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  1. [quote]i saw a person sporting an MD banner on his signature here in the forum. may i know what is the url of that banner?
    and also urls of other campaign materials that are available to use. since i have extra time to do so, and promised myself
    not to mind and waste my time on those neg-rep'ing bollocks, i volunteer to use those stuffs for MD promotions on other
    sites to gain exposure, and to recruit potential players.[/quote]

    The link is this: [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/347-help-us-grow/"]http://magicduel.inv...7-help-us-grow/[/url]

    However, you must have the approval of the Council before doing any project. I recommend you to organize your ideas and then
    send them to the Council asking a yes or no.


    [quote name='Grido' timestamp='1291210406' post='73970']
    That is an old banner though, can't think how old, not really sure i'd consider it an ongoing quest currently

    It's very old, according to the forum post it's from 2007.

  2. If this not interfere with my current alliance (Caratakers), I would like to Help :D

    Player name: *BFH LIGHTHING*,
    Age: 341 days active
    Citizenship: East Lands (Tribunals)
    Tag: Live Help

    Reasons for application:

    I like the idea of quest and rewards. In my opinion quests make players to get interest in the game.
    When they are rewarded, they feel that their work was worth, and that makes them work harder to get more rewards.
    As LHO I have to be impartial, so impartiality wouldn't be a problem. I also check forums constantly, and researching
    makes me learn, so as I help I acquire more knowledge and that is great :D Moreover, I feel
    that this is a great opportunity to keep helping the game.



    [b]Mur: there are already other things pending that involve you and an other ally, I suggest you wait for that, you deserve it better [/b]

  3. [quote name='phantasm' timestamp='1264798927' post='53584']
    Below is a list of the known Tribunal Citizens:

    Phantasm - CTs
    Ledah - CTs
    Rakaustan - CTs
    Elthen Airis - unofficial
    Sephirah Cealuum - unofficial

    If your name is not on the list please PM or post here so it can be added.

    List need to be updated.

    Sephirah Caelum- CT
    ladytwin- CT (inactive)
    Ailith- SoS
    The Great Wanderer- Sos

    EDIT: REMOVE PIPSTICKZ, he is now member of necrovion
    Anyone more??

  4. I'm having issues with the notebook:

    1. [b]The Notebook doesn't open with Internet Explorer.[/b]

    Tested by me, my alt BFH THE CRAZY, and Yala Sviseusen
    2. The "OTHER" tab inside the notebook deletes all I write, even when I'm saving.[/b]

    This is only happening to me. Yala Sviseusen tested it and not happens to her.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks for the help :D


  5. [quote name='Shadowseeker' timestamp='1290596900' post='73010']
    If you guys call this spell madness, then one day I'll have to burn all my casts down. 138 casts, including 15 tp casts (just working on me?)

    I wonder....how the trigger box would look like. :P

    YEY!!! I want to see that :D

  6. [quote name='Sharpwind' timestamp='1290529359' post='72924']
    I'm having problem voting with


    It says

    server not found

    That is correct :D It's not working

    Has also been posted here:


  7. I just want to ask to make things clearer:

    Rules of Regarding Signatures:

    1. Language Must be English (that includes signatures)

    Why? People won't feel excluded.

    2. No offensive language or material should be posted.
    3. Signature must follow this
    [list][*]Height: 150px[*]Width: 500px[*]File size: 50kb[/list]That is to not be excessive, and to not take server space.

    That are all the rules regarding signatures?

    Another question: having multiple pictures is allowed?



  8. [quote name='bfh lighthing' timestamp='1287880100' post='70830']
    I'm posting this here to let you know that my fast and working laptop is being arranged. It will take from 1 to 2 weeks.

    I'll be available mostly at paper cabin, but because the only available laptop I have is too slow (only 192mb of memory) and old (8 years), it will take a good time to answer chat or pms.

    Sorry for the inconveniences that this could cause, I'll do my best to be available and to help you in anything I can.



    Issue solved, now I have my laptop.



    @MOD- Please close

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