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  1. I'm posting to make this clear to ALL players.

    [size="4"]Magic Duel has some [color="#ff0000"]restrictions[/color] that every player should follow.[/size]

    One of those restrictions says:

    [size="4"][color="#ff0000"]You are not allowed to insult someone in his public logs, if you want to share a negative remark about that player you have to explain it in decent terms.[/color][/size]
    [size="3"]Rules apply to all players and[/size] [size="5"]"IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE."[/size]

    [size="4"][url="http://magicduel.com/pages/info.rules.php"]MD RESTRICTIONS[/url][/size]

  2. [quote name='Aysun' timestamp='1285794026' post='69378']
    I've added a key to the week sign-up spread. I'm going to go ahead and start my own work just going down the list doing weeks that have not been choosen yet, so if you want to do a certain week, be sure to pick it now! [u]Remember to follow ALL the guidelines presented in the first post![/u] 8D

    November 1-7

  3. Is this a bug?

    Problem: I'm not getting any other principle from fenths. All fenths verified with creatures that have lots of xp and wins.

    My principles are:

    Principle of Enthropy [b]
    [/b] Principle of Cyclicity [b]
    [/b] Principle of Balance [b]
    [/b] Principle of Syntropy [b]
    [/b] Principle of Light

    I'm not getting any other principles: Time, darkness, transposition, etc...

    Also GG fenth doesn't give me any principle, is that normal?

    If someone has the same principles and can help me test or verify if this is also happening to he/she will be very nice.

    Thanks for your time and cooperation,


  4. This appear now:

    Trading inquisitor does not allow you to trade avatars with this account.
    This is probably an alternate account of yours, or you accessed it in the past.
    There might also be other reasons for a trading restriction between these two accounts.
    Trading Advisor voted [b]2[/b] against this trade.

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