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  1. Many people can help in translating, the thing is that many of them are not that kind of active in the game. I think being active is an important thing, because how can I really understand what I'm talking about, if I don't have any idea of it?

    If anyone needs help with Spanish translations ask me I can help with that.

  2. [size="5"][size="4"]I agree with all of you, but i think the surprise fact should be more involved.
    It's Phantasm Shadow's so it can't be underestimated. It had already taken 3
    victims: Assira the Black, Mysteria Blue and Ladytwin, so it have more and
    more power.

    First Phantasm needs to get rid of all his emotions and feelings, maybe broking
    things, screaming or something like that. Phantasm can write his feelings in a paper and the broke it. The point is to get rid of emotions.
    (That's to prevent the shadow get out of him again after being trap and bonded with

    Second Phantasm needs to Find a place that can pass from dark state to bright state
    instantly. Maybe a cave, like Hollow Den. He should use something to make the cave
    bright fast, like fire, or maybe plan very well the time so he can use the
    nature in his favor and use the dawn (sun) to make the Shadow weak and put it in problems.

    Third Phantasm must select a bait, but a prepared bait with something at hand for his
    own protection, like a mirror (to show the shadow how weak it is) or something that produces
    light fast(powerful flashlight,halogen light), so when the shadow attack her she will
    turn the light to shadow and the shadow will stand back. For example you can use
    *Mya Celestia* she have some good experience,she is woman (Phantasm's Shade have being
    focusing in women) and knows the cave.

    Maybe this is like things could go:

    Phantasm talk with *Mya Celestia* and tells her the problem and shows her the plan he have
    to trap his shadow. Phantasm gives *Mya Celestia* a fast and very powerful halogen light and
    a mirror. Before entering the cave Phantasm writes his emotions in a paper and then he broke the paper.
    After that Phantasm scream very loud and get rid of his anger and bad feelings. Both, Phantasm and
    *Mya Celestia* enters the cave prepared. They have calculated the time very well so Phantasm's
    Shadow will receive both the halogen light and the dawn (sun light).
    Phantasm's Shadow pass in front of the cave and feels Mya's Feelings. The Shadow enters in the cave
    and heads directly to Mya. Mya fast turn on the halogen light and put the mirror in front of her
    just in case. The Shadow head back trying to get out of the cave, but the Sun gets out (thanks to the
    dawn). Phantasm Shadow feels weak and vanishing, without any other choice the Shadow bond again with
    Phantasm to avoid being destroyed by light. Phantasm feels happy with his shadow back and bond with him,
    and Mya feels happy because the Phantasm's Shadow will not harm any other woman. Both get out of the cave
    very happy and enjoys the day...[/size][/size]

  3. I let this little picture of what happens to me when i try to enter the quest, maybe it helps to solve something, or maybe it gives an idea of the bug. Advice me when the quest is back again. I'll participate if i'm not sleeping

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