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    Registrations closed. I will announce the date of the quest in the next few days.. Might be a week or two away. Or right in time for MD birthday :D



    instead of confusing people point them to the right direction...




    So people to start Nim's Spelldoc quest, send her your player ID via Forum Message as those were her instructions

  2. In science:


    Heat is simply a transference of energy between things that are at a different temperature. 

    Why the transference occurs [naturally]? because all tends to its lowest energy state or chemical equilibrium.


    [Many explanations can be given with physical chemistry laws, Gibbs etc, but I'm not willing to discuss those!]

  3. If nobody shows up in such a period of time, I see no better choice than disbanding the guild.

    In that case, the fusioning devices will end in the hands of our Protectors (MP6), under the promise that heat stones will be given out for free.


    Can active members please let know the community what this alliance do? and which are its tools? and its importance?


    Not that I don't know any of those, but if someone is willing to join this guild they should know that sort of info...

  4. This fuss is a big stupidity.


    Previously Secret people took the decisions and nobody complained.


    They could made anything and you could not point your fingers to anyone cause you didn't knew who were they (example: secret council) Now you know actual names of people that have a role over you and you complain? Seriously guys, as a member of the community I would feel happy to know who is watching me and can potentially judge me.


    You are making a scandal when there's none. If they abuse their roles there's always a council and a community that can complain or whatever.


    Just give them a chance and be happy with the fact that at least Mur revealed their names and they weren't kept hidden from you.


    Note: Aside of that, this just proves why roles like Council, Dude2, and Mr. Plan should stay anonymous from the community...

  5. Chew and BFH said because game isn't ready for it, as in, it's too broken.


    This is true, not to mention the money to do so is limited (server needs to be payed you know :P) There are other options that can help MD, for example activity in MD social media. Unfortunately I'm too busy IRL and my free time is spent for MD on other webs, but that's something I won't discuss here. However, if anybody feels like contributing on those regards, please speak to Chew and/or Council.


    Pip is right, autumn 2050 and a couple of other planned and unplanned changes before it's ready, I have an informal list of things Iv discussed with Mur


    After Chew finishes his changes, I'll take care of boosting MD traffic using my influence in other webs. Why this can't be done now? To put it in an easy to visualize example, It would be like launching a nuclear strike on an empty enemy base, will cost a lot, but will produce no or very limited effects.




    There obviously has to be investment, dst...

    See above explanation.








    How can you help MD?



  6. If you see a shared item without its image please add it to the list and specify item code.


    Item Code is displayed when you are gathering the item from its original location. If you gathered it already providing the item name and id is enough. [Don't post any ITC :D]


    Note: I include those in this list because they are common use items and are used widely on the game. Council as always when the time comes will decide if they will or not commission those artworks or if they will bug Mur for them :)

  7. The purpose of this topic is to work together as a community to help identifying which artworks are pending ingame. This will eventually help council commission someone to do them or to poke Mur about them :)


    I will start with some samples:


    General Profile (Stats)


    1. Herbalism (18x18 pixels)

    2. Finesse (18x18 pixels)

    3. Volition (18x18 pixels)


    Housing 33 (Alliance)


    1. Main Logo (140x140 pixels)

    -Copy needed (70x70 pixels)


    If you see a shared item without its image please add it to the list and specify item code.


    Note: While you can wait on Chew or Council to do this kind of stuffs, you can also accelerate the process and help them with small things like this. Remember, MD is a community driven game and the other admin out there is you.

  8. Questers


    I'll support this summer festival with my tools, that means that if you as a quester have a good idea but lack of tools that you know I have available, you should ask me for them.




    1. I will ask you first how you are planning to use them.

    2. Send me a forum pm so that we can speak. Ingames pms will be probably ignored.

    3. I'm likely to get online few during the festival as I have loads and loads of work pending IRL (Science is first :P) so Council will supervise your use of the tools if you get them.


    That said, please support Sunfire's initiative!! :D

  9. i think the talk about kings and leader deserves to be it's own topic. it's important stuff to talk about and i admit it's quite interesting to read, but it doesn't really have any connection to what this was originally about (the ressurection of CoE).


    Agree, I will not reply here further conserning Kings or whatever.

  10. Sorry for not replying to the other stuff I'm too busy to do a full and appropiate reply in regards to finding a good solution for our current MD status.


    Now you're known and powerful, and by your logic, you can do your job 10x better, but you seemed to have stopped.

