etc.   Moreover,  I clearly said:     Consider this, I'm not a social scientists, neither know about all the cultures around the globe I tried to remove religion out of it, as I knew that's controversial.   I wont quote all your comments but this should
  9. Title:   Real Life Scavenger Hunt   Description:   This quest consist in hunting/seeking in either your home or the homes of your neighboors, friends or family for the items listed below, using your creativity and taking pictures of your findings.   Instructions:   Search in either your home or the homes of your neighboors, friends or family for the items listed below. Each item is worth a secret amounts of points value. We do not expect for you to complete the list, that means that you can submit your entry with any amount of items you have. At the end of
  10. BFH

    free credits

    That issue was solved indeed.   Chew I believe you can move this to solved bugs area, as it is no longer a bug.
  11. See you around. Dont forget about us. Be sure to login from now an then.   I wish you all the best and I will miss you pal.
  12. BFH

    free credits

    I personally verified this and could not replicate the issue.   http://browsermmorpg.net/?vote=magicduel   is the link that opens to me. Can you confirm this is still happening?   Please provide screenshots and details about which browser you use,   Anybody else have this issue?
  13. BFH


      Seriously TKs? They should be sponsoring the spellstones not you dark... I know this is not the topic to discuss this but, for God's sake tks that's ridiculous... ONE SILVER
  14. Which sorts of quest you would like this XMAS?   I might organize a fast event, festival or something like that for this XMAS. For that to happen I want to know which kind of quests you guys would like to see?   NOTE: IF council or public council or any admins have any plans, contact me as I don't want to interfere.
  15. If any members of Public Council needs support with XMAS spam me.
  16. BFH's XMAS... "soon" :D

    1. BFH


      Yes, if I survive finals =))

    2. Rophs
    3. Nimrodel


      way more awesome than DoF. His festivals are usually orgasmic :D

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  17. Wookies are getting older!! :D   Happy BDAY!!
  18. Hydrogenating cool stuff. A step further against cancer :D ++Like to Science :D

  19. BFH


        I was about to say... That's the worst post title I've seen in my MD life ... XD
  20. GG had elections. Yet I haven't seen much of the things those candidates proposed... A shame... (there could be a possibility such things are planned on a secret matter yet... it is a shame :P)
  21. If I owe you something YELL!

    1. Pipstickz



  22.   the hex thing disappeared from iframes, yet we still have the issue.
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