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  1. I'll be working with top lists (the sites that appears in Free Credits) during this week.

    If anyone see any changes regarding them, some links disappear or some appear or internal changes in md area on those sites, Don't report, it's me working with them.


  2. @CHEW- [quote]you can easily say in ignorance "we were ignored, mur hates us all" [/quote]

    Nop, Mur actually considers many of us, actually sometimes too much, I don't meant that at all.

    @Sasha [quote] That's for sure? How do know that? You can't say it WILL happen when no one has actually shown they are doing it.[/quote]

    [color=#FF0000]ARE YOU SURE? [/color]

    I spoke a bit with Chew regarding this

    @ Chew


    The system currently doesn't know what account is a "main" and an "alt". Nor could it ever know, as many issues will occur. Then you have to consider that if some "hypothetical" land stupidly suggested all "helping" each other by logging in and such, they all become alts, Then you have many mains and also alts, what happens then? surely by that same idea one "lucky" account would be a main, and the others would be done over.

    There are lots of TECH details that explains why alts can't be restricted.

    Even thou I still don't agree with alts gaining wishpoints and that I assume many will abuse. Many players, including me, will be watching and ABUSES will be condemned and won't pass throw.

    The topic will be closed since nothing can be done about, but If any see any abuse please send a message to contact@magicduel.com


  3. [quote name='Sasha Lilias' timestamp='1312478679' post='89483']
    Another problem with this is if players create alts just to log on with each day, so that they can get the wishpoint rewards...

    So in my opinion...I'm not too sure if it should, or shouldn't be changed. If I had to say anything..it would probably be stay the same, so long as there is some sort check that could be done to make sure they are not just abusing it. Perhaps a seperate WP shop for alts? Things that can only help that specific account?

    Well login just to gain ad for wps is what it's going to happen. That's for sure.

  4. @Chew, yes it had been discussed before, but it took a year for it to be implemented and community votes were ignored somehow

    [b] Should this feature consider alts and allow only one reward per IP (or other checks)[/b]
    [*]Yes, limited per person (116 votes [64.44%])
    Percentage of vote: 64.44%

    Great, I imagine the libs fill out with wps and your chews the same, not to mention grido's countless alts.

    Doesn't make sense at all. Not to me.

  5. [quote name='Vicarious' timestamp='1312478172' post='89481']
    The only thing that could be "abused" would be the spells in the later parts of the Shop. The B/W Joker isn't going to make anyone over powered, and they aren't exactly worth much. The GG Drach > Windy WP isn't accessible to REALLY late in the shop.

    This achievement will only lower the value of WPs, but at the same time, this is MAGIC DUEL. WPs shouldnt be these incredibly hard things to aquire unless you're friends with the right people.

    Players should have SOME basic spells to play around with. It's the point of the game, right?

    I agree with mains receiving those basic spells not alts. If alts want spells then they can use stones.

  6. I want to complain about alts gaining wishpoints for active days. It's just highly abusable.

    [color=#A52A2A][b]I agree that mains should be rewarded somehow for their activity on the game, but not the alternate accounts.[/b][/color]

    [color=#FF0000]First:[/color] This will lead to severe abuse of MD Mechanics. Alts helping mains and mains helping alts.

    [quote] [b]Exchanging WishPoints between you. WP should be rewarded only for good reasons.[/quote][/b]

    That rule will be broken sooner or later.

    [b][quote] You can have multiple accounts, to try out story, to experience new ways of play etc ..., however if you are detected that you are using them just to help one of your main accounts , all of them including the main will get banned.[/quote][/b]

    This rule had been broken several times and many of those without consequences to those who broke them.

    Alts can receive 3 wish points. Every player can have as many alts as they wish. So calculate the WPs and the abuses.


    I BFH have movelock I cast it on x person and since I don't have mirror ritual I use my alt to cast it on x player because I hate x player or whatever.

    [color=#FF0000]Second: [/color]This will devalue the Wish Points.

    Now people won't have to put hard work and effort to gain a WishPoint. It's easier to use an alt.

    [color=#FF0000]Third:[/color] Not fair

    It's simply not fair for those who had earned their wishpoints with effort.