    Your accomplishments are impressive, but I'm not sure what do you want to say with this - you wish to be a king and try it out?



    Don't get me wrong Rhaegar and don't take it personal. I'm angry with Kings just because I see no initiative from them, not because I can do X or Y things better :P Actually, I strongly believe that Kings can do better than what they are doing currently. You as a collective can do what I've done better.


    I stopped, that's true. Mur and Council know the reasons, that's not for me to disclose.


    You were the master advertiser, and we are in shortage of people, maybe I should hate you the way you hate kings? :D

    (In truth, I value your work, and it is known how important your work is, but I wanted to make a point)


    I've had huge discussions with Mur regarding advertising and major issues the game have. He is aware of them, he recognized many of the issues, but unfortunately none has been addressed. Perhaps his plan for 2050 is the project that will fix multiple of the issues pointed out, but that will progress slowly and until it is finished the solution to MD status isn't agressive advertising but simple things done inside the game to make it move foward even while it have multiple issues, and I believe Kings have that power :P


    So the solutions, that I as advertiser have proposed are ones that will take time to implement, mainly because Chew is the only one actively working with code. But we need short time solutions, and we shouldn''t expect Council to do all. So, the next line that follows are Kings and land Rulers., and I still believe you as Kings doesn't understand the Power that you guys have to request small things that can do big changes to be done.


    Aside that, problem with my MD role is that you know 0.01% of the work I did and still do :P So eventhou if you hate me because of what you see that I do, I for a chance know that you wouldn't hate me if you knew what I do, but that, should stay on the background and I'm not willing to share it :P
    (Still love you Rhaehar :P hahah)

  11. Silver gifts are in stock and broze ones out of stock.


    As Ary said, You can get silver gifts by registering an account and voting with your account for MD. Each successful gold=1 gold. After ten gold you can exchange them for one gift using on BrowserMMORPG.com gift shop.


    Broze gifts are given sporadically after a successful vote. They are out of stock at the moment and I have no time right now to restock them :P

  12. @ BFH - Yes, if there is one thing that concerns me a tiny bit at the moment is the number of players around in MD right now. With the risk of being rudely honest, however, I will say that I have found, so far, about 3 players interested in joining my cause. I will not name them just yet. I do not see why some alliances would be allowed to exist with just 3 members when I do not ever see them doing anything related to their role (I may just be online at the wrong time, however) while CoE should be dismissed because of lack of numbers throughout MD.

    Again, I agree with what you said, to an extent. There are few players left and it will be a challenge to gather a large number of players for CoE. Nevertheless, I believe I am more than capable of gathering enough to support the alliance until the player base enlarges.

    As for the "starting wars and plots" part... If I announced all of that publicly, it would defeat the purpose, wouldn't it? 


    Don't get me wrong, I always support innovation and efforts to try getting things better, but I pointed what I think is a bigger problem in MD and that is the lack of interest in players, something that can be easily changed by Kings and Land Leaders, but so far it is not happening and that makes me angry. I'm not against CoE reinstitution, but if it is to happen it shouldn't become an alliance without a purpose and one that would become boring for the people in. It should head precisely towards activity and innovation for MD.



    @BFH, considering your #2 point.


    In the spirit of progress shouldn't we let the old vegetative alliances that don't contribute to community in any way to die out in favor of new ones that spark new things to happen?


    Yes. But this wouldn't be necessary if their rulers (Kings and land Leaders) revive alliances with new purposes and ideals.





    I disagree with some of your points.



    The lands are already very open to new members, especially when it comes to citizenship.

    Of what high requirements are you speaking of? I can only speak in the name of Marind Bell, although I'm pretty sure it's relatively the same case with other mainlands as well - it's quite easy to obtain a citizenship, all you need to do is get to know someone, introduce yourself, talk a bit so others know you're alive. If you do all that, you're basically in, unless you have a very different character than the wider system of values of the land/group of people in it.


    If I took what you said correctly, I must agree that Chew's citizenship system was one of the best things that could have happened to MD as it precisely helps younger players getting into a land without much effort. However, I'm not actually refering to that. Tell me, to whom will new players speak if there's not enough activity in lands, if they are not beign introduced to lands since they begin? what would incentivize a new player to give the first step? Why they should give the first step and not the land show interest in citizens? What's the purpose of a land without citizens? I can continue with such questions as I made them to myself several times...

