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  1. [quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' timestamp='1295346266' post='77562']
    I dont know how much Mur is spending money on advertising sites that we see on Free Credits, but I think a better job would be done with the following:

    -instead of those sites, that the money gets invested into a creating a video made from MD gameplay, one interesting part from story mode, then a player traveling between scenes, MD fight simulations, creatures and equips, adventure log texts... We all know that MD interface is outstanding, and a video would surely make some effect, and I dont think making such videos takes a lot of time, especially since all you do is record.

    The video thing is a great idea, BUT actual advertising needs to stay. Why? Toplist is one of the most efficient ways to gain players, and ranking, for the game, all over net.
    -make an active Facebook MD group with tags RPG and such (tags that would fit the game genre best and attract right population) that would post new trailers-videos for MD, screenshots, parts of adventure log...
    If created It cannot be abandoned. A facebook account needs constant updates, news, etc.. So if you or anyone is planning to create and not update it let me know, and I can add it to the Advertisers tasks.
    -probably the most important one: contacting game and in general computer magazines or any fitting newspapers to make a little column about MD.

    Very interesting idea :D Will talk about it with Mur.

    and!! If anyone which to post a referral link do it on your personal page not MagicDuel's Facebook "Official Page"


  2. [center][img]http://magicduel.com/userfiles/181413/advert.gif[/img]

    [size="3"]First of all the Advertisers is a guild that takes care of MagicDuel's Image outside the game. The role of this guild is very important, and it's bringing new players to MagicDuel. Because of its importance this guild is NOT for any player to play with. I mean that if you want to join only for glory, or just to tell that you were part of the Advertisers, [b]don't lose your time[/b], [b]I[/b] [b]WON'T[/b] let anyone to play with the guild or to have fun with it.

    There is a [b]LOT[/b] of work to do, and if you are accepted you will receive [b]LOTS[/b] of job and tasks. I'm telling this now, so if you are accepted you don't have excuse. Moreover, if an accepted player doesn't do the tasks assigned or try to abuse the guild and its tools, he/she will be kicked out regardless of who is the player and will pay consequences (if he abuse it). Furthermore, player must be very active in game (if the accepted player know he/she most be away for a 10 days or more, he/she must notify me, otherwise he/she will be kicked out).

    [b]During this recruitment process I DON'T CARE if you are, or not, my friend, if I know, or not, you. [/b]I'll be totally impartial.

    · [b]The player must have at least: 100 AD.
    [color="#ff0000"]No ALTS ALLOWED[/color]
    I'm going to make a very selective recruitment. I can only accept four players, and those four players must prove they are worth for their seats and position inside the guild. The process will be long and consist of many stages which involves tasks player will also do if accepted (so it's like a mini training).

    Note: If you are not accepted, but one of your works for the application is worth, I'll use it or try to implement it.

    Note #2: If you are part of another land or alliance, first talk with your King, or Leader. Don't apply without having their approval. (If you are accepted your land affiliation will be East Lands.)

    [b]Start by posting:[/b]

    [/size][list=1][*][size="3"] [b]Player Name[/b][/size][*][size="3"] [b]Active Days[/b][/size][*][size="3"] [b]Reason for applying[/b][/size][*][size="3"] [b]Current Citizenship (if any)[/b][/size][*][size="3"] [b]Current Alliance (if any)[/b][/size][*][size="3"] [b]Player Tag (if any)[/b][/size][*][size="3"] [b]Why you think I should choose you and not another player?[/b][/size][/list] [size="3"][color="#ff0000"] [b]
    Stage #1[/b][/color][/size][size="3"]

    [b]Player most create ads (stories) in which he/she describe MagicDuel and introduce it to other players, who know nothing of the game.[/b]

    [/size][list][*][size="3"][b]-->[/b][b]Five (5) Long ads (min 200 words, max 500)[/b][/size][*][size="3"][b]-->[/b][b]Five (5) Short ads (min 60 words, max 100 words)[/b][/size][/list][size="3"]

    [log=Long Example #1]
    [b] [/b]

    [b]MagicDuel Description[/b]

    [b]By: Muratus del Mur[/b]

    [spoiler]I edited it a bit ^^ [/spoiler]


    Contrary to the "default" browser-based-no-download-required MMORPGs that are solely based on either a text-based or a pixelated gfx core, MagicDuel is actually made entirely out of awesome looking high quality handmade drawings, whose number grow daily. One notable feature is that each player selects its own avatar, which is a unique handmade piece of art. And if these gorgeous landscapes weren't enough, the game world is also comprised of a storyline web, similar to those old picks of your own story books. Hundreds of poems, legends, lore elements, magic spells, and descriptions that just bring every bit of this fantasy world closer to reality... and that's not what makes it so special. Every standing stone and pillar on which this game is based on is entirely unique and has no known sources of inspiration... and still, that's not what makes it so special.