    [b]No WishPoints for any alts at all. Sorry for the alts account who really rp and plays a different character and such, but the law is for all without exceptions.[/b]

    This is how I see this and please post your opinions here.


  7. [center][center][b][size=7]Happy BDay!![/size][/b][/center][/center]
    [center][center] [/center][/center]
    [center][center] [/center][/center]
    [center][center][size=6]Have a great Bday :D[/size][/center][/center]

  8. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1312391787' post='89399']

    I love quests where you write, in that respect perhaps i was not entirely clear what parts i agreed with in pips, i glanced over his post a bit quickly i think. Im just saying at the moment, its way too vague. Other quests of this type have been done VERY well, with specific points and rating on topics. Therefore you could easily say "this one got X in this to make it the winner with Y" This is just going to be whoever likes the best, unless some more strict marking is added.[/quote]

    Ahh!! now I agree! But I think the points to be judged can be kept secret till the last. Well depends the quest.

    [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1312391787' post='89399']
    As for doing more, yeah i guess i could do more, Alliance leader, MB council, Forum Admin, Secret ingame shizz hmm, i guess i could rejoin lho... become king also... Not to mention the Bug work i do...
    [/quote] I not meant that >> nevermind.

    @Tipu, If you still need some sponsoring, I can sponsor your quest with 2 attack lock stones.

  9. [quote name='Pipstickz' timestamp='1312311802' post='89351']
    I find this "quest" even worse than BFH's "Pick your favourite land", or really ANY OTHER writing quest. Did Firs and Yrth know that THIS was what their WPs were sponsoring? I certainly hope not.

    [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1312312403' post='89352']

    i agree entirely with your point... I guess there is a first for everything.

    As much as I respect you guys, That's the problem with most of the people that only focus in criticize. They ends reducing the desire on people to make quests and making a BORING MD, yes totally the fault of people that do exactly what you guys are doing (sorry to be so sincere and I apologize if i'm offending in some way any of you). Why you guys don't start creating quests? Why you guys don't do something for a better MD instead of criticize? (@Chew, I know your job in forum and I'm not talking of that, just in case)

    This goes directly to Pipz.

    Regarding my quest, i see you have no idea how i do things. Judging without even seeing the results is STUPID. Next time be a little more prudent.
    [I stop here to not offend anyone]

    @ CHEW

    [quote]"Are there any other criteria? it looks very open ended and could easily turn into just giving friends wishpoints... Then again, its happened before with WP reasons being "quest"[/quote]

    Many quest will look open ended, yes, and it's impossible to fix that because we are not robots and because there aren't any machines who can judge the coherence, the knowledge, etc. But that can be reduced easily by putting more than one jury and defining the points to be judged. So I don't see this as a problem.

    If we stop doing what you guys don't consider a quest. Then we will stop many people to participate in MD and get involved in it. What makes MD different is the diversity. YOU guys couldn't like this kind of quests and love other types, but, on the other hand other might hate the quests you guys likes and love this ones.

    Again sorry if I offended any of you, not my intentions.

    @ Tipu- Your quest is very good. It gives people another good reason to work with their papers and get involved with the game. Don't surrender and keep up the good work.

  10. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1312304742' post='89332']
    as you can probably tell, the forum has been upgraded.

    If anyone doesnt work, refresh the page(F5), clear cache and if its still not fixed, Post here :)
    I most tell it looks great! Good job :D

  11. Stage 11 in my point of view needs 2 major events:

    1) Magic concept change, temporary spells, and memory stones.
    2) MP6 system changes.

    Explaining point number 1:

    Well the game is named MAGICDuel. Magic is supposed to be a big part of it. Without the latest announcements MD wouldn't have spells. Only old vets or people with a good experience would reach spells, but now all is different. We can gift an enchanted stone and even a newb could cast a spell, and that is FANTASTIC!

    Second point:

    Well most of the people know I was mp6 for a long time. I know that system limits the protector in a Lot of ways. The new system I hope fix that and make mp6 a bit more interesting. It's part of MD and should be implemented ASAP.

    BOTH makes the perfect scenario for a new era (stage). Protectors enchanting stones and gifting them to people (as I see it) to loyal adepts and warsheeps :D A more public magic, happy players, a Bigger MagicDuel.

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