    Certainly, I still believe that Kings and Land Rulers should make it easier to young players to get in. They should cautivate players, make them interested in lands, offer them something. Think of it the following way, your land is a product and you should think in a way to sell it. You could always leave your product in top of a table and let people discover it by themselves (current system) or you could go to the people and sell the product to them in a personalized way (optimal system). Now get my point?



    I disagree on many levels:

    - Propaganda should not be enforced, players should develop a bit and then make an independent decision where to join. Let's just look at Necrovion, with their clever socializing and creation of image, they managed to get a lot of 'cool' people. Many of them don't really feel like being truely Necrovian (intuitively), no?

    Syrian, the great mp6, helper, very productive member of society, I don't see what's so Necrovion about her (we didn't talk a lot in truth, but I'm talking about the influence/aura of her personality that touched me as well).

    - We don't have people in the first place to inflict propaganda on!

    Ohh but you are looking at the smaller picture, not to mention that I strongly disagree with the no propaganda thing.

    First, with propaganda people will start feeling wanted, they will start feeling important. They will know that the game is much more than what it appears. They will wonder what happens next and they will stay to find out.


    If you see the smaller picture you might say that Necrovion has a few citizens that doesn't there. However, look at the bigger picture, with the propaganda Necrovion did back then people got interested in the land and nowadays you can see that there are players that were affected by that propaganda that are still active. Activity is what we want, that;s the bigger picture. The more people we get involved, the best the game becomes.


    Propaganda doesn't affect the freewill of players, that's a lol, in MD players can change of lands, alliances, or move to any place they like. Isn;t like you are stuck with the same land forever :P



    I agree, but it's not something upon kings to do. We can't create fake reasons to compete in. Well, we can, but it won't be "it". The game, at the moment, lacks strategic points to compete about, except in some kind of prestige "how many adept questers/fighters/researchers you have", etc.

    We are all part of the community, let's work together. I know it's attractive to point fingers at someone, on paper, at the top, and conclude that it is all their fault we're not succeeding, but I think it is a bit surficial.

    There have been ideas like restoring Torch competition in favor of that competitive spirit, let's bring out some new, not that hard to impement/code ideas, suggest things you want to see happening.

    Consider that not all leaders of the lands were chosen to be charismatic visionaires that can make everything out of nothing, some were chosen simply so that their land does not fall into a disadvantage by not having a leader (lack of representative with the Council, lack of monarch tools, etc. = lot's of disadvantages).

    Agree of the work together part etc.


    So why I point Kings and Land leaders. Well simple, Kings and Land Leaders are the people that can potentially make council, developers, and Mur create tools and stuff for a better MD. Currently I've seen no active efforts from Kings towards that. They are known and have power, but they dont use it.


    I'll put myself as example. As a simple individual, partially unknown in MD, I started my festivals and events out of nowhere requesting people sponsorhip, moving around with the small tools I had, (mp6 and LHO by that time) With my effort what started as a small initiative and became somewhat known. Eventually I requested council and Mur tools that would help me organize better events. Nowadays, I have tools and spells that no other players in MD have. Tools that serve to organize any sort of events and contribute to a better MD.


    Now, I accomplished that without being known, without possesing any power or status. What Kings with their power and status have accomplished? (I speak generally as I'm trying to get you, and the other Kings aware that they can make MD move foward and that there's much more you can do, besides diplomacy)



    I've been king for some 6-7 months already. Do you realize how little to no requests for roles I've received, even though it is my strong wish to help people on that matter?

    I remember when I was a younger player, getting a mere tag was making you the happiest man in the world. Now nobody cares.

    Do you really think a king can do much when a large part of the realm does not feel like playing the game anymore?


    You have a lot of players that already established their roles, they did not have problems integrating into the society, yet still you don't feel them having fun.


    This is a game, we should do what we feel like doing, focus on that, having fun, not "maintaining" something. There's something very wrong in the perception we have about this site.


    Not all of us have much free time, or are too distracted by RL thoughts to 'slip in' into this wonderful world truely, but let's not encourage dispiritedness, lead by your own example (people), be around, have fun, talk with people, try to picture what would they like to do and see if your interests are similar. Understand that the game will shape per our needs, we will not shape ourselves (completely) as per its needs - this is not something said egoistically, it's how the game evolved up till now.

    I mostly agree with this, except that as I've pointed out kings can do much more.


    We all have RL stuff to do, but lets make worth the time we spend in MD.

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