    What does make this game so special is that every user plays a part. Everyday people become one with their role and their actions actually modify the world around them. No matter the role you chose, diplomat, sage, warrior, creature master, dark lord, magic wielder --or whatever else you can imagine-- whatever you do, whatever you say, will affect everybody else and the entire Realm, in one way or another. What is known as NPCs in any other game, in MagicDuel is something anyone can become as the game characters are actually real people with hard worked roles. If in other game you would fight the mighty dragon to get its treasure, here the dragon would be a real player that because of its story became that dragon.


    It is this level of social and physical interaction firstly, and then the unique design of the actual game secondly, that won its loyal fanbase, since 2007, when it was first launched by its small team of Romanian creators. Since then, the phenomenon grew somewhat out of proportions. Now, as most players are able to create and alter the world around them, the entire game world keeps evolving, from one day to the next, with daily updates and news.


    This is not an easy game to play, but your efforts will be greatly rewarded once you understand how it works. If you like the social interaction and playing more than a point and click flash animation, this might just be the game for you... but careful, it`s highly addictive.

    [b]Game Features[/b]

    · No download – Browser Based Game

    · 2D High Quality Handmade Artworks

    · Unique gameplay introducing new dynamic gaming concepts.

    · Roleplay involving real players, who change the game world based on their decisions.

    · Creature fights, fantasy world, weapons, collectible items, magic casting…

    · Realtime PVP fights, alliances, multiplayer spells, live chat…

    · Breathtaking Interactive Story - choose your destiny!

    · Unique combination of Adventure, roleplaying, and tactics.

    · Huge lands to explore in a way you never imagined -There are always Secrets to discover!-

    · Each character becomes unique based on his choices and play.

    · Way of play changes several times as you progress.

    · Free to play!


    [log=Long Example #2]

    [b] Want to discover secrets?[/b]

    [b]By: Memory[/b]

    Do you have a curious mind? Do you have an eye for details? Do you have what it takes to uncover secrets? How much are you willing to sacrifice to learn the truth that the few holds so precious? MagicDuel breathes secrets and mysteries! And what's interesting is that they are not hidden, they are in plain sight! Teasing, enticing, and coaxing your mind to unravel them!

    You see in Magicduel everything is not as they seem. A statue of old, known to many, may hide a road to perdition, a barren Tree, loved and loathed, may bloom in colors one day or A gazebo in the center, full of chattering people, may bring you closer anywhere. The land is full of secrets and mysteries waiting to be revealed. And though the path to discovery may be long and arduous, the journey will forever change you. And know that in MagicDuel, it is not the answers to the questions that matters but the other way around.

    So I ask you again, do you have what i takes to uncover secrets? Do you have the right mind and attitude? Rise to the challenge and discover the secrets @ [url="http://www.magicduel.com/"]www.magicduel.com[/url]


    [log= Short Example]

    This is a really excellent game. With many features such as an addictive storyline, live chat, role play, creature fights, PVP fights, alliances, quest, collectible creatures, daily updates, forum, Live Help, and much more. It has a great community waiting for you to join them, so what are you waiting for!! Give it a TRY, I'm sure you will enjoy every moment. It includes High Quality Artworks.


    (PS. Don't try copy & paste old advertiser's ads.)

    This stage will be open until I have enough applications.

    Good Luck to All,


    [spoiler]Doubts or questions feel free to ask[/spoiler]

  3. [quote name='mocove' timestamp='1295223889' post='77518']
    I was searching lists for a browser based game and found MD. (Since I got a free Google Cr-48!!! which is web only)
    The last 2 days voting on BBG, I get the message "Oops failed to vote!"

    As nadrolski told, clear your cookies and cache:

    [url="http://www.bnl.gov/itd/webapps/browsercache.asp"]HOW TO CLEAR COOKIES & CACHE[/url]

    Also try refreshing the page, sometimes the voting link expires.

    hope this helps,


  4. [quote name='Luke27' timestamp='1295137917' post='77473']
    Sometimes when I use/vote for the free credits I can click the already clicked site. Maybe it's just my slow connection or it can be the server I really don't know but this my problem about the free credits.

