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  1. Please note that I speak now as the guy who is looking at stats and facts. My views are based on numbers not what I would like or not.   From numbers perspective, currently:   1. MD doesn't have the capability of holding any other alliances, due to lack of players 2. Creation of new alliances, might lead to disbanding other   Out of numbers and from a player perspective:   I would love to see lands more inclusive. They should treat new players as part of them, without any hard requirements. If players find themselves involved in something, if they feel part of some
  2. Those two are new to me... interesting
  3. Pissed off and wanting to kill people... A good reason of not login into MD. That dagger is tempting.

    1. Nimrodel


      Thats a first. What happened?

    2. Pipstickz


      <3 Feel the love

    3. Granos


      Ooooo Kill me...

  4. Can I see both candidates Propositions?
  5. He was too evil to accept I'm still a bay in Pampers! >>
  6. I love the idea! :D   Way to go! :D
  7. Chew maybe with a small javascript code  it could open in a new tab instead of a pop up. The browser will still probably ask permission but at least will be more visible than pop ups message.
  8. I assume nothing of this is happening now as no other replies have been made. Closed and Moved. If you experience issues report again.
  9. It's an issue on your side. They work fine.   Moved to resolved problems.
  10. Thanks for reporting. It was removed.
  11. The link is on free credits area? If so give me an exact link. I havent added md on the domain you pointed out.
  12.     If sometime you are to give fb access to someone please change the pass.
  13. I've submitted council the results.   Only Amber submitted and she is the winner of this event.
  14. Yes indeed we need people to take care of those pages. As Chew mentioned he lacks of time and me well lets say that I barely have time to eat/sleep.  
  15. The Past two weeks have been the most exhaustive ones in a looot of time. My poor brain is yelling "Put me OFF"

    1. Tipu


      Thats y iam smart ... i always use my Kidneys hehe

  16. Not to annoy, offend or whatever, but I feel this is a waste of forum resources.   We have multiple useful logs in MD. I believe there are better ways to determine which are the range values of goods.   Mentioning that, if you really want people to know range value of stuff you can simply ask around, make a list, and post it so that people can comment/add to it   B
  17.   I have unlimited resources for MD on some webs, just that advertising MD is a waste of those resources until MD gets fixed. But this all are secrets, spoilers, etc. :P   Murry, I loved the concept, but yes it is a waste of money. However, that concept can be coded? I mean code have no limitations, in comparison to real life objects so... maybe you can make a virtual box for kings and fulfill the wish that way
  18. Hmm..   Why it doesn;t shine back goodness? Who told you greedy or selfish?
  19. RP IN FORUMS!! BAHH LAST OF MY YEAR! :P   *grabs 2013 with a rope* DON'T LEAVE US!! :((   Aside: Happy New Year for you all that live in my future :P
  20. Why you are leaving?   Hope you come back :) Luck with your plans
  21.   Yes, I'm a bummer guy or whatever, but I'm concerned about some aspects... However, one I believe you should really take into consideration is the fact that if the backpack will somehow allow anybody to add "artworks" to any scene, you will need to desing it in a way that it prevents a scene getting flooded with many "clickies", "items", whatever.   That said luck with your experiment :P
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