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  1.   I think confusion came as Mur added me on a list of people that could nominate candidates for titles. I never nominated anyone and I wont nominate anyone as I'm lacking of time.   PS. People, the fact that Mur added me to the list doesn't mean I have any power in MD. It only means Mur trust me. Don't make assumptions. I'm not council, not a gm, and neither hold ony official positions.
  2. I am terribly Busy IRL. Can't take part as an authority for Titles.   Sorry.
  3. How possible is to make a coup in MD?

    1. Pipstickz


      If the percentage of rebels gets to high (exact percentage to be announced later), their demands, including elections, will be heard (Ann. 1659 - [2010-11-11 02:42:40 - Stage 10] )

    2. BFH


      that's too democratic!

    3. Pipstickz


      What even is it you want.

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  4. People should learn how to properly use the reputation system.

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      lol Laz, if you think I actually give a damn about my neg reps you know me less than anyone else in MD :))



      Read what I said, AGAIN. By "others" I meant mods.

    4. BFH


      No. I think that reputation should not be used as a method to vote or to state if you liked something or not. Reputation should be used as a way to support the fact that someone contributed to the topic. Example of my point: You open a topic and ask chew if he will give free credits to everyone. If he answer no, people will tend to neg rep him because they dislike his answer. But chew actually answered your question and contributed to the topic, so you are basically telling him dont answer my...

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  5. I hate cats!! They are betrayers! (plus are a good source of toxoplasmosis)    I love dogs, they dont betray and are always loyal! :D   Forget about the cat d! get a dog! :D
  6. HBD!!   Side Comment: The biggest minds were born on August!!, to the rest: SUFFER!! :D hahaha
  7. So wasn't this a petition? Discuss the other stuff on a proper topic.
  8.     instead of confusing people point them to the right direction...   http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/15567-the-bonds-that-bind-us/#entry152778   So people to start Nim's Spelldoc quest, send her your player ID via Forum Message as those were her instructions
  9. I request council to clarify the announcement.   I think that at least 5 players from each Mind Power should make the petition for HC to run again, else we are gifting the medal :P
  10. BFH


    In science:   Heat is simply a transference of energy between things that are at a different temperature.  Why the transference occurs [naturally]? because all tends to its lowest energy state or chemical equilibrium.   [Many explanations can be given with physical chemistry laws, Gibbs etc, but I'm not willing to discuss those!]
  11.   Can active members please let know the community what this alliance do? and which are its tools? and its importance?   Not that I don't know any of those, but if someone is willing to join this guild they should know that sort of info...
  12. This fuss is a big stupidity.   Previously Secret people took the decisions and nobody complained.   They could made anything and you could not point your fingers to anyone cause you didn't knew who were they (example: secret council) Now you know actual names of people that have a role over you and you complain? Seriously guys, as a member of the community I would feel happy to know who is watching me and can potentially judge me.   You are making a scandal when there's none. If they abuse their roles there's always a council and a community that can complain or whatever.
  13.   This is true, not to mention the money to do so is limited (server needs to be payed you know :P) There are other options that can help MD, for example activity in MD social media. Unfortunately I'm too busy IRL and my free time is spent for MD on other webs, but that's something I won't discuss here. However, if anybody feels like contributing on those regards, please speak to Chew and/or Council.     After Chew finishes his changes, I'll take care of boosting MD traffic using my influence in other webs. Why this can't be done now? To put it in an easy to visualize exam
  14.   Item Code is displayed when you are gathering the item from its original location. If you gathered it already providing the item name and id is enough. [Don't post any ITC :D]   Note: I include those in this list because they are common use items and are used widely on the game. Council as always when the time comes will decide if they will or not commission those artworks or if they will bug Mur for them :)
  15. The purpose of this topic is to work together as a community to help identifying which artworks are pending ingame. This will eventually help council commission someone to do them or to poke Mur about them :)   I will start with some samples:   General Profile (Stats)   1. Herbalism (18x18 pixels) 2. Finesse (18x18 pixels) 3. Volition (18x18 pixels)   Housing 33 (Alliance)   1. Main Logo (140x140 pixels) -Copy needed (70x70 pixels)   If you see a shared item without its image please add it to the list and specify item code.   Note: While you
  16. Any scientist in the house?

  17. Questers   I'll support this summer festival with my tools, that means that if you as a quester have a good idea but lack of tools that you know I have available, you should ask me for them.   Notes:   1. I will ask you first how you are planning to use them. 2. Send me a forum pm so that we can speak. Ingames pms will be probably ignored. 3. I'm likely to get online few during the festival as I have loads and loads of work pending IRL (Science is first :P) so Council will supervise your use of the tools if you get them.   That said, please support Sunfire's initi
  18. You know that you spend too much time in a research lab when your pal tells you he dreamt about you causing the Zombie Apocalypse due to an error while experimenting.... Hahaha :D



      tell your pal I love him

  19.   Agree, I will not reply here further conserning Kings or whatever.
  20. Sorry for not replying to the other stuff I'm too busy to do a full and appropiate reply in regards to finding a good solution for our current MD status.       Don't get me wrong Rhaegar and don't take it personal. I'm angry with Kings just because I see no initiative from them, not because I can do X or Y things better :P Actually, I strongly believe that Kings can do better than what they are doing currently. You as a collective can do what I've done better.   I stopped, that's true. Mur and Council know the reasons, that's not for me to disclose.    
  21. Silver gifts are in stock and broze ones out of stock.   As Ary said, You can get silver gifts by registering an account and voting with your account for MD. Each successful gold=1 gold. After ten gold you can exchange them for one gift using on BrowserMMORPG.com gift shop.   Broze gifts are given sporadically after a successful vote. They are out of stock at the moment and I have no time right now to restock them :P
  22.   Don't get me wrong, I always support innovation and efforts to try getting things better, but I pointed what I think is a bigger problem in MD and that is the lack of interest in players, something that can be easily changed by Kings and Land Leaders, but so far it is not happening and that makes me angry. I'm not against CoE reinstitution, but if it is to happen it shouldn't become an alliance without a purpose and one that would become boring for the people in. It should head precisely towards activity and innovation for MD.       Yes. But this wouldn't be necess
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