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  1. MagicDuel Archives - Gold
    Labyrinth - Gray
    Golemus Golemicarum - Brown
    No Mans Land - White
    Necrovion - Black
    Loreroot - Green
    Marinds Bell - yellow
    Underground - Violet
    Tribunal - Red

    Prison- PINK!!!!

  2. Following detail added:

    Free credits links give now +2 MAX Ve and Vp each. This might not seem much at all for the vets but for new players it is something especially when accumulated over a longer period. That means free credits give about +70 Max Ve daily and about +2000 Max Ve monthly. Remember to also vote for MD not just to click the links for the reward.

  3. I believe that the avatars once uploaded are property of MagicDuel. It says: "Avatar style must match the style of current MD avatars and contain the small MD letters as all avatars in MD do." So tha MD letters means that they are part of MD consequently property of MD.

    I also agree that there should be a warning or something that explicitly states MD ownership over those avatars.

  4. SPECIAL THANKS TO DST AND CHEWET!! (they helped me with the contest)


    Remember to Rate the Contest with any Contest Mod.



    [list][*]Aged Water Daimon (400+ age)[*]Aged Angien (200+ age)[*]Aged Day Dreamer (100+ age)[*]3 Silver Coins[/list]Nimrodel:
    [list][*]Aged Elemental (400+ age)[*]Aged Grassan (400+ age)[*]1 Silver Coin[/list]Duxie:
    [list][*]Aged Elemental (400+ age)[*]Aged Grassan (400+ age)[*]1 Silver Coin[/list] Princ Rhaeghar:

    [list][*]Aged Grassan[*]1 Silver Coin[/list] (I never expected a tie :P)

    Two of the scenes resulted to have 8 differences, that was a bonus :D

    The following keys doesn't contain the 8 differences for those two scenes, only 7 which was what I counted.

    [size="4"]Thank you All for participating. Hope you liked it :)

  5. [quote name='bfh lighthing' timestamp='1303095816' post='82947']
    After completing the other 4 scenes that person must send those scenes by forum pm and he/she must find me and tell me IN CHAT: "I finish the MD 7 Differences quest."

    Rules Might Change in the Middle of the Contest .[img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/wink.gif[/img]

    telling this "I finish the MD 7 Differences quest" to me in chat after finishing is worth of 100 points!!
    second to tell 100-5, third 100-10, and so on :))

  6. Here are all the images:

    So Go!! Go!! Go!!

    For those who can't see the uploaded images because they don't have forum accounts ....


  7. This Challenge is Open for EVERYONE, both Bunnies and Merry Delivelers. (The concept, differences, etc. were changed so that Merry Delivelers could participate.)

    [b]This quest will consist in finding the Seven Given Scenes and on each seven differences.[/b]

    I'll give a total of 70 points to each scene. When you find the seven differences of the first 3 scenes you must mark them (you cna print screen the scene, and use paint or other picture processor to mark them) and you will send the images to me by forum pm (forum is better, but if you can't, send then to bfh_000@yahoo.com) After the first player submits the first three scenes the next submissions player will receive x-5, x-10, x-15, and so on. Then this player must keep going to find the other 4 scenes. After completing the other 4 scenes that person must send those scenes by forum pm and he/she must find me and tell me IN CHAT: "I finish the MD 7 Differences quest."


    For each incorrect difference you will get -10 points.

    Any spell is accepted!! (except silence one) [Yes I want to see SPELL WARS!! :))]


    [font="Symbol"]· [/font]Movelock (to gain advantage, because you will beable to move faster)

    [font="Symbol"]· [/font]Silvertongue (to avoid your enemy to say "Ifinish the MD 7 Differences quest.")

    [font="Symbol"]· [/font]Toadspeak (to avoid your enemy to say "I finish the MD 7 Differences quest.")

    Have fun!!

    Rules Might Change in the Middle of the Contest .[img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/wink.gif[/img]

    Quest starting at 17:00 and will last until 19:00 server (I hope that less time) in the borderviewtower, East Lands :D
    Sing up below

  8. [size="3"][font="Arial"]During this month I'll be running a quest for a limited number of players. [/font][/size]

    [size="3"][font="Arial"]I won't give the details now, that's why is "secret." [/font][/size]

    [size="3"][b][font="Arial"]Only players with the following characteristics might apply:[/font][/b][/size]

    [list=1][*][size="3"][font="Arial"]100 or more active days[/font][/size][*][size="3"][font="Arial"]Lots of patience.[/font][/size][*][size="3"][font="Arial"]Organized.[/font][/size][*][size="3"][font="Arial"]With knowledge about MagicDuel.[/font][/size][/list]

    [size="3"][font="Arial"]I'll make an exhaustive selection and I'll choose the best candidates.[/font][/size]


    [size="3"][font="Arial"]Please post your player names, active days, and why I should chose you?[/font][/size]


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