    Sorry can't provide an image I'll try later when I can vote again and I'll try to replicate it.

    If this is normal and I'm just over reacting well I'm sorry but it is still a problem for the free credits page.

    May all of us be guided.


    That's normal.

    The system is designed so than when you give a click to one site it refresh and display another random order.

    If you have a slow connection it takes a while for the page to refresh, giving you the opportunity to click the same link again.

    The system will only open and give reward for one click. If you manage to give another click this will appear (and you won't receive a double reward):

    "Already used this link today. You may want to visit our sponsor by clicking the above banner."


    Hope this Help,

    Topic will be moved in 24 hrs to "Resolved Free Credits Problems" subforum[/b][/color][b]

  5. [color="#000000"][b][font="Verdana"][size="3"]Follow this instructions when posting any Free Credits Problems[/size][/font][/b][/color] [list=1][*][font="Verdana"][size="2"]If there is already a topic for the same problem, [b]DO NOT [/b]create another, instead post in it to elaborate the Problem.[/size][/font][*][font="Verdana"][size="2"][b]DO NOT[/b] post a different problem in reply to a topic, if so it will be deleted.[/size][/font][*][font="Verdana"][size="2"]Use a good title for your post. This will help us identify what the problem is quickly before we read the bulk of the problem. Also try and use the Topic Description for easier distinction between problems.[/size][/font][*][font="Verdana"][size="2"]When posting problem please [b]try to upload an image[/b] either using the attachment up-loader on the forum or by providing a link to where it would be hosted on a image sharing site.[/size][/font][*][font="Verdana"][size="2"]Try and Explain the problem clearly and concisely. Make sure that you include all the details and check the topic regularly if there is any more information needed to solve your problem.[/size][/font][*][font="Verdana"][size="2"][b]NO SPOILERS ALLOWED[/b], if you believe that posting your problem here can lead to [b]Spoilers[/b], please send your problem to [b]ads@magicduel.com[/b][/size][/font][/list][font="Verdana"][size="2"]
    [size="3"][b][color="#000000"]Common Problem:[/color][/b][/size]
    [/size][/font][list][*][font="Verdana"][size="2"]Problem: I haven't received the Vital Energy, Value Points, or Action Points that I should receive when I used the free credits.[/size][/font][/list][list][*][font="Verdana"][size="2"] Answer: Refresh the interface (press F5) and that should display all your gained points. Also remember that if you go over max and the timer reaches 0 you will lose all your points above your max values.[/size][/font][/list] [font="Verdana"][size="2"]
    [b][color="#ff0000"]BTW: We are working with Free Credits Links, so don't post that you see different images, descriptions, etc...[/color][/b]



  6. I'm

    [b]Holly - The Ruler
    July 8 – August 4[/b]

    Among the Celtic tree astrology signs the Holly is one of regal status. Noble, and high-minded, those born during the Holly era easily take on positions of [b]leadership[/b] and power. If you are a Holly sign you take on challenges easily, and you overcome obstacles with rare skill and tact. When you encounter setbacks, you simply redouble your efforts and remain ever [b]vigilant[/b] to obtain your end goals. Very seldom are you defeated. This is why many people look up to you and follow you as their leader. You are competitive and ambitious even in the most casual settings. You can appear to be arrogant but in actuality you're just [b]very confident[/b] in your abilities. Truth be known, you are quite generous, kind and affectionate (once people get to know you). Highly intelligent, you skate through academics where others may struggle. Because many things come to you so easily, you may have a tendency to rest on your laurels. In other words, if not kept active, you may slip into an unhealthy and lazy lifestyle. Holly signs may look to Ash and Elder signs for balance and partnership.

  7. [quote name='Totenkopf' timestamp='1294255254' post='76873']
    I can't imagine that too many people would start playing an online game by looking up topsites...People just start playing what their friends play. I'm curious how many of you found MD on a topsite? or how many of you were clicking the

    I'll try to explain.

    I'll take one site browsermmoprg.com
    We vote for it daily in free credits.

    Players see our position in the top list and click our page.

    The "OUT" you see in the topsites are the players who visited our page.

    For example we have received 11, 698 UNIQUE OUT (different persons) from only that toplist.

    Now imagine how much players we receive with all toplist combined. That's why we NEED to vote for MagicDuel
    because not only helps the game, it helps us get a bigger community to share and socialize.

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