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  1. I'm looking for someone to draw my avatar. I have a whole idea of what I want. Due to lack of time, I can't draw it myself.

    Those interested let me know price (pls coins only) and I'll explain what I want.



  2. Western Union Tombola:

    All credit purchases , payed by WU, from start of this year for the next several month will be considered tickets for this tombola.
    This form of payment is even less used than PBC. There were just a couple of such credit purchases ever. Other similar methods
    such as moneygramm will count on this too, but first ASK if they do to be sure. New rule: only amount allowed for a ticket on this
    particular tombola is $100.00 , larger payments will count as more tickets based on amount. Large discounts that i hope they
    cover the WU tax on your side. ONLY DIRECT PAYMENTS TO ME ARE CONSIDERED VALID, not the PBC WU option. For details
    you should email me with subject "WU Tombola purchase" at manu@magicduel.com .

    The purchased credits are deliverable also in credit codes, 5, 10 and 20c codes- making them useable for quest rewards or gifts!

    I will announce number of total tickets from time to know your "competition".

    [b]NEW Update:[/b]

    Whoever get into the first ten tickets will get a prize by default.

    Right now only two players are in, meaning that there are high opportunities for others to get a prize ;)

    Any questions send me a message.


  3. I'm searching for one admin for MagicDuel's Official Twitter Page.

    That person must have:

    [list][*]At least 150 Active Days (He/she must be active, if you are inactive please don't apply).[*]With previous Twitter Experience.[*]Ideas for Twitter Page[/list]Those who wish to apply post the following:

    1. Player Name
    2. ID
    3. Your previous experience with Twitter.
    4. Why are you interested?
    5. Why should I chose you?

    Notes: If I see that someone might fit the characteristics needed, I will interview and make a selection of two or three persons based in that.
    Those persons will enter in a second stage. The best will be finally selected as the official admin.

  4. [quote name='Sasha Lilias' timestamp='1305310893' post='84435']
    I would personally ask for him to gain an IP ban, and I am willing to fight for this if I must.

    The the IP ban is not necessary, at least for now.

    Why? Because he is not using an alt to keep his incorrect behavior.

    Let's see what happens after he get out of the actual bans.

    I hope he change his mind, but if he don't then there might be other consequences.

  5. Updated List:


    Muratus del Mur-Sotis, East Ruler


    Phantasm- Leader
    Sephirah Caelum
    Rakaustan (inactive)
    ladytwin (inactive)

    The Advertisers' Guild

    *BFH Lightning*- Leader

    Seal of Six:

    Ailith- Leader (inactive)
    Shape Shifter (inactive)
    The Great Wanderer (inactive)
    Hobart (inactive)
    Calev Anan (inactive)


    Elthen Airis (inactive)

  6. [quote name='Mighty Pirate' timestamp='1304926384' post='84233']
    BFH, why did you make this a closed group quest?

    Now it appears a bit strange that you choose the participants on your own based on undisclosed criteria and all get a (quite big) reward. I would expect that others could have provided valuable input as well.

    (No allegation, but I don't understand why you did this 'quest'.)

    Mighty Pirate

    [font="Arial"][size="2"]Take this as a courtesy because I don't need to explain. I have instructions and I follow them.

    I have many reasons to do the quest, some I can't divulge and others which I can.

    Take it as this:

    If I want to advertise I need to know where to do so. I won't waste my time doing useless advertising. Why it needed to be secret. I didn't want any influence of other players and I didn't want players to do what you are doing now. Why limited players, it could be hardly annoying for new visitors to be interviewed by the big amount of people who applied to the quest.

    I used the given criteria to choose people, it's obvious. (and believe me nothing personal in the selection, almost all who applied are my friends and I believe you all know I'm fair in my decisions)

    That was the purpose of telling the following:

    [log=original post]
    [b]Only players with the following characteristics might apply:[/b]

    [/size][/font] [list][*][font="Arial"][size="2"]100 or more active days[/size][/font][*][font="Arial"][size="2"]Lots of patience.[/size][/font][*][font="Arial"][size="2"]Organized.[/size][/font][*][font="Arial"][size="2"]With knowledge about MagicDuel.[/size][/font][/list] [font="Arial"][size="2"]
    I'll make an exhaustive selection and I'll choose the best candidates.


    Please post your player names, active days, and why I should chose you?
    [/size][/font] [font="Arial"]

    Again, I won't always explain my quests because I don't have to do so. I'm doing it this time to stop any incorrect thoughts.


  7. My quest "job" is finally over.

    Four players were selected:

    Sasha Lilias

    [log=Details of the quest]

    Quest Name: Quality of MagicDuel’s New Players

    Quest instructions:

    You will observe the activities of new players during seven days (one week). You will create a report which includes the following.

    · What they do?

    · Do they keep coming after many days?

    · Do they become popular after a four days period?

    · Where they came from? (you can ask them feel free to chat with them)

    · Do they openly interact with other players?

    · What they express about the game? (Example: awesome, boring, etc.)

    · Others. This means that you can build your own questions. Surprise me.

    I want your personal opinion of those players.

    Reward: One Aniversary Edition Aramor

    Notes: Please make a detailed report of your findings.


    Even when some of the chosen players didn't fully complete the requirements, I learn other things from their reports.
    That's why for this time ALL will be rewarded.


    BTW: I'll open other quests soon.

  8. My thoughts, I don't have much time to express them so please excuse me if I make spelling errors.

    I have been mp6 for seven months. I have "sacrificed" gaining stats, etc. because I really care of players.
    I really like to help people and that's the main purpose for me to remain as mp6. If anyone wants to try
    mp6 for HELPING new players, I wouldn't mind, but we are talking of mp6 just to upgrade creatures.

    I'm not complaining because I don't want people to upgrade their creatures, but what would happen if
    any of the active "real MP6", who really care from players, falls in the process of creating an "fake" mp6?

    I'll put myself as an example. Right now my adept count is 34 (I just counted). I have 101 worshipers and
    I'm active helping players and guiding them during their MD experience. If I fall I won't have the same tools
    that I have now. With those tools (spells) I'm more efficient with helping players and such.

    Again, I'm not telling people to not upgrade their creatures, but I think it's better to wait for Mur to finish the
    mp6 changes, before trying something that might be risky for all active mp6, including me, and for the
    player who are been helped by the currents mp6.

    @All my adepts and worshipers- As I told you all when you joined me, I won't force anyone to be my adepts
    and/or worshipers, so if you aren't happy with me, you are free to leave me and join this association